Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


10. Girl’s Night Out

Here it is” said Tsubaki.

Club Black” said Kagome.

This is one of Naraku’s club’s isn’t it” said Momegy.

We’ll never get in here” said Boton.

Yes we will” said Tsubaki.

Stop right there” said the security guard “No entry if you’re not on the list.”

We’re on the list” said Tsubaki.

Name’s” said the guard.

Tsubaki Armari” said Tsubaki.

Kikyo Suki” said Kikyo.

Momegy and Boton Fujin” said Momegy.

Sango Blake” said Sango.

Tierra Hakushine” said Tierra.

Kagome Higurashi” said Kagome.

Only four of you are on the list” said the guard “Tsubaki, Kikyo, Tierra, and Sango are the only one’s who can go in.”

You listen up” said Tsubaki “You get Naraku on the phone right now I want to talk to him.”

Naraku’ thought Kagome ‘I don’t think I should go in.’

Keep your shirt on” said the guard pulling out a phone “Hay I’m at the front door and.”

Give me that” said Tsubaki “Hay Naraku its Tsubaki your stupid guard won’t let me and my friends in… Can we come in or not… Ok I’m sure she will…We can come in all of us…ok.” She hung up the phone “You have to let us all in.”

Ok” said the guard stepping aside.

I don’t think I should go in” said Kagome.

Don’t be silly” said Tierra grabbing Kagome’s arm “Naraku’s clubs are the best clubs in the city.”

Wow” said Kagome when she seen all of the people down the stairs.

Isn’t it great” said Kikyo.

How did you guys get on the list” asked Kagome.

Come on Sango let’s go dance” said Kikyo.

I’m going to get a drink” said Tierra heading to the bar Kagome fallowed her “Give the strongest you got.”

Coming right up” said the bartender.

No drinking Tierra” said a voice behind them.

What do you want Bankotsu” asked Tierra. He whispered something in her ear. “I’ll be right back Kagome.”

Ok” said Kagome ordering her drink.

Kagome turned around and seen Tierra grabbing Sango and going to the back. Kagome got up and fallowed then. Bankotsu blocked her way.

Going somewhere” he asked.

To dance” said Kagome.

Then you can dance with me” said Bankotsu grabbing her wrist and pulling her to the dance floor.

I don’t want to dance with you” said Kagome.

Too bad” said Bankotsu “You were going the wrong way to the dance floor. Do you think Naraku is stupid. He seen you on the surveillance cameras. It’s the reason the rest of you got in.”

He tightens his grip on her. Kagome winced in pain.

What dose Naraku want with Tierra and Sango” asked Kagome.

That’s between them” said Bankotsu, shoving Kagome into the crowed.

What’s the deal Bankotsu” asked Kagome “Are you supposed to keep me busy.”

No” said Bankotsu “I’m supposed to have a good time too bad your not as strong as Tierra. She’s more fit to have the Jewel then you are.”

She cant handle it” said Kagome “She would just hand it too Naraku if he asked her too.”

I doubt it” said Bankotsu making her spin “She can be responsible when she wants to be, She can protect it in way’s you can’t she makes you look like an armature, or better yet like you just started using your power’s.”

She does not” said Kagome knowing it was true. Tierra had more power then she and the others combined she never showed it though. How would he know anything about her.

Confused you should be” said Bankotsu.

Sign here Sango” Naraku.

She looked at it.

No I don’t think so” said Sango “no way in hell Naraku.”

So this is how you repay Tierra” said Naraku.

What” said Sango.

You wouldn’t be getting anything from me if she hadn’t asked for a favor” said Naraku. Tierra was sitting in the corner looking out the window.

How dare he” said Tierra watching someone.

Sign it or get out of my club” said Naraku “It’s just a job contract learn how to read.”

Fine I’ll sign it” said Sango signing the piece of paper in front of her “Now what do I do.”

You wait” said Naraku “Now leave I need to talk to Tierra alone.”

Tierra turned around and walked over to the chair in front of Naraku’s desk. Sango closed the door. Sango started for the door.

Sango what’s up” asked Kikyo.

Noting I just don’t feel well” said Sango.

My doors unlocked you can wait for us there if you want” said Tsubaki.

Ok” said Sango leaving the club.

Ow that hurt” said Tierra.

I gave you a job” said Naraku “Why didn’t you do it.”

I can’t” said Tierra.

Naraku’s fist came down on the desk hard making her jump.

Come here” he said.

No” said Tierra.

She looked away from him.

Now” yelled Naraku she stood up and walked over to him he grabbed her wrist and bent it back making her fall to her knees in pain “You forget Tierra I know I can break you I have before, and I will do it again” her wrist snapped.

