Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


7. Demon Fight

"That's what you’ve been hiding from me" said Inuyasha. "This is the Sacred Jewel" said St. Hakushine looking at the Jewel "how did you get this." "it belonged to my father he protected it. And it was recently passed on to me. How do you know so much about the Jewel?" "The person who made it was a Priestess named Midoriko" said St Hakushine "The Hakushine family is descended from her." "So that's why Tierra could see it even though i was wearing it" said Kagome as he proud purifying water on the Jewel. "Yes" said St. Hakushine "She should never touch it." "Why not" said Kagome. "This Jewel disappeared about fifty years ago" said St. Hakushine "That is the last time my family ever seen it." He handed it back to her. "You should keep it it's yours" said Kagome. "I was not the one entrusted with it" said St. Hakushine "You are to protect it. It wouldn't have gone to you if you weren’t able to it." "I don't think i can" said Kagome putting it back around her neck “Tierra can protect it.” "Never think that way" said St. Hakushine "Tierra isn’t responsible enough to look after it. If you keep thinking that way you won’t be able to do anything." He got into a box and pulled something out “I made this myself it will hide your scent” said St. Hakushine handing her some kind of beads. "Thanks" said Kagome "How much." "Nothing" said St. Hakushine "Free of charge." "Thanks" said Kagome getting up. "Inuyasha are you forgetting something" asked Tierra. "I'll call you and let you know" said Inuyasha. "You better" said Tierra. They left them. "So why did you hid it from me Kagome" asked Inuyasha. "It wasn't any of your business" said Kagome. "That's what Naraku wants" said Inuyasha "Get rid of it Kagome." "Didn't you just hear him I need to protect it" said Kagome. "He's a monk he don't know nothing" said Inuyasha. "Sorry Inuyasha but I can’t get rid of it" said Kagome "My father protected it before me. And now it's my turn." "Fine keep it then" said Inuyasha "But I’m helping you protect it." "Ok" said Kagome "Why isn’t Tierra responsible enough to protect it." "Because she cant protect something she doesn’t want" said Inuyasha "You don’t know like I do Kagome if the Jewel would be handed to her she would just leave it." "Or maybe she just don’t like doing dangerous things" said Kagome. "Tierra is a priestess" said Inuyasha "She faces danger every day believe it or not." "Then why" said Kagome. "Why dose it matter" said Inuyasha “She's a good person. Regardless of what anyone say’s." “I never said she wasn't" said Kagome "You know something about her don't you. You Miroku and Sango know something what are you hiding." "I don't know what your talking about Kagome" said Inuyasha "I'll see you tomorrow." "Inuyasha" said Kagome. He jumped out of site. She walked up the stairs to her shrine. Kagome wondered what they were hiding from her. Takahashi Residences Inuyasha walked in the door to hear Rin crying. "What's wrong with her" asked Inuyasha walking into the kitchen. "She's fine" said Izayoi "her tooth hurts is all." "Still" said Inuyasha "It was one bite of cake." "There was a lot of sugar in it" said Izayoi "Your father's taking her to the dentist tomorrow." "It feels better now" said Rin she took a bite of something and started crying again. "Hay it's ok" said Inutaisho hugging her "It won't be as bad as you think it will he's just going to clean your teeth." "He's going to take it out" said Rin. "No he won't" said Inutaisho. "Will to" said Rin. "It might just be ready to come out so another one can grow in it's place" said Izayoi. "it's going to fall out" said Rin. "Another one will grow back in it's place" said Izayoi "It wont be gone long." Inutaisho whispered something in her ear, Probably a bribe or something. With Kagome Kagome was listening to the radio The were playing Love Games By Lady GaGa. Kagome sang the whole song. She didn't like it that much but it was something to do wile she did her home work. Kagome finished her homework so she started to write in her Diary. "Kagome phone" said her mother knocking on the door. "Thanks mom" said Kagome "Hello." "Kagome it's Kikyo" said Kikyo's voice. "Hay what's up" asked Kagome. "We need your help" said Kikyo "there's a demon attacking people." "Where" asked Kagome. "Downtown that's all you need to know you can't miss it" said Kikyo. "Ok I'm on my way" said Kagome hanging up the phone "Mom I have to go." "Wait Kagome" said her mom as she ran out the door. Kagome ran as fast as she could. She could hear people screaming. "Kikyo" yelled Kagome. "Your here" said Kikyo. "Where's Tierra and Tsubaki" asked Kagome. "Tsubaki's on her way" said Kikyo "I couldn't get a hold of Tierra. She'll be here don't worry." The Demon was huge like a kind of dragon or a large Snake. "Kagome" Yelled Inuyasha. He moved her out of the way before the demon hit her "What were you thinking taking it on alone." She wasn't listing to him her eyes were on a person laying motionless on the ground. "I just found Tierra" said Kagome. "What" said Inuyasha fallowing her gaze "Oh no. Stay here Kagome." Inuyasha tried to get to her but he couldn't. Tsubaki showed up and she and Kikyo attacked it with there spiritual power. It didn't fall. "It's going to take more then that to beat me" yelled the demon. A white orb flu around it and then down towards Tierra. It stopped close to them to reveal Sesshomaru. He looked At Tierra she was covered in blood. "Watch her Inuyasha" ordered Sesshomaru. He started to glow as he walked forward. He turned into a giant dog. But he wasn't the only one who did so. Inuyasha's Father showed up. "Is she still alive" asked Kagome. "Yeah" said Inuyasha. Kagome shot an arrow at the demon, No effect. "Kagome we need to combine our Power" said Tsubaki drawing an arrow she didn't do that often. Kikyo did the same, Kagome fallowed suit. The arrows hit the demon it had weaken it a little. "It didn't work" said Tsubaki. "Try it again" yelled Kagome. Inuyasha's father got it down and Sesshomaru went in for the kill it diddn't work. "What is it going to take to get rid of it" asked Inuyasha. "Help" yelled a child running away from the demon. "I got it" said Inuyasha grabbing it "It's a squeal." "I'm a fox" he yelled. "Just stay out of the way" said Inuyasha. "Ok let's try again" said Kagome. "I need your help" said a voice. "What is it" asked the fox. "Can you turn into a bow for me" "Yes" said The fox turning into a bow. "On my count" said Kagome "One, two, Three." Four arrows were released. When all four hit the demon it turned into dust. "Tierra are you alright" asked Sesshomaru. "It was a good idea at the time" she said passing out in his arms. "Everyone stay put" said Inutaisho "You all need to go to the hospital, weather your hurt or not." "Who are you" asked Kagome. "I'm Shippo the fox demon" said the fox. "Thanks for your help" said Kagome. "No problem" said Shippo. "Shippo are you alright" asked a voice. "I'm fine Lady Kaede" said Shippo. "That's good" said Kaede. They all went to the hospital.
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