Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


17. Journal of a black heart

How are you doing” asked Miroku.

Wishing Tierra finished the job I got a major headache” said Inuyasha “Why does she and Mila have to go at it twenty for seven.”

Mila doesn’t like the fact that Naraku chose the more powerful priestess” said Miroku “People would ask the same thing about you and Sesshomaru.”

He doesn’t want to admit a half demon can share his blood line” said Inuyasha.

He doesn’t mind Rin and she’s human” said Miroku giving Inuyasha ice for his head.

Rin doesn’t share his blood line” said Inuyasha “besides everyone knows that Rin is his weakness.”

She’s yours two” said Miroku.

Get to your point” said Inuyasha.

I’m just saying that some of the best known family’s have a sibling they don’t like” said Miroku “I’m glad I’m an only child.”

You really think Tierra and Mila can get along” asked Inuyasha.

Oh no they can’t stand the site of each other” said Miroku “Weird how they’re twins. They must not like how they look a lot.”

I’m sure it goes deeper than that” said Inuyasha “It can’t be just Naraku. Everyone knows no matter what he would have picked Tierra. That can’t be the only reason.”

Tierra did dye her hair five different colors while she was sleeping” said Inuyasha.

That was funny” said Miroku.

Yeah well” said Inuyasha.

I can’t believe vampires are in the city” said Miroku “I wonder what they’re doing here.”

Only one person would bring vampires here” said Inuyasha “Naraku. He’s probably going to use them to try to get the Jewel from Kagome.”

So Kagome’s in danger” said Miroku “I don’t know what would be worse. Kagome meeting Mila or her having a run in with a vampire.”

both would be bad” said Inuyasha “Mila could revile everything about Tierra.”

She would only be reviling things about herself to” said Miroku “She worked for Naraku to. She probably came back as a favor to him.”

I don’t know how he does it” said Inuyasha “He’s got them wrapped around his finger. You know that mummy that was dug up two weeks ago.”

Yeah” said Miroku.

They said it was covered in seals” said Inuyasha “It disappeared from the place they took it to examine. They said it was in fact more than five hundred years old.”

Yes so” said Miroku.

Why would someone want to steal a five hundred year old mummy” asked Inuyasha.

No one” said Miroku “Unless.”

Unless it has some kind of power” said Inuyasha.

They said It was female” said Miroku.

They found another one three days ago” said Inuyasha “It was found the same way the other one was. Female as well. You remember that story the history teacher red us.”

Yeah” said Miroku “but that wasn’t real it was made up.”

Made up but based on something that happened then” said Inuyasha “When I did that family history report the names of the brothers were the same. The half demon was killed in the fight but next to the full demons name was another name. I’ll have to look at it again. I asked my dad and said Midori had a sister she fought alongside of her she was bound and sealed by that St. before that final fight started. Her weapons were separated It was some kind of weird thing. Anyway before Midori got her hands on the whole Jewel her sister controlled it’s power.”

Wow” said Miroku “do you think it was a coincidence they were found. They were sealed pretty far apart.” 

That’s what gets me” said Inuyasha “My dad said only a Hakushine can unseal them.”

Naraku has Tierra” said Miroku “She should be able to unseal Midori if that’s who it was.”

No she wouldn’t” said Inuyasha “It would have to be male family member. I don’t see why Hakushine though. They have to have some kind of connection.”

We’ll fry our brains trying to figure it out” said Miroku.

Or we could just ask your uncle” said Inuyasha.

Let’s go” said Miroku “I’m glad I’m spending my Saturday doing family research.”

You’ll get over it” said Inuyasha.



Kagome seen Tierra sitting on a park bench.

Hi Tierra” said Kagome.

I’m not Tierra” said Mila “I’m Mila Tierra’s twin sister.”

Oh sorry” said Kagome.

It’s ok” said Mila “You must be Kagome. Tierra’s friend isn’t to found of you. I see why after seeing you with Inuyasha.”

I didn’t know Tierra had a sister” said Kagome.

You must not have been here long” said Mila.

I’ve been here a year” said Kagome.

That explains it” said Mila “I’ve been living with my mother.”

Oh” said Kagome.

What’s that” asked Mila looking at Kagome’s neck.

what” said Kagome.

That around your neck” said Mila “I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

I have to go” said Kagome and she left as fast as she could. ‘How could she see it. The Jewel’s supposed to be invisible to everyone.’



Here it is” said St. Hakushine “Our family tree. I pulled this out a few weeks ago for Tierra. What are you looking for.”

