Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


12. Naraku’s Threats and Promises

Kagome tried to stop more than once. But Naraku shoved her forward, griping her shoulder tighter every time. He shoved her into an ally that the Band of Seven blocked from both sides.

Now let’s have a little chat” said Naraku pushing her into a wall “What did you see last night.”

I don’t know what you talking about” said Kagome.

I thought we might hit this” said Naraku.

Bankotsu grabbed her from behind making sure she couldn’t move.

Let go” said Kagome trying to get free.

Now tell me what you seen” said Naraku.

I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Kagome “I can’t remember how I got home.”

Naraku reached for the Jewel but it put up a barrier so he couldn’t touch it.

Too bad it can’t protect you” said Naraku grabbing a hand full of her hair and pulling her head back “Give it to me.”

No” said Kagome “Hell would freeze over before I give it to you.”

Naraku through her against the wall.

Give it to me” said Naraku “I should kill you for eavesdropping last night. Give me the Jewel.”

No” said Kagome “I still don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You liar” said Naraku pulling her to her feet by her hair “I will break you in half Higurashi. Give it to me and I might let you live.”

Your threats don’t scare me Naraku” said Kagome.

Bankotsu demine straight how much power she doesn’t have” said Naraku.

Bankotsu’s foot collided with her ribs. Kagome screamed.

Scream as loud as you like no one can here you” said Naraku.

Bankotsu hit her in the face Kagome felt blood run down mouth.

Blood already” said Naraku “Give me the Jewel and it will stop.”

Bankotsu kneed her in the stomach and then knocked her backwards.

Give me a knife” said Bankotsu.

Kagome heard a small click and then felt something sharp cut into her arm. She screamed again.

Give me the jewel” said Naraku “Let’s try something hot.”

Renkotsu wrapped her up in steal threads and set them on fire. The fire burned through her cloths and then he stopped. Kagome was breathing hard on the ground still bound with the threads.

Naraku grabbed her again and made her look at him.

Tell me Kagome” he said “Do you like pain that much, hmm, I guess so. Should we try something else or are you going to give me the Jewel.”

Go to Hell” said Kagome and Naraku hit her in the face making more blood run down her face. Kagome spit out blood on the ground.


Shell we finish this some other time” asked Naraku “or should I take you with me.”

I’ll never hand the Jewel over to you” said Kagome “You’ll have to kill me.”

Naraku kicked hard in the rib’s some of them snapped.

I’ll see you later” said Naraku he and the Band of Seven disappeared in miasma.

Oh my Kagome” said Inuyasha “Are you alright.”

She needs to go to the hospital” said Miroku.

Kagome passed out.


Danm Naraku” said Inuyasha pacing back and forth.

Inuyasha that’s not going to help Kagome” said Izayoi.

The doctor said she will be fine” said Inutaisho “Sesshomaru called Tierra she’s on her way to heal her.”

Not the point” said Inuyasha “I should have been with her. It never would have happened if I was with her.”

Inuyasha” said Izayoi “You can’t protect her 24/7. It’s not your fault.”

Your mother’s right” said Inutaisho “It’s will be fine and so will Kagome.”

It’s about time took you long enough” said Inuyasha as Tierra walked in Sesshomaru right behind her.

Where’s Rin” asked Izayoi.

I thought she was with you” said Sesshomaru.

I’ll go look for her” said Izayoi as a bright light ignited from Tierra’s hands and consumed Kagome. When the light faded there wasn’t a scratch on Kagome.

How do you feel” asked Inuyasha.

Good” said Kagome sitting up.

Not good enough Kagome” said Tierra “Do you feel any pain did I heal you completely.”

No pain” said Kagome “I don’t see a scratch on me.”

Good” said Tierra “My job is done.”

Thank you Tierra” said Inutaisho.

You’re welcome” said Tierra.

I can’t find Rin anywhere” said Izayoi “I’ve looked in the game room and everywhere else I can think of.”

Don’t worry we’ll find she can’t have gone that far” said Inutaisho getting up.


Hello Rin” said a cold voice.

Hi” said Rin.

Would you like to play a game” he asked.

What kind of game” asked Rin “My dad said I shouldn’t talk to strangers.”

My name is Naraku” He said.

Oh” said Rin.

Would you like to play a game” asked Naraku.

