Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


4. Naraku

Kagome woke to a baby crying. She jumped out of bed and grabbed Jin and started rocking him until she got a bottle out of the bag. It was 5:30 am Kagome finished feeding Jin and then got ready for school around six. As Kagome finished breakfast her Grandpa was trying to get her to take charms to school with. She refused his stuff didn't exactly work. Kagome left the house as quickly as possible. As she walked It felt like someone was fallowing her. Every time she turned around no one was there.

She was crossing the street to the school car ran a red light and almost hit her. One second she was standing there unable to move and the next she was in the air. The person holding her landed on the ground.

"Are you ok Kagome" asked Inuyasha putting her down.

"Yeah thanks Inuyasha" said Kagome "They ran a red light not much i could do."

"I wonder who it was" said Inuyasha.

"Kagome are you ok" yelled Miroku running up to her Sango right behind her.

"Yeah" said Kagome.

"Are you sure it was really close" said Sango.

"Yeah" said Kagome as she walked into the school gates.

"Well, well half breed" said Bankotsu.

"What do you want" asked Inuyasha.

"Nice kid you got there" said Renkotsu.

"Pay attention to your own robot" said Inuyasha.

"Tell me what have you done with it" asked Bankotsu.

"None of your business" said Inuyasha "I'm surprised to see yours still in one piece."

"So nothing" said Bankotsu "Just like a typical demon don't you think."

The Band of Seven walked away.

"Oh That reminds me" said Kagome holding out Jin "Here you go."

"Who’s side are you on" asked Inuyasha.

"Yours" said Kagome putting the baby in his hands.

Sango did the same thing to Miroku.

Both of the baby's started you cry.

"Kagome" yelled Inuyasha "Hay Kagome."

Kagome and Sango Kept walking.

"They did this on purpose" said Miroku.

"I know" said Inuyasha "Stop crying. Stop it."

He went to his homeroom, still telling the baby to stop crying. Kagome seen him walk by her homeroom holding the baby out telling it to stop crying. She laughed.

"Hi Kagome" said Tierra taking the empty seat next to her wile Sango took the other.

"Hey Tierra" said Kagome "Is the Girl's night out still on or is it canceled."

"Still on" said Tierra "I'm making Hiten take the baby. I don't think it will be in one piece by next Monday but at least i wont fail if he's the one who tears it's head off."

"You didn't get much sleep last night did you" said Sango.

"No I didn't" said Tierra "It kept crying every five minutes. I wanted to kill myself."

"Mine slept all night" said Kagome.

"Mine woke up every twenty minutes" said Sango "I can't get in trouble if i fall asleep."

"Me either" said Tierra.

The Bell rang and Kagome went to English with Sango wile Tierra stooped Hiten in his tracks and shove the baby in his arms and ran off in the other direction. Sango lay her head on the desk and went to sleep. Sango got in trouble for sleeping in class, though she wasn't the only one who was sleeping. Inuyasha was complaining all hour. about the baby that cried every five minutes. Kagome took care of it so Inuyasha would stop complaining about.

The Bell rang and they went to there next class.

"You do know your keeping the baby over night right" said Kagome.

"No I’m not" said Inuyasha "That things not coming home with me."

"Fine then I'll tell your dad then" said Kagome "I now I know what will happen if you ever got me pregnant."

She kept walking wile Inuyasha stopped stunned by what she just said.

"Inuyasha refusing the baby" asked Sango.

"Yeah" said Kagome "Where’s your baby."

"Miroku is taking care of her" said Sango "He finally figured out what she wanted."

"What was that" asked Kagome.

"A bottle" said Sango "I think he's really getting into it."

"I wish Inuyasha would" said Kagome as Inuyasha sat down behind her starring at Miroku who was rocking the baby.

"What are you doing" asked Inuyasha.

"It's a baby Inuyasha" said Miroku "Robot or not, as long as you take care of it like a baby it's fine."

"You just went over to the dark side" said Inuyasha.

"I did not" said Miroku "I don’t see you doing anything about your baby."

"Shut up" said Inuyasha.

It turned out that all of the demons and half demons in the school were having trouble with the assignment Inuyasha didn't think it was a child or anything like one. When the teacher gave them a test announcement. A test at the end of the week Inuyasha cursed under his breath. When they finished taking notes the bell rang and they headed to computers.