We read that Fuddle Fairytale: Dawn of the demons” said Miroku.

they have that story all wrong” said St. Hakushine “hardly any of it is true.”

Was our family really cursed” asked Miroku.

I believe so” said St. Hakushine “My kids think I’m crazy though. I can see what they cant. Tierra thinks I’m getting old. Mila thinks I should get locked in a mental institute. Hakudoshi is to young to understand. If Mila and Tierra found out I let Kagome keep the Sacred Jewel. They would lose it and go take it from her. They think no one should have it except the family

it came from. I know Tierra can protect it but with her working for Naraku he might be able to get it from her if he knew she had it. It would disappear if she or Mila took a hold of it no one would be able to find it. Not even Kagome. You should read this.”

He pulled out a journal that looked really old.

What is it” asked Miroku.

This is over five hundred years old” said St. Hakushine “I don’t know who wrote it but It’s been in the family since my grate, grate, grate, grandfathers time maybe before him I’m not sure. Please be vary carful with it. It’s fragile, I want it back.”

Don’t worry” said Miroku “thanks uncle.”

You’re welcome” said Sta. Hakushine.

They left.

Well that didn’t take long” said Inuyasha.

He’s on edge about something” said Miroku.

They went to Inuyasha’s house.

Mom I’m home” said Inuyasha.

I’m in the kitchen” said Izayoi.

Hay dad” said Inuyasha as he sat at the table.

What do you have there” asked Inutaisho.

Something my uncle gave us” said Miroku “We read that story Fuddle Fairytale: Dawn of the demons. And wanted to know some more.”

I can’t believe they still teach that” said Inutaisho “Most of it’s made up.”

That’s what my uncle said” said Miroku.

I’ll help you a little Midori was a priestess” said Inutaisho.

He got up and walked in the other room.

Hay look at this Miroku” said Inuyasha “It says my sister and I walk a lonely path to power. My brothers are set out to stop us I will not rest until every shard of the Shikon Jewel is found and mine.”

Dose it have a name” asked Miroku.

No” said Inuyasha turning the pages carefully “Here’s another. My sister killed my brother to get his shards of the Jewel. I have killed my fair share but my family wasn’t supposed to get hurt. But that’s how it is with the Shikon Jewel nothing good can come of it, it is a path of blood. But yet I walk it. My brother will be missed she wasn’t supposed to kill him only take the shards. She went over the edge. I curse her in to an early death at my hands or my brothers. Only one of will be able to stop her for completing her task of world domination. I need strength to carry on as I buried my younger brother who died by her hands. Here’s another on this one is really strange it’s like he’s having a change of heart. My child walks this path with me. To save her I must leave her. My heart was once cold and black but when I looked at her face when she was born I felt a change. My path has not changed I will find the reaming shards before my sister and make the Jewel whole again. I cant stop not now not while my sister is on a path of blood.”

Wow” said Rin “keep going Inuyasha I want to hear more.”

Who invited you” asked Inuyasha.

Please” say Rin.

She’s not hurting anything” said Miroku.

Ok here’s a good one” said Inuyasha “I faced my sister and took her shards and made the Jewel whole again. I was once a priestess but I got consumed with power it happens. But I have asked for help from the one who made my family Jewel Midoriko My mother who forced out her own soul to defeat a demon. A thousand years ago she has forgiven me for the wrong I’ve done. She has asked me to make amends by making her Jewel whole again. This I have done but I must face my brother. Who wants the Jewel to disappear.”

He’s not the only one” said Miroku.

Keep going” said Rin.

Hay this entry has different handwriting” said Inuyasha “I have slain my sister. What horrible thing have I done? She didn’t deserve to die and I killed her for the Shikon Jewel That Midori took. My heart is heavy as I burry Mika who changed but I didn’t it in time. She purified the Jewel but yet it was tainted with the blood of those she killed to get it. I walk with a heavy heart as the Jewel continues to tare my family apart. Now I must take Kittarra to a human village to live out her life in peace, but it won’t stay that way. No not while the Jewel is still a part of this world. I have taken Mika’s life but now I must take Midori’s as well. Her trail of blood can be see form everywhere. Why did I do such a thing to the only one who could stop her blood trail. My younger brother was the only one next to Mika who could stop her and she killed him. I have to put an end to this and make sure the Jewel is never found again. Mika’s last words are ringing in my head like she’s next to me repeating them over and over. One day I will return as will Midori if take her life. My child will break your seal and you cant’ stop it. I will no longer help you. We will meet again one day, Goodbye my brother.” 

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