Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


6. Out With the Truth

Kagome woke up the next morning to her alarm going off. She slowly got up and got dressed. She ate a quick breakfast and walked out the door. As she walked she felt like someone was fallowing her. She turned around no one was there.

Not again’ she thought as she picked up the pace. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and she collided with Tierra.

I am so sorry” said Kagome she and Tierra both hit the ground.

It’s ok Kagome” said Tierra picking up her stuff.

I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going” said Kagome.

You in a hurry” asked Tierra standing.

Someone was fallowing me” said Kagome.

I don’t see anyone” said Tierra looking behind her.

There was someone there” said Kagome “I swear there was.”

What’s that” asked Tierra looking at her neck.

Nothing” said Kagome and she walked away from her.

Tierra looked shocked at her behavior. Someone covered her mouth and pulled her backwards.

Stop struggling Tierra I won’t hurt you” said Naraku.

He pulled his hand away from her mouth.

What do you want” she asked.

You and I are going to have a little chat” said Naraku.

Let me go” she said trying to get away from. She started to scream. Naraku covered her mouth.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you” he said pulling her head to one side “I can snap your neck right now and no one would ever know it was me. I have a little job for you to do.”

Kagome sat down in homeroom.

Hay Kagome” said Sango taking the seat next to her.

Oh hay Sango” said Kagome.

What’s wrong” asked Sango.

I didn’t sleep well last night” said Kagome.

Me either” said Sango “I kept wakening up for some reason.”

I just need a nap” said Kagome.

Hi Kagome” said A voice.

Hi Ayame” said Kagome.

What’s up” said Ayame “That kid I have to carry around is annoying.”

Where is it now” asked Sango.

With Koga” said Ayame.

Don’t be shocked when it’s in two pieces” said Sango.

I wont” said Ayame “Is it just me or are the boy’s the only ones that have a problem with it.”

It’s not just you” said Kagome “Inuyasha seems to think that telling it to stop crying will make it stop.”

They laughed.

Wow” said Ayame.

Hay are you coming with us on Saturday night?” asked Kagome.

I don’t think I was invited” said Ayame.

Why not” asked Sango.

Kikyo and Tsubaki didn’t invite me” said Ayame.

Why not” asked Kagome.

I think it’s just a priestess thing” said Ayame.

Did you ask Tierra” asked Sango “I’m sure she will let you come?”

I don’t she had any say in the matter” said Ayame “Where is she by the way. She normally kicks me out of her seat.”

She was right behind me” said Kagome.

She probably made it look like she was coming” said Ayame “There’s certain day’s she likes to ditch. But I thought that wasn’t until tomorrow.”

Me to” said Sango.

You’re in my seat Ayame” said Tierra walking in.

Speak of the devil” said Ayame the bell rang.

hay are you ok” asked Kagome.

I’m fine” said Tierra leaving the room.

What’s her deal” asked Sango walking to her next class.

Hay Kagome” said Inuyasha handing Jin to her.

Thanks” said Kagome.

Your welcome” said Inuyasha.

What do you mean you cant go Saturday night” said Tsubaki in an angry voice.

Sorry” said Tierra “I have to work.”

Since when do you ever listen to your boss” asked Tsubaki.

Since I will lose my job” said Tierra.

So what” said Tsubaki “You don’t even like that job.”

I said I cant go” said Tierra “Just drop it Tsubaki.”

She got up and moved to the seat next to Hiten.

What was that about” asked Kikyo taking her seat. Kagome started texting Inuyasha.

Inuyasha is Tierra really going to lose her job.’

She already did’

Then why did she say that she had to work?’

It’s just her excuse not to go out with them.’

What dose that mean?’

It means she changed her mind and she’s going to do something else. Saying that she has to work, works every time.’

Oh. How do you know this?’

She told me not to say anything about losing her job. I knew she was going to use it as an excuse.’

She dose that a lot.’

Only when she finds something else to do.’


Don’t say anything or she will make my life a living hell until she forgets about it.

I wont say anything.’

Kagome looked over to her she and Hiten were talking about something.

I wonder if they are planning to do something’ she thought as Hiten handed her the baby, she gave him a dirty look but took the baby anyway. Someone poked her.

