Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


1. Demons's, Monks and Priest Info and Ch 1


I decided to do this story after I started the other Inuyasha high school. This is a list of creatures in the story.

Kagome- Still Pretests. The Jewel was handed down to her by her father after he died. In love with Inuyasha.

Inuyasha- Still the same half demon. In love with Kagome of course.

Sango- Is still a demon slayer. She and Miroku are dating.

Miroku- Is still an monk and a perv. He still wants Sango.

Shippo- Is still the little fox demon. He lives with Kaede.

Inutaisho- He is alive in this story. I thought it would be better with him in it. He's The owner of one of the biggest companies in Tokyo. It’s called Crescent Moon Industries.

Izayoi- Inuyasha's mother. She is still the same, a nice person.

Sesshomaru- Is still the same as always. The only weakness he has is the nine year old Rin.

Rin- is nine. She is Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's younger sister adopted of course.

Naraku- Still evil still hasn't stopped chasing the Jewel, He is the owner of the second biggest company in Tokyo it's called Simyosho.

Kagura- Is the principle of the high school. He's much the same only she's not Naraku's incarnation.

Kana- is still the same. Kagura's younger sister. the only difference is that she’s not Naraku's incarnation either.

The Band of Seven- All still the same. it wouldn't be fun if they weren’t. They work for Naraku.

Kikyo- Is alive not the walking dead. She and Tsubaki are friends in this story. She is Kagome's cousin in this story. She's still a priestess.

Tsubaki- looks the only with black hair (the young version of her) she and Kikyo are friends in this story, Tsubaki is a good guy. She's still a priestess.

Tierra- She is a priestess the daughter of St. Hakushine. She is friends with Kikyo and Tsubaki. She's in love with Sesshomaru and she is Miroku's cousin.

Kaede- She is the one who give's the Jewel to Kagome. She's still the same.

That's just to name a few more will be in the story. This is Kagome's Class Schedule.


1st- English

2nd- Math

3ed- Computers

4th- Lunch

5th- Science

6th- P.E.

That’s it for now remember there will be more then just those creatures in the story. Later




Chapter one:

The Shikon Jewel

It's been almost a year since Kagome and her family moved back to Tokyo after being away for a few years. In Kyoto Demon's weren’t allowed to attend public schools. Half demons weren’t allowed in them either. But in Tokyo it was very different. Demons and half demons could attend the public schools just like everyone else. Kagome had some nice friend's Sango and Miroku. Sango was a demon Slayer, Miroku had spiritual power and he was a perv. Miroku's best friend was a half Demon named Inuyasha, Kagome wouldn't go near him when she first moved back to Tokyo. She wasn't used to demons and half demons in school. Inuyasha was offended and said she was a demon hater or something like that.

"Kagome there you are" said Miroku and he ran up to her "What's going on with you."

"Nothing just board" she said "I'm glad we don't have school today."

"Me to" said Miroku "Let's go find Sango and Inuyasha."

"Ok" she said.

"Inuyasha should be with his dad at Miasma" said Miroku "Come on."

They went to Miasma one of the biggest companies in Tokyo.

"Can I help you" asked the receptionist.

"Is Inuyasha here" asked Miroku.

"Yes on the top floor" said The receptionist.

"Top floor" said Kagome as they got into the elevator. Miroku pushed the button.

"I know he's never on the top floor" said Miroku. It took awhile to get to the top floor.

When they got off they looked for Inuyasha. All they seen was a girl with long hair leaning over the desk of Sesshomaru talking to him in a low voice.

"Ah Sesshomaru do you know where Inuyasha is" asked Miroku interrupting them.

"No" said Sesshomaru in cold voice "This isn't a lounge get lost."

"Ok thanks" said Miroku turning around "There he is."

Inuyasha was in his Father's office, His father looked angry, so it was clear Inuyasha was in trouble. They sat down to wait for him getting a dirty look from Sesshomaru, who got up and closed his office door. It must be a privet matter or something.

"What are you two doing here" asked Inuyasha coming out of his father’s office.

"We were board so we came to get you" said Miroku "We're going to get Sango to."