"Hay have you guys seen Tierra" asked Kikyo stopping them "Or Tsubaki."

"I seen Tierra in Homeroom" said Kagome.

"I think she's hiding from Hiten so he cant give the baby back to her" said Sango.

"I haven't seen Tsubaki since homeroom" said Miroku.

"Sorry Kikyo" said Inuyasha.

"I wonder where they are" said Kikyo walking away.

"Wow you never see those three apart" said Inuyasha "Unless they went off to something Kikyo doesn’t do."
"What's that" asked Sango.

"And how would you know" asked Kagome.

"Tierra's my cousin" said Miroku "She dose a lot of stuff you wouldn't think she would."

"Yeah right" said Kagome.

"Your lying" said Sango they walked into computers.

"Why doesn’t anyone believe me when I say that" asked Miroku.

"I don’t know" said Inuyasha "I've seen her in ways i don’t want to Tsubaki to."

"It's not my problem until after school" said Miroku.

They had a pop quiz. It was interrupted a lot from the babies. the teacher got a little annoyed but didn't say anything as Inuyasha walked into the hall with Jin to make him stop crying. All he wanted was a bottle. Inuyasha Figured it out after he tired everything else. By the time he was done and sat back down to finish his test the bell rang.

"Inuyasha come here tomorrow during homeroom and you can finish it then" said Ms. Kintaro.

"Ok" said Inuyasha.

"There are Tierra and Tsubaki" said Miroku watching Tierra hid behind someone as Hiten walked by her.

"That kids still in one piece" said Inuyasha.

"Shut up half breed" said Hiten.

"Wow" said Kagome Looking at Bankotsu he seemed to be getting really friendly with Tierra.

"Isn't she with Sesshomaru" asked Sango.

"They're not sure yet" said Inuyasha.

"What's that mean" asked Miroku.

"I don't know it's what she said to him last night before she left" said Inuyasha.

"I think it might be a girl code for let's see other people" said Miroku.

"Probably" said Inuyasha.

"What are you two whispering about" asked Kagome.

"Nothing" said Inuyasha and Miroku together.

They got lunch and went on top of the school to eat. It was a nice day outside they could see other people sitting at the tables below them Tierra, Tsubaki and Kikyo were sitting alone in the corner under a tree.

"Why do we have to carry these things around" asked Inuyasha.

"They're baby's" said Kagome.

"Not things" said Sango.

"Whatever" said Inuyasha.

The bell rang and they made there way to Science. Hiten finally caught up with Tierra and tried to hand the baby over to her she just laughed in his face. She said It was his turn to have it since she had it the day before. He couldn't argue with her.

The class went by slowly Manton couldn't explain how his baby's head came off. He ripped it's head off during lunch because it kept crying.

Everyone laughed when he tired to lie to Kannade.

The class went by quickly.

"Hay Inuyasha" said Tierra "can you tell your dad I’m taking today off to catch up on sleep."

"Sure" said Inuyasha "Should i tell Sesshomaru you'll be over later."

"Don't know" she said and she walked away.

"What's wrong with her" asked Kagome.

"Nothing" said Miroku. They went to P.E. they had to run all period.

Kagome was one of the last people out of the locker room. She heard a boy's voice. She walked to the back to the locker room and seen Bankotsu and Tierra. Bankotsu was saying something to her Kagome couldn't hear. But he left after that. Kagome waited until Tierra left to leave.

Kagome walked home alone she got tired of waiting for Inuyasha. As she walked she felt like she was being fallowed, But when she looked back no one was there. When she stared walking again someone covered in a white baboon pelt.

"Kagome Higurashi" said a cold voice "Give me the Sacred Jewel."

"I don't know what your talking about" said Kagome backing away.

Something shot at her.

"Iron revere soul stealer" said Inuyasha's voice "Naraku."

"Inuyasha" said Naraku he was completely fine the only thing Inuyasha cut was the pelt.

"Get lost" said Inuyasha.

"What are you going to do Inuyasha" asked Naraku.

"We had a deal" said Inuyasha "Kagome happens to fall in the category you know."

"You'll regret this" said Naraku "I'll be back."

Purple smoke covered him.

"Get back Kagome" said Inuyasha "It's miasma."

Inuyasha Pulled her away from it after it cleared Naraku was gone.

"Kagome what was that about" asked Inuyasha.



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