Ouch” she said.

You got a thing for Hiten” asked Inuyasha narrowing his eyes.

Why are you jealous” asked Kagome he growled “You know he is handsome maybe I’ll see what he’s doing tonight.”

You wouldn’t dare” said Inuyasha standing up everyone looked at him.

Inuyasha take it out to the hall” said the teacher.

Inuyasha walked out to the hall cursing under his breath.

What was that about” Miroku.

I was just joking around” said Kagome.

About what?” asked Miroku.

Nothing” said Kagome looking at her paper.

Oh I get you like someone else” said Miroku.

What are you talking about” asked Kagome.

Who is it Kagome” asked Miroku.

No one” said Kagome.

Kagome take it in the hall” said the teacher.

Kagome walked to the hall. Inuyasha was sitting on the floor.

I can’t believe you think Hiten is handsome” said Inuyasha.

It was a joke Inuyasha” said Kagome.

Sure it was” said Inuyasha.

Inuyasha and Kagome you interrupt my class you can take it down to Kagura’s office” said the Teacher closing the door.

Now look what you did” said Kagome.

Me” said Inuyasha.

They argued until the bell rang.

Hay Hiten I found you a girl friend” said Inuyasha.

Shut up half breed” said Hiten.

Inuyasha” said Kagome.


Kagome slapped him across the face as hard as she could and then walked away.

What was that for” asked Miroku.

How should I know” asked Inuyasha.

Hiten was laughing at him along with the Band of Seven and a few others.

Get lost” yelled Inuyasha. Miroku grabbed him and pulled him to their next class.

Inuyasha do you really think they wouldn’t gang up on you” asked Miroku.

Knowing them they probably would” said Inuyasha “They’re all sore losers.”

What did you do to Kagome” asked Miroku.

Noting I know of” said Inuyasha “Hay Tierra I need to talk to you.”

Later Inuyasha” said Tierra.

I need to talk to you now” said Inuyasha he grabbed her wrist.

Let go” she said pulling her arm out of his grasp “Stay away from me.”

She walked away.

What’s with her” asked Inuyasha

I don’t know but I’m going to find out” said Miroku. The bell rang.

Damn it” said Inuyasha.

They went to class. At lunch they sat on top of the school.

Why is she sitting alone” asked Kagome looking down.

She and Tsubaki got into it” said Miroku “good thing they didn’t fight Tierra would wipe the floor with Tsubaki and Tsubaki knows it.”

Is Tierra really that good” asked Kagome.

She the daughter of St. Hakushine of course she’s that good Kagome” said Miroku.

Have you learned anything in the last year?” asked Inuyasha.

Not about her” said Kagome.

Tierra’s been acting strange all day” said Sango “I wonder if something happened.”

I ran in to her this morning and she seemed fine then” said Kagome.

So it had to happen then or on the way to school” said Miroku.

Maybe we should stay out of it” said Sango “She doesn’t get into our business.”

Sango’s right stay out of it until she says something” said Kagome.

Sorry Kagome but she’s my cousin it is my business if something is wrong with her” said Miroku “Do you think it has anything to do with losing her job.”

No I don’t think so” said Inuyasha “She’s lost that job more then once you know, she’s never acted like that.”

Will you two just drop it for now” said Kagome as the bell rang. The rest of the day went by fast. Inuyasha and Kagome were headed to Tierra’s house.

When they got there Kagome’s jaw dropped. She had never been to this shrine before but she had heard about it. The shrine always bigger then hers was. Two of her houses could fit in the one in front f them other small buildings were one the other side of it one was larger then the rest.

How much money dose her dad make” asked Kagome.

He works for my dad part time” said Inuyasha “So a lot.”

They walked over to one of the buildings and knocked on a sliding window.

How can I help you” asked a mans voice walking around the corner.

We need something to hide her sent from demons” said Inuyasha.

Come on in I have just the thing for you” said St. Hakushine. He stopped and turned around and looked at Kagome again “Is that what I think it is.”

What” asked Kagome.

Is that the Sacred Jewel” he asked.

You can see it” said Kagome.

Yes” said St. Hakushine “May I see it.” He held out his hand and Kagome took it off.



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