"Sango's gone for the day" said Inuyasha looking into Sesshomaru's office "She had some demon slayer stuff to take care of."

"Oh well what do you want to do" asked Miroku.

There was a snap and Sesshomaru's blinds closed.

"I wonder what's so privet" asked Inuyasha "They still can’t be talking about a raise."

"Does it matter" asked Miroku.

"No not really" said Inuyasha as his father came out of his office and knocked on Sesshomaru's.

"Inuyasha this isn't a club" he said as Sesshomaru opened the door "Go hang out with your friends somewhere else."

"Yes sir" said Inuyasha pushing the button to the elevator.

Sesshomaru's door closed again.

"So what did you do this time" asked Kagome.

"Nothing" said Inuyasha "I don't do well at the front desk that’s all, I can't sit behind a desk either. He's thinking about firing me."

"Maybe you should go look for a new job" said Kagome.

"I'm not a people person you know" said Inuyasha "The only reason I get to work here is because He owns the place."

"Yeah right" said Kagome.

"I wish I could work here" said Miroku "I heard your dad pay's good money."

"He dose if you’re not family" said Inuyasha "I get allowance, so he don't pay me as much."

"You only took the job to get extra money right" said Miroku.

"Yeah" said Inuyasha "But he can't keep me at one job because I don’t have the patients to do half of them. Why do you think so many humans work on the first few floors?"

"Because he pays good" said Miroku.

"You need money don't you" said Kagome.

"Sadly yes" said Miroku.

"Go apply" said Inuyasha "I'm sure you'll get something."

"I think I will" said Miroku.

"So what do you guys want to do" asked Kagome as they left the building.

"Let's go to the park or something" said Inuyasha.

They went to the park and watched the birds. Kagome's mom called to tell her she needed to get home and not to bring any friends with her.

When Kagome got home her mom was in the kitchen with someone she had never seen before.

"I'll let you two talk alone" said Her mom.

"Kagome my name is Kaede" said the woman "I have something that was to be passed down to you. I can no longer protect it because you are the rightful protector of it."

"The protector of what" asked Kagome.

"The Shikon Jewel" said Kaede she pulled out a case and opened it a beautiful tiny orb like kind of thing was in it "As long as you wear it no demon will since it."

Kaede put it the Jewel around Kagome's neck.

"I have to protect this" said Kagome "Why?

"The Jewel can make a demon much stronger then you could ever believe" said Kaede "In the wrong hands it will do a lot of damage. Your father left it with me before you left and said f anything ever happened to him it was to go to you."

"Why didn't you give this to me a year ago" asked Kagome.

"Your father's charms hadn't worn off yet" said Kaede "This box would only work so long. Now the Jewel is yours to protect. If you need me your mother will tell you where to find me. This Jewel must be kept secret for if anyone knows you have it they will come after you and try to take it from you to increase their power. I must never fall into the wrong hands."

Kaede got up and left.

"Why should I care about this" said Kagome as she went to her room "It don’t look that important if you ask me."

She took it off. And then a feeling came over her she could feel the power of it. and then she put it back on and the feeling disappeared. Now she understood why Kaede put it on her as soon as she opened the box. Why did her father have it in the first place was it passed down to him to.

Kagome turned off her alarm clock and rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

"Kagome you’re going to be late for school" said her mom knocking on the door.

Kagome got up and got into the shower. she got dressed, and put the jewel under her shirt. and went down stairs to get breakfast. Her mom put a plate in front of her.

"Thanks mom" she said. She ate slowly. and then she grabbed her lunch and her backpack and went to school.

As she walked she felt like she was being fallowed. Every time she turned around there was no one there.

"Hay Kagome" Yelled Inuyasha jumping and running to her "What's wrong."

"Nothing" she said.

"Hop on I’ll give you a ride" said Inuyasha.

Kagome got onto his back and he ran at top speed to school. They stopped at the gate and Kagome got of his back. When Kagome started to walk in. Inuyasha whipped around really fast looking around.

"What's wrong Inuyasha" asked Kagome.

"Nothing come on" said Inuyasha pulling her into the school.


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