Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


25. Ryukotsusei

Kagome started to get ready for school the next day. Thinking about what Inuyasha said about not being able to trust Tierra, Mila, Kikyo and Tsubaki anymore.

‘I wonder who else I can’t trust’ thought Kagome as she grabbed some toast on her way out the door ‘Now I wish Inuyasha lied to me.’

She stopped and turned around to see who was fallowing her. No one was there, she could feel a demonic aura but it wasn’t one she recognized. She hurried to school with the feeling she was being watched.

“So how long are you grounded for” asked Inuyasha.

“Until my sister say’s so” said Miroku.

“She’ll probably forget about by lunch time” said Inuyasha.

“Here’s hoping” said Miroku “This happened yesterday.”

 “Yeah I seen you arguing” said Inuyasha “Before she got into Naraku’s car.”

“I don’t know what to do anymore” said Miroku.

“Well we could always make her stop” said Inuyasha.

“How” asked Miroku.

“Don’t know” said Inuyasha.

“Thanks” said Miroku.

“Hay” said Kagome “Anyone seen Sango.”

“She’s sick” said Miroku.

“Oh” said Kagome.

She walked in to the building. Kagome went to homeroom and seen a girl she never seen before sitting in her seat. Kagome took a seat at the back of the class room next to Hiten a choice she regretted.

“Hi” he said.

“Leave me alone” said Kagome.

“Is it true that you and Inuyasha are going out” asked Hiten.

“Where did you hear that” asked Kagome.

“Everyone” said Hiten.

“We’re just friends” said Kagome.

“Ok then how about a movie Saturday” said Hiten.

“No” said Kagome.

“Why not” asked Hiten “You said you and Inuyasha were just friends.”

“Maybe I’d like to be more with him” said Kagome getting.

“You know nothing don’t you” said Hiten “You were here the end of last year and your clueless.”

The bell rang he got up and left.

“Arianna” said Kikyo “Look I’m sorry for I done. But even you can say the best woman won.”

“Get a life Kikyo” said Arianna as Hiten pulled her away.

“You know Inuyasha said I was the best he ever had” said Kikyo “Wait he never had you everyone else did.”

Arianna threw a punch right in Kikyo’s face. Kikyo staggered backwards a little.

“Let’s see how your face looks on the wall” said Arianna

She grabbed Kikyo and slammed her face first into the wall.

“Arianna” said Hiten grabbing her and holding her back “Let it go she’s trying to get under your skin.”

“Back off Kikyo” said Miroku stepping in front of her. Kikyo pushed him aside Arianna lifted her feet and kicked her backwards. Miroku got back up and made sure Kikyo couldn’t get passed him.

“You four” said Kagura “Fallow me now.”

Miroku made sure Kikyo went first Hiten walked forward still holding Arianna. Kagura Made Kikyo go to the nurse.

“In” said Kagura “You two wait out here.”

“I didn’t do anything” said Miroku walking in.

“Let go” said Arianna pulling away from Hiten. He let her go and they sat down.

“Well” said Kagura.

“I was trying to break it up” said Miroku.

“Tell that to your Uncle” said Kagura picking up the phone.

‘This is just grate’ thought Miroku.

“Where’s Miroku” asked Kagome.

“He ended up in the middle of a fight” said Inuyasha “He’ll end up going home along with everyone else.”

“Kikyo got her ass kicked” said someone walking by.

“To bad she’s really pretty” said another.

“Kikyo got in to a fight” said Kagome “With who, what happened.”

The bell rang.

“We need to get to class” said Inuyasha.

“Well” said Kagura “Arianna Kazama and Miroku Kazama brother and sister. That’s nice. Your both suspended.”

“What” said Miroku “I didn’t do anything.”

“Which is why you were on the ground” said Kagura “Your suspension will last a week. Arianna Your suspension will last two weeks.”

“You say it like I care” said Arianna.

“Arianna” said Miroku.

“Miroku leave now” said Kagura.

Miroku got up and left.

“Arianna your close to graduating and like everything else you managed to screw that up” said Kagura “I don’t think you  understand.”

“No you don’t understand” said Arianna “I don’t care.”

She got up and left. Miroku fallowed her out to the building.

“Why do you have to pull me down with you” asked Miroku.

“No one told you to jump in” said Arianna turning around “Next time stay out of it.”

“Your rides here” said Miroku.

Arianna got into the car and it pulled away.

Miroku went home waiting for Inuyasha to come over. As the school day went on Kagome tried to question Inuyasha about the fight with Kikyo. But every time she asked he made up an excuse. No one would tell her anything. So after school she went over to Miroku’s house. She knocked on the door. No one answered at first. Arianna answered the door.

“Can I help you” she said.

“Is Miroku here” asked Kagome.

“Miroku it’s one of your girlfriends” yelled Arianna closing the door.

Miroku opened the door.

“Kagome” said Miroku “What are you doing here.”

“Wondering who she is” asked Kagome.

“Why” asked Miroku.

“You and Inuyasha have been hiding something” said Kagome.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Miroku.

“Miroku get in here and do the dishes” yelled Mushin.

“You have you go I’ll see you later” said Miroku closing the door.

Kagome stood there for a second and then left. She felt a demonic aura coming closer she turned a little when she stopped to wait to cross the street. A man that didn’t look like a man was staring at her. He sent chills up and down her spine and made the hair on the back of her neck stand straight up.

She walked faster he followed her.

‘Where do I go’ thought Kagome as she reached her street. Naraku appeared in front of her.

He shoved Kagome to the ground.

“Ryukotsusei” said Naraku “What are you doing here.”

“Taking what’s mine” said Ryukotsusei “Hand the girl over I get what I want no harm done.”

“You think you can just walk into my city and start making demands” said Naraku.

“You never learn do you” said Ryukotsusei “I was here first.”

“Yes you were” said Naraku “But as I recall it you lost everything to me. And you left. Too bad.”

Kagome ran up the stairs and into a store room hoping they wouldn’t find her.

Naraku through Ryukotsusei across the street and through a window.

“I only continue to grow in power” said Naraku “your no match for me, you never were and never will be. Now leave while you have the chance.”

“Go to hell” said Ryukotsusei.

“I knew you would say that” said Naraku “Bankotsu.”

Bankotsu and the rest of the Band of Seven walked forward. Three girls walked forward after them.

“You cannot kill me Naraku” said Ryukotsusei.

“But I can” said Bankotsu raising a huge halberd.

“You think that can cut my skin” said Ryukotsusei.

“This can cut more then skin” said Bankotsu “Even you can survive an attack from my Banryuu.”

He spun it in his hand the rest got ready to attack. They all attacked at once.

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