Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


20. Jewel Thief

Hay Kagome” said Mila.

Hay” said Tierra.

You have something that belongs to us” said Mila.

Kagome got and tried to walk away. Tierra blocked.

Give me the Jewel” she said.

No” said Kagome.

You can do this the easy way” said Mila “Or the hard way. It’s your choice.”

I don’t want to hurt you Kagome” said Tierra “It’s mine so give it back.”

No I’m supposed to protect it” said Kagome.

You know I heard it can’t protect you” said Mila shoving Kagome to the ground. The Jewel came out from Kagome’s shirt. Tierra reached down and took it. The moment she touched it, it disappeared.

Thanks Kagome” said Tierra.

Have a nice night” said Mila as they walked away.

How did they take it from me Naraku couldn’t touch it while I had it’ thought Kagome getting up ‘I can’t sense it at all it’s like it disappeared. How could they see it while I was wearing it.’

She walked to Inuyasha’s house.

Hello Kagome” said Inutaisho.

Is Inuyasha here” she asked.

Yes” said Inutaisho “come on in he’s in his room go on up.”

Thanks” said Kagome going up stairs.

Get lost Sesshomaru” said Inuyasha when she knocked on the door.

It’s Kagome” said Kagome.

Come on in” said Inuyasha “Hay I’ve been trying to call you.”

I was taking a nap so I turned off my phone” said Kagome.

Why the long face” asked Inuyasha.

The Jewel was stolen” said Kagome.

What” said Inuyasha “How, who?”

Tierra and Mila” said Kagome “They kept going on about how the Jewel belonged to them and how my family stole it from them. I don’t think that’s true.”

It’s true Kagome” said Inuyasha “St. Hakushine lent me and Miroku some journals. Your family took the Jewel and hid it with some king of sutras. But the Jewel wasn’t complete one shard remained to be found and it never was. A long time ago the Jewel ripped the Hakushine family apart they killed each other and anyone who got in there way. Two of them did that, four sibling three were killed so the other could have the Jewel The two sisters killed to possess the shards and then one killed the other to possess the whole Jewel that had one shard missing. They still haven’t found it.”

So it really does belong to them” said Kagome.

That’s the problem” said Inuyasha “Naraku won’t be coming after you anymore because you don’t have it any more.”

He’ll go after them” said Kagome “Do they know what they got themselves into.”

I think they know exactly what they were doing” said Inuyasha “Besides the fact the, the Jewel belongs to them I think they know Naraku’s after it. Right now Naraku thinks you have the Jewel. So he’ll go after you until he figures out they have it. It might not take him long.”

The Jewel disappeared when Tierra toughed it” said Kagome “She took while it was still around my neck nothing was stopping her. But when Naraku tried to take it there was a barrier blocking him.”

Tierra is a priestess” said Inuyasha “No matter how much she hates it. She knows the Jewel is hers and she knows how to use it to protect herself.”

Do you think they know where that shard is” asked Kagome.

Probably” said Inuyasha “You really can’t hide anything from them long.”

Why did Tierra wait to take the Jewel” asked Kagome.

She needed backup” said Inuyasha “Kikyo and Tsubaki would have done it I’m sure. But Naraku would have found out faster that way. So she called the one person she doesn’t like to get it back.”

Why don’t they like each other” asked Kagome.

Your guess is as good as mine” said Inuyasha.

Oh” said Kagome.

Don’t Worry Kagome I’ll get the Jewel back for you” said Inuyasha “I’m Going right now. I’ll see you later.”

Kagome went home.



Inuyasha made his way over to the Hakushine Temple.

Break it like this” Tierra she broke the Jewel in five pieces.

I got the boxes” said Mila “I never knew why dad kept these around.”

He won’t miss them” said Tierra “Did you get those addresses.”

Yeah” said Mila Let me get this straight we’re sending our family Jewel around the world in canceled boxes why.”

Theses Boxes can keep the Jewel canceled for a hundred years” said Tierra “we’ll keep one piece.”

One that we share” said Mila.

Yes” said Tierra “Well switch every day the more we switch the more confused he’ll get.”

That sounds good” said Mila “You can have it first.”

They covered the boxes with sutras and then wrapped them in brown paper.

All right” said Tierra “Tomorrow we take these to the post office.”

why not just put them in a mail box” asked Mila.

I know a few people that wont inspect them” said Tierra “So for now we hid them.”

Or we could just take them to the plane before it leaves to night” said Mila.

That sounds even better” said Tierra “Let’s finish and head over.”

Got it” said Mila.

When they finished they left.

Inuyasha knocked on the door.

Hi Inuyasha” said Hakudoshi opening the door.

Is Tierra and Mila here” asked Inuyasha.

They just left not too long ago” said Hakudoshi “They should be back soon I think do you want to come in.”

Ah sure” said Inuyasha There was a woman he didn’t know “Hay who is that.”

My dad’s new girlfriend” said Hakudoshi “I don’t think she’s a big fan of demons.”

Oh” said Inuyasha.

Hello Inuyasha” said St. Hakushine.

Hello sir” said Inuyasha “I brought this back for you.”

Thanks” said St. Hakushine “Was it useful.”

A little but I’m still confused” said Inuyasha.

I was two when I first read it” said St. Hakushine “So what brings you here.”

Tierra and Mila” said Inuyasha.

It’s been really quite since Mila came back” said St. Hakushine “No fighting.”

Really” said Inuyasha.

Really” said St. Hakushine “It’s really strange for them not to fight. I think they were brainwashed or something.”

I don’t think that’s it” said Inuyasha “Maybe they got over whatever it was.”

I doubt it” said St. Hakushine.

He went into the next room.

Hay did you know my sister has a new boyfriend” asked Hakudoshi.
“You talk like a girl” said Inuyasha.

Sorry” said Hakudoshi “Mila’s going out with Bankotsu. Tierra’s going out with Hiten.”

Hiten really” said Inuyasha.

Yep” said Hakudoshi.

dad we’re home” said Mila.

Inuyasha stood up “Hay.”

Let’s talk outside” said Tierra.

Fine with me” said Inuyasha fallowing them over to the temple steps.

What do you want” asked Mila.

The Scared Jewel you stole form Kagome” said Inuyasha.

Sorry Inuyasha” said Mila.

We can’t do that” said Tierra “Nothing you can do about it now.”

What’s that supposed to mean” said Inuyasha.

We got rid of the jewel” said Mila.

What” said Inuyasha.

We would love Kagome to have it but there’s complications now that made it difficult” said Tierra.

Like what” asked Inuyasha.

Ryukotsusei” said Mila.

He found out the jewel resurfaced” said Tierra “And sent people to recover it and get rid of whoever had it in their possession. So we took the Jewel and got rid of it he will never find it.”

Inuyasha are you dead” asked Mila.

No I’m not dead” said Inuyasha “How did he know.”

He was in disbelief.

Most people know” said Tierra “When she took it off once that’s all it took. Naraku, Ryukotsusei, Ryura and his brother’s Jura, Kyora, and Gora and who knows who else.”

In our hands the jewel disappears so we made it disappear” said Mila.

How did you manage to do that” asked Inuyasha.

We broke it” said Mila “Only one piece remains of it.”

And I have it” said Tierra “and I won’t hand it over to you or anyone else. It’s safer in my hands Inuyasha.”

But Kagome’s supposed to protect it” said Inuyasha.

Not anymore” said Tierra “It was mine to begin with.”

Kagome has as much spiritual power as Hakudoshi dose” said Mila “That’s not much. If she were more powerful we would think about it.”

Later Inuyasha” said Tierra.

They walked away.


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