Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


8. Demon Love

"Is Tierra going to be ok" asked Kagome. "She will be fine" said Izayoi "She won't be leavening the hospital anytime soon though." Rin was in her arm's looking tired. Izayoi was waiting for Inutaisho, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to get done being checked out by the doctors. "She tried to take it on by herself" said Kagome. "She never should have done that" said Izayoi "But it's not in her nature to wait for backup. Would you have waited." "No probably not" said Kagome. "I wish they would hurry" said Izayoi "Inuyasha seems really protective of you." "Really" said Kagome. "I knew it" said Izayoi. "Knew what" asked Kagome. "You like him to" said Izayoi "I can see it in your eyes." "Ah" said Kagome. "I know he likes you to" said Izayoi "you two should get together." "Mom" said Inuyasha "I'm fine." "That's good to hear dear" said Izayoi. "Kagome are you all right" asked Inuyasha "You look a little tired." "I’ve never used that much spiritual power before" said Kagome "I'm fine." "That's good" said Inuyasha. "We can go now" said Inutaisho. "What about Sesshomaru" asked Izayoi. "He's staying with Tierra until her dad get's here" said Inutaisho "He's fine." He took Rin from her arms and her head rested on his shoulder. "Kagome do you want a ride" asked "Izayoi. "Sure" said Kagome standing up. "Daddy can i have some orange juice" asked Rin. "Sure" said Inutaisho. They got into the car. Inutaisho dropped Kagome off at home. Kagome slowly walked up the stairs. "Kagome are you ok" asked her mom. "Yeah I’m fine" said Kagome. "I'm so glad" she said. "I'm going to take a shower" said Kagome. She walked upstairs. "Kagome are you ok" asked Sota hugging her. "Yeah I'm fine" said Kagome. She realized it had come really close. If Inuyasha hadn't showed up when he did she would have been flattened like Tierra had been. The hot water felt good when she stepped in the shower. she stayed in there until the water started to turn cold. She went to her room and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Kagome had an excuse not to attend school for the rest of the week. Inuyasha was sitting outside on the stairs. "Oh hay Kagome you out of school to" said Inuyasha. "Yeah" said Kagome sitting down next to him. "I don’t see why they said we can't go to school we're fine" said Inuyasha. "Yeah" said Kagome "Kikyo and Tsubaki had to get stitches." "Yeah" said Inuyasha "Kikyo's entire left arm can't be used for awhile. Tsubaki's right wrist was pretty bad." "They got lucky" said Kagome. "What were you thinking" asked Inuyasha "You could have been hurt." "I wanted to help" said Kagome "that what i do. Is Tierra going be ok." "Yeah" said Inuyasha "She's got a broken wrist and bruises all over her she will be out of the hospital by Friday hopefully." "So do you want to do something" asked Kagome. "Yeah" said Inuyasha "I want to show you something. Hop on my back." "Ok" said Kagome getting on his back he took off at full speed. He jumped on top of a roof. "The roof of Miasma" said Kagome. "Just look at the view" said Inuyasha. "Wow" said Kagome. It was amazing. You could see everything from up there. "Isn't it cool" asked Inuyasha. They got closer. 'Oh no he's going to kiss me' thought Kagome. 'Why is she blushing like that' thought Inuyasha He leaned in to her. She did the same and his phone started to ring. 'Dam it' thought Inuyasha. He answered his phone. "Hello" he said. "Why are you on top of the roof" asked Inutaisho. "Showing Kagome the view" said Inuyasha 'Thanks for ruining the moment.' "I need you to take Rin to the dentist" said Inutaisho. "I don't think so" said Inuyasha "Your supposed to take her she won't listen to me." "I’m busy" said Inutaisho. "So am I" said Inuyasha. "With what" asked Inutaisho "your just standing there." "You should really get a better hobby" said Inuyasha "Why is there cameras up here anyway." "Not your concern" said Inutaisho. "I'm still not taking her" said Inuyasha. "Then off of the roof" said Inutaisho "I'll know if you don't." "Bye" said Inuyasha he hung up "we have to get off the roof, my dad has cameras up here for some reason" "Ok" said Kagome. "Hop on" said Inuyasha. "You’re not going to do what i think you are, are you" asked Kagome. "Then you better close your eyes" said Inuyasha jumping from the building. Kagome screamed all the way to the ground. "Why do you torcher me" asked Kagome. "Its fun" said Inuyasha. He took her face in his hands and kissed her, she kissed him back. "A-ham" said a voice behind them. "Dad" said Inuyasha. "You still have to take Rin to the dentist" said Inutaisho. "I can’t have things to do" said Inuyasha "Have Sesshomaru do it." "He was busy before you were" said Inutaisho. "I'm not doing it" said Inuyasha "you take her, you’re the only one who can keep her from screaming." "I'm asking you to do it" said Inutaisho. "Well I’m not i have something really important to do" said Inuyasha. "Making out with your girlfriend doesn’t count" said Inutaisho. Kagome blushed scarlet at those words. "I don't care I’m not doing it" said Inuyasha. "Rin let's go I have to be somewhere" said Inuyasha he was sitting at the bottom of a tree that Rin managed to clime so she didn’t have to go to the dentist. Inuyasha was texting someone. "No" said Rin "I want daddy to go." "He can’t so you’re stuck with me" said Inuyasha. "I’m not going with you" said Rin. "I don't have time for this" said Inuyasha "Come down here now or I’m coming up there." "I'll scream if you do" said Rin as a car pulled up "Daddy i don't want to go." "Rin come down" said Inutaisho. "How did she get up there" asked Izayoi. "I wonder" said Inutaisho looking at Inuyasha. "Don't look at me" said Inuyasha "I don't know how she got up there." "Come down Rin" said Inutaisho. "I can’t" said Rin. "Why not" asked Izayoi. "I'm stuck" said Rin. "This is just grate" said Inuyasha. "Your grounded" said Inutaisho. "What" said Inuyasha? "You heard me now go to your room" said Inutaisho. Inuyasha went inside cursing under his breath. It took another ten minutes to convince Rin to let go of the tree branch. With Kagome Kagome sat at her desk thinking about Inuyasha and the kiss. He expected him to show up but he didn't. He text her telling her he was grounded. She went to bed and dreamed of Inuyasha kissing her again. Only this time no one interrupted them.
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