Ok” said Rin and she took Naraku’s hand.


We’ve looked everywhere” said Izayoi.

We’ll find her I promise” said Inutaisho hugging her.

I hope she didn’t leave the hospital” said Izayoi.

Let’s go look at the surveillance tapes” said Inutaisho.

Ok” said Izayoi.

I hope Rin is ok” said Kagome as the doctor said she could go.

Rin don’t just walk off somewhere” said Inuyasha “She doesn’t talk to people she doesn’t know. That scent.”

What” said Kagome.

Naraku was here” said Inuyasha “We have to hurry.”

Inuyasha ran up the stairs to the roof.


Go back” said Inutaisho “There.”

Who is that” asked Izayoi “He took her, he took her.”

It’s ok we’re going to get her back” said Inutaisho.


Naraku I know you’re here” said Inuyasha “Come out you bastard.”

Now Inuyasha” said a cold voice “You really shouldn’t talk like that with your sister around.”

Rin” said Kagome.

Rin was standing next to Naraku his arm around her holding her there.

Let her go Naraku” said Inuyasha “She has nothing to do with this.”

I wouldn’t” said Naraku he pulled Rin so close to him Inuyasha couldn’t make a move.

Let her go” said Inuyasha “What did she do to you.”

Nothing” said Naraku “I see Tierra healed you Kagome.”

Let her go Naraku” said Kagome “This is between you and me. Let Rin go.”

Why” asked Naraku “She’s such good leverage. I am willing to trade.”

What” asked Inuyasha.

I‘ll trade you Rin’s life for the Jewel” said Naraku.

No” said Kagome.

Then Rin dies” said Naraku.

Naraku I should have known it was you” said Inutaisho “Give my daughter back.”

Naraku lifted Rin in front of him.

Come and get her if you can” said Naraku “Like I said The Jewel for Rin.”

I can’t” said Kagome “Inuyasha I’m sorry I can’t give him the Jewel.”

Jewel” said Inutaisho “What’s Rin have to do with it.”

Nothing” said Naraku “I get the Jewel and you get Rin back its simple. How much do you love your daughter?”

Rin started to cry.

Daddy please help me” she said.

Quite” said Naraku.

Inutaisho lunched himself at Naraku. Naraku through Rin off the side, Rin caught the side of the building but let go.

Rin” yelled Inuyasha.

A white light flu by and caught Rin. Sesshomaru landed on the ground with Rin in his arms. Naraku disappeared in Miasma.

Rin” said Inutaisho jumping off the side.

Get on Kagome” said Inuyasha, he jumped down.

Tierra was healing Rin. Izayoi was in tear’s she took Rin in her arm’s when she opened her eyes.

Oh my god” said Izayoi hugging Rin.

She’s going to be fine” said Tierra.

Inuyasha and Kagome I want some answer’s” said Inutaisho.

Later dad” said Inuyasha.

Now” said Inutaisho, He was more then angry they could see that much.

Izayoi was holding on to Rin like her life depended on it.

Stop” said Izayoi “Let’s go home we can talk there.”

In the car” said Inutaisho looking at Inuyasha and Kagome. They got in the car and went home.

Rin are you ok” asked Izayoi.

I’m fine mommy” said Rin crying again.

Talk now” said Inutaisho sitting next to Izayoi.

I have something Naraku wants, it’s the Shikon Jewel” said Kagome “I’m supposed to protect it. I’m sorry but I couldn’t give it to him.”

The Shikon Jewel” said Inutaisho “I’ve heard of it. It disappeared fifty years ago.”

It’s been passed down in my family” said Kagome “My father, my grandfather and his father and so on have protected it since The Hakushine Family, They were the last to have it before it disappeared. I don’t know how my family got it. But it’s my turn to protect it.”

You risked Rin’s life for something you could get back” said Sesshomaru.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to him” said Kagome “The Jewel give’s demon outstanding power it would have made him invincible.”

Hmph” said Sesshomaru.

If I take the Jewel off every demon would be able to sense it’s power” said Kagome “Unless it’s in Tierra’s hands or St. Hakushine’s.”
“Kagome I think it’s time you went home” said Izayoi “It’s getting late and you have school tomorrow.”

Kagome stood up and left.

When she got home she took a shower ate dinner and went to bed.


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