Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


13. History lesson

The Saint fought with her and lost” said Mr. Koto “The women stood over him and laughed as she delivered the finale blow. She walked away still laughing. The Fans of Ariel where invincible, but only one could wield them with perfection and Midori wielded them with not but perfection and noting less.”

So some dead human girl could wield these demon fans” said Inuyasha.

Yes Inuyasha” said Mr. Koto “Midori was more then just an ordinary human girl. She had power that would make a demon envy her.”

So why did she kill” asked Kikyo “What was the point.”

There wasn’t one” said Mr. Koto “The more she killed the stronger the fans and she became.”

So it was power” said Sango “I wouldn’t go that far.”

Let’s finish the chapter” said Mr. Koto “Midori fought with a monk by the name of Kosiven Hakushine, A Demon by the name of Sansei and his younger half brother a half demon by the name of Mikoto a priestess named Kanna a demon slayer named Azumi and another monk by the name of Kyotosumi. Midori found a challenge and her match. Once her fan’s were taken away they thought they could beat her, But she had power of her own. Her finale battle came down to The monk Kosiven the demon Sansei and the half demon Mikoto, Midori killed the other with no problem at all. They fought four day’s and night’s on the fifth day Kosiven got his hand’s on her and sealed her demonic power. But it didn’t stop her all she was, was just powerless. Unable to defend herself Sansei gave a blow that knocked her out. She was completely subdued. As Kosiven sealed her up she vowed to come back one day and get her revenge, and take out his entire family. Sansei killed her. But the curse she placed on them still held to this day most still think all the family’s are cursed but can ‘t be true because Midori never returned. Her Fan’s were taken to different places and separated.

So your saying my family is cursed” said Tierra.

It’s just a story Tierra” said Mr. Koto.

Fiction or non-fiction” asked Tierra.

Fiction” said Mr. Koto “Someone made it up.”

But placed on real life event’s” said Tierra.

Passably” said Mr. Koto.

Who were the other family’s she cursed” asked Kagome.

Let’s see” said Mr. Koto “Takahashi those were the brothers, Higurashi, Blake and Hoshi.”

Are you trying to scare us” asked Miroku.

It say’s it right here” said Mr. Koto “Don’t worry it’s a made up story from the Fuddle age of Japan.”

Is there any truth to the story” asked Tsubaki.

Some” said Mr. Koto “They said that she was sealed that’s not true she was killed in the fight. She didn’t have full power that was hers.”

So how did she get it” asked Jakotsu.

Have any of you heard Sacred Jewel” asked Mr. Koto

No” said a few people.

Why” said Kagome.

Well the Scared is a demons source of power those who have it there possession have unlimited power” said Mr. Koto “Five hundred years ago maybe more the Jewel was shatter into hundreds of shards. It would only take one in the wrong hands to bring cacaos. Not just demons human’s fought to possess the Jewel as well, Midori was one of the humans that dominated when she had power in her hands.”

Was the Jewel ever made whole again” asked Ayame.

Yes it was” said Mr. Koto “It took countless years to do it but when it was made whole again it was in Midori’s hands. It gave her power, The jewel consumed her but unlike most humans she could control the Jewel’s power she used it for her own gain and for that she punished like all the other humans with evil heart’s like hers.”

What happened to the Jewel” asked Sango.

It disappeared but resurfaced every now and then” said Mr. Koto “About fifty years ago the Jewel resurfaced brought a lot of pain and suffering and disappeared again.”

So anyone can have it’s power” said Koga.

You have to know how to use that power” said Mr. Koto “Like I said Midori could use the Jewel because she had a lust for power she could control that power it was easy when she got her hands on the Jewel she knew how to control power it was simple for her. The bells going to ring soon so this Friday we will be going to the museum and I want all of you to write a report on the fuddle era, and a report on this book, And for those who are failing this class write a report on your family history.”

I have a question” said Miroku “Were the Fan’s of Ariel ever found again.”

No one knows” said Mr. Koto passing out the assignment sheet “They might have been. There’s a history channel and there’s a show on the Fuddle Era I want you all to watch it, it will help you write your reports. No copying and pasting from internet sites. Everything is due on Friday pick up a permission form on your way out, no form you can’t go it’s simple.”

The bell rang.

Man that class took forever” said Inuyasha “I can’t believe he’s making me write a stupid family history report.”

It’s optional for those who are passing” said Kagome “So you and Miroku should have fun right.”

Shut up” said Inuyasha “Three reports in one week. Its ridicules I’m not doing one on that stupid book either. I thought we were supposed to be learning something else.”

Your going to fail” said Sango.

Computer’s was canceled because they couldn’t find a teacher” said Miroku “We have to do this all week.”

Sango and Miroku went to get there food.

How’s Rin” asked Kagome as they headed to the roof.

As well as can be expected” said Inuyasha.

