Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


29. Six Feet under and Counting

“Miss Kazama” said the police officer “I need you to confirm that it was Inuyasha Takahashi attacked you.”

“Why would he do that” asked Arianna “It wasn’t Inuyasha.”

“Then who was it” said the police officer.

“My cousin Tierra” said Arianna “I guess she thought it was Halloween.”

“You’re sure” he asked.

“Unless Inuyasha can turn himself into a human girl” said Arianna “yes I’m sure it wasn’t him.”

“Thank you for your time” he left.


“I’m free” said Inuyasha as they took off the ankle monitor.

“That’s good” said Inutaisho “You’re grounded for two months.”

“What” said Inuyasha “What for.”

“Go to your room” said Inutaisho “You have failing grades to get up. Now or I’ll make it three.”

“Dam it” said Inuyasha “I want to go see Kagome and Miroku.”

“Your mom called they’re going to be fine” said Inutaisho “Now go to your room.”

Inuyasha cursed the entire way up the stairs. He started dialing.

“Phone” said Inutaisho.

“What” said Inuyasha.

“Your grounded you lose your phone” said Inutaisho.

Inuyasha handed over his phone.

“This isn’t fair” said Inuyasha.

“Life isn’t fair” said Inutaisho “Looks like you have to find out the hard way.”

He left turning off the phone.


“I’m so glad to be getting out of here” said Kagome leaving the room ‘I’ll go see Miroku before I go.’

“Hay” said Miroku as she walked in.

“Hay how are you” said Kagome.

“I’m ok” said Miroku “I can get out of here soon. Maybe tonight, I hope.”

“What about your sister” asked Kagome.

“How do you know I have a sister” asked Miroku.

“Sango told me you both were attacked” said Kagome.

“Yeah” said Miroku “She’s the only one who can get Inuyasha off the hook. But she hates Inuyasha for some unknown reason.”

“I wonder why” said Kagome “Is she going o be ok.”

“She’s going to be just fine” said Miroku “She has to stay longer though.” ‘Naraku better keep his word or I won’t be signing anything for you.’

“Hay” said Sango walking into the room “I just heard Inuyasha is free to go. Arianna told the inspector it wasn’t him.”

“Really” said Kagome.

“That’s grate” said Miroku.

“Yep” said Sango “And he’s grounded for two months. His dad say’s no phone, no computer, no video games. He has to come home directly after school. No visitors either.”

“He can’t do anything” said Kagome.

“Nothing but homework” said Sango.

“That suck’s” said Miroku.

“All for getting arrested” said Kagome “That’s not fair.”

“Actually his parent’s seen all of F’s” said Sango “And getting arrested is a big part of it too.”

“I expected it to be a lot worse” said Miroku.

“Visiting hours are over” said A nurse opening the door.

“Thanks for the food Sango” said Miroku.

“Your welcome” said Sango bending down and kissing Miroku.

“See ya” said Kagome walking out of the room ‘that was close. That must be his sister. What’s Bankotsu doing in there.’

She moved out of the doorway.

“Naraku’s on a Business trip” said Bankotsu “He should be back soon.”

“Like I care what he does” said Arianna “I just wish I would have let Inuyasha go to prison. Too bad Naraku still wants him around. That two timing bastard deserves it. I wonder if that Kagome girl knows he’s cheating on her with some other girl.”

“I think he likes her more” said Bankotsu.

“More then me I doubt it” said Arianna “He spent month’s doing everything he could to get me.”

“You slept with his brother” said Bankotsu.

“Because he left me pregnant with his kid” said Arianna “Sesshomaru was much better in bed then Inuyasha anyway.”

‘That can’t be true’ thought Kagome ‘Inuyasha wouldn’t do something like that.’

“You can’t say you didn’t get your revenge on Kikyo” said Bankotsu “I think that video is almost everywhere.”

“That’s what happens when people don’t keep there mouths shut” said Arianna “I’ll do the same to Kagome if she gets in my way.”

Kagome left as fast as she could she went home without looking back. When she got home she went straight to her room and turned on her computer. She searched around for a little bit then she found what she was looking for.

Kikyo was on a mat in the middle of a ring getting the hell beat out of her by Arianna. Naraku looked like he was enjoying himself. By the time Arianna was finished Kikyo was bleeding non-stop. Arianna kicked her until she fell out of the ring.

“Oh my god” said Kagome.

Another video caught her eye she clicked on it. There was more sound to it then the last.

“Inuyasha” said Kagome as Inuyasha got into the ring Miroku was next to the ring “Miroku.”

Inuyasha was getting his butt kicked badly he knocked one of them out of the ring but the out one knocked him out of the ring. The video ended.

‘That’s why Naraku wants Inuyasha around’ thought Kagome ‘Inuyasha’s been lying to me all this time. Every time I asked him about Naraku he claimed he didn’t know what anyone else didn’t know.’

Tear’s started to run down her cheeks she whipped them away.

“Kagome it’s time for dinner” said her mom knocking on the door.

“Ok” said Kagome “I’ll be down in a minute.”

Kagome made sure all traces of her tears were gone before she went downstairs. Dinner was quite.

“Is something wrong Kagome” asked Grandpa.

“It’s fine” said Kagome “May I be excused.”

“Sure” said her mom.

Kagome got up and went outside. She sat down beneath the sacred tree. Her mind cleared almost instantly.

‘When did my life get so complicated’ she thought ‘I don’t think I can do this anymore. Naraku is and evil person but he save my life when I was younger, only because he wanted the jewel he knew I would get it someday so I had to live in order for him to have it. I feel like I’m six feet under the ground and going deeper.’

“Kagome” said Kaede walking towards her.

“Lady Kaede” said Kagome looking up.

“I have something for you” said Kaede.

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