Ah let go” she said trying to pull away but he pushed her wrist back into place. She screamed in pain.

Does it hurt?” asked Naraku “Imagine what it would feel like if I snapped something else Tierra.”

Don’t” said Tierra.

You’re a powerful Priestess and I can bring you to your knees” said Naraku bending her wrist back again “I’ll break you like before. Get your job done or you will pain beyond you nightmares. I can make it happen you know I can. Do you understand me Tierra?”

Yes” she said “I understand.”

He pulled her close to him and pulled his fingers through her hair.

Good” said Naraku taking her wrist and pulling it straight again. Tierra screamed.


You’re a good dancer” said Bankotsu.

Nice try” said Kagome stopping and walking to the bar.

I didn’t say you were finished” said Bankotsu.

Too bad” said Kagome sitting down. She ordered another drink out of fear of the other one.

I wouldn’t do that” said Bankotsu

She drained the glass and regretted it.

Told you not to do it” said Bankotsu “This is the best alcohol in the city and the strongest. You not used to it maybe you should try something else.”

What’s going on her” asked Tierra’s voice.

Hay Tierra” said Kagome her eyes locked on her wrist.

Let’s go” said Bankotsu.

I want the whole bottle” said Tierra taking the bottle from the bartender, then she fallowed Bankotsu to the dance floor drinking on her way.

I wish Inuyasha was here’ thought Kagome asking for another drink. She didn’t drink it as fast this time she ordered a mixed drink that’s was the best out of all of it so far. Jakotsu sat down next to Kagome and ordered a drink.

Hi Kagome” he said.

Are you going to dance with me too” asked Kagome.

Sorry the only girl I’ll dance with is Tierra” said Jakotsu “Sorry Kagome.”

Its fine” said Kagome.

Here you go” said the bartender.

So where’s your boyfriend” asked Jakotsu.

What boyfriend” asked Kagome.

Inuyasha” said Jakotsu “I see you with him all the time I thought you were together.”

No not officially” said Kagome.

If it were me I would take him without a second thought” said Jakotsu.

Talking to him don’t do any good’ thought Kagome.

We’ll I have to go” said Jakotsu.

He left her alone.

Kagome couldn’t help but think that Naraku had done something to Tierra and Sango. Sango left for some reason and Tierra’s wrist was wrapped up for some reason.

What did he do to them’ thought Kagome ‘why did he let us in when he talked to Tsubaki I only heard one side of the conversation who knows what he said to her and in the back room. Maybe I should go talk to him. When I’m sober.”

Tierra came back and got a bunch of drink’s and walked over to a table and sat down next to Bankotsu and the rest of the Band or Seven, she didn’t share any of it. She drank until it was all gone when she was done she couldn’t walk straight. Bankotsu and Jakotsu took her in the back for some reason. After awhile they helped her out of the club. Kagome wanted to fallow but didn’t. She was going to head home or something. She was surprised that she could walk after all she drank.

Kikyo and Tsubaki weren’t ready to go yet but told her she could go ahead and go back to the house. Kagome started walking back to Tsubaki’s house when she heard someone arguing. She looked around the and went around to the corner of the building Tierra was standing against the wall Naraku was standing next to her, Bankotsu and Jakotsu were in front of them. Tierra was holding her head.

Shock went through Kagome’s body when she seen Tierra. Was she working for him was he forcing her to do something.

Kagome seen him slam her against the wall. Kagome couldn’t do anything without getting caught.

I told you I would do it” she said she hit the ground Naraku put his foot on her.

How about I kill you right here and now” said Naraku putting pressure on is foot “No one would even know it was me. What do you think Tierra do you feel like dying now.” He took his foot off of her and lifted her from the ground and put her against the wall and whispered something in her ear. He was really close to her like they did this everyday.

Take her to get her stuff” said Naraku “get her friend while you’re at it.”

Ok” said Bankotsu grabbing Tierra’s arm and putting her in the car. Kagome took off so they wouldn’t know she had been listening. Tierra was on Naraku’s side it was like she had expected something like this. Kagome barely knew Tierra and working for Naraku wasn’t what Kagome had expected. Kagome pulled out her phone and called Inuyasha to come and get her.

She heard Naraku close by looking around for something or someone. She didn’t hear anything else but she was still afraid to move Inuyasha and Miroku showed up.

What are you looking at” asked Inuyasha.

Get lost Takahashi” said Naraku’s voice, so he was still there.

I know Kagome’s in there” said Inuyasha.

She left” said Naraku.

You liar” said Inuyasha “She told me she was here, Where is she. Hay.”

A door closed.

That bastard” said Inuyasha “He’s not going to let us in either.”

Inuyasha” said Kagome throwing her arms around him.

What were you thinking coming here” asked Inuyasha.



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