I’m sorry Inuyasha” said Kagome “I just couldn’t give him the Jewel. Your parent’s hate me don’t they.”

I don’t think it would have mattered if you gave it to him” said Inuyasha “I think he would have done the same thing. By the only one who hate’s you is Sesshomaru. Rin woke up screaming last night five time’s my dad had to sleep in the rocking chair in her room.”

It’s all my fault” said Kagome.

No it’s not Kagome” said Inuyasha “Naraku would have killed her any way if he got it. It’s not your fault.”

Sesshomaru hate’s me” said Kagome.

Sesshomaru don’t like anyone” said Inuyasha “He and Tierra have been getting really close. She stayed the night Saturday in his room; I don’t think they knew my dad knew she was there. She was drunk though, at least she could walk unlike you Kagome.”

I can’t remember anything from that night” said Kagome “Was I that drunk.”

I don’t know how you walked out of that club” said Inuyasha “My dad didn’t do anything when she showed up at Sesshomaru’s window.”

Wow” said Kagome.

Miroku and Sango met them. Sango was still mad at Miroku and would hardly talk to him.

Sango what did I do” asked Miroku.

Sango got up and left.

What did you do to her” asked Kagome.

Nothing I know of” said Miroku “Her dad said she came home really late when she was supposed to be at Tsubaki’s, said it was around three in the morning or so. Came home crying for some reason and her dad blamed me.”

That early” said Kagome.

At first he thought she got beat up” said Miroku “But then she can protect herself really well, so then he thought of me. And now I’m not allowed back over there.”

So you did do something to her” said Kagome.

No I didn’t” said Miroku.

Yeah right” said Kagome going after Sango.

Why do girl’s always believe there friend’s” asked Miroku.

How am I supposed to know” asked Inuyasha.

Ayame have you seen Sango” asked Kagome.

Yeah” said Ayame “She was with Tierra a minute ago.”

Did you see where they went” asked Kagome.

No sorry” said Ayame.

Kagome looked around for awhile and Seen Tierra in an empty classroom with Bankotsu, Sango wasn’t with her.

Bankotsu had a cell phone out and handed it to Tierra the conversation was quick she hung up the phone. Bankotsu moved close to her and kissed her, she kissed him back.

Kagome gasped and backed up into someone.

You know eavesdropping is a crime” said Renkotsu shoving her into the wall.

Back off” said Kagome.

Why” asked Renkotsu “so you can run and tell Inuyasha.” The rest of the Band of Seven showed up.

Kagome shove Renkotsu into them and took off to find Inuyasha.

Hay Kagome what’s wrong” asked Inuyasha.

Are Tierra and Sesshomaru together” asked Kagome.

No, why” asked Inuyasha.

No reason” said Kagome.

You seen her with Bankotsu didn’t you” said Inuyasha.

Sort of” said Kagome “The rest of the Band of Seven thought I was eavesdropping.”

You have to be more careful Kagome” said Inuyasha “They attacked you once they will do it again.”

I was just looking for Sango” said Kagome.

Sango’s with Tsubaki” said Miroku “She still won’t talk to me.”

The bell rang and they went to class.

They were being paired up by the teacher. Kagome was paired with Bankotsu. Inuyasha started cussing under his breath as he was pared with Hiten. They had to put the baby’s on the table next to the desk. They were doing chemistry for the next two weeks.

Be careful” said Kannade “Don’t blow up anything.”

She passed out a sheet telling them what to do and what order to do it in. Kagome didn’t want to work with Bankotsu after what happened the day before. Bankotsu made it all look easy but then he made Kagome do the rest.

Take it off the heat are you trying to kill us” said Bankotsu.

Shut up” said Kagome it started bubbling and Bankotsu tossed it to the floor smashing it before it could do anything else.

Read the direction’s” said Bankotsu.

Kagome looked away and put her head on the desk.

Something blew up in the back of the class.

Son of a” said Tierra holding her left hand Miroku had messed up something and it blew up it burned her hand.

Tierra let me it” said Kannade taking her hand.

Her hand was burned pretty bad.

Go to the nurse” said Kannade.

I’ll get you later” said Tierra looking at Miroku like she was going to kill him as she walked out of the room.

Miroku let’s try you out with water” said Kannade “But for now don’t touch anything.”

Yes mam” said Miroku.

Don’t do that” said Hiten.

They got under the desk as glass shattered and went everywhere.

Ok everyone turn everything off” said Kannade “We have reviewed this more then once. Why can’t you fallow the direction? Anyone who got hit with glass go to the nurse. Everyone start writhing lines. ‘I will fallow directions’ get started.”

See what you did half breed” said Hiten.

Shut up” said Inuyasha.

For the rest of class they wrote lines.

Kagome sat out in P.E. Sango sat out as well. They didn’t talk much.

When the bell rang Kagome went home.


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