Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


22. Death Drugs

Kagome woke up and turned off her alarm clock got up and took a warm shower As she got ready for school she felt like she was missing something.

Kagome ate a quick breakfast and headed to school as she walked she was longing for a car. But she didn’t even have half of the money to get one. She sighed as she walked.

“Miroku are you ok” asked Inuyasha.

“She didn’t come home last night” said Miroku “She went to get more last night and didn’t come home.”

“She probably passed out at Bankotsu’s” said Inuyasha.

“That would be a theory” said Miroku “Except she went to Naraku’s to get it because Bankotsu didn’t have any.”

“She’s probably higher than the sky then” said Inuyasha.

“She didn’t have enough money to do that” said Miroku “I should have taken her money instead.”

“She would have stolen it back eventually” said Inuyasha.

“The main reason I can’t take Sango to a nice place” said Miroku “My sister steals my money to get high. The problem is, is that she doesn’t realize she has a problem.”

“Listen let’s blow off homeroom and first period and go get everything that’s can be used as a drug out of the house” said Inuyasha.

“It’s going to be a long week of detention” said Miroku as they turned around to go back to his house.

When they got there they went to Miroku’s room and it was trashed.

“Oh no” said Miroku.

“Looks like she was going for blood this time” said Inuyasha.

Miroku opened a box.

“She found it” said Miroku “I’m so stupid I should have taken out of the house.”

“This is the first place she looked” said Inuyasha “If she didn’t find it here she would have moved on to the rest of the house then outside.”

“Let’s get to school” said Miroku “I’ll clean this up after.”

“Sango where’s Inuyasha” asked Kagome.

“Probably ditched” said Sango.

“Hay Kagome you want some” asked Tierra holding out a small bag of Resses Pieces.

“Sure” said Kagome taking some.

“Now everyone” said Mr. Jons “Panicle’s out and get ready for you midterm test.”

‘Oh no I haven’t studied’ thought Kagome.

“No talking” said Mr. Jons as he passed out the test “Eyes on your own paper. Good luck, you may start. You have one hour.”

For some reason Kagome’s mind was racing. She didn’t bother to think of the answers or what they really were she just wrote down anything hoping she got it write. She was the first one done. After she looked it over she turned over her test and finished her homework for her other classes. When the bell rang she went to her next class. The midterm test was the same amount of time but once again Kagome was the first one done. She didn’t know what to do this time she already finished her homework.

 And for some strange reason she couldn’t sit still. She pulled out some computer paper and started drawing she didn’t get to finish before the bell rang.

“Kagome are you ok” asked Sango “I’ve never seen you race through a test like that.”

“The test was a snap” said Kagome.

“Are you feeling ok” asked Sango.

“I feel fine” said Kagome “I drank some coffee this morning.”

“Ok” said Sango.

“What’s up” asked Inuyasha.

“You missed two classes” said Sango.

“I had some personal demons to take care of” said Miroku.

“I just ditched” said Inuyasha “Kagome are you ok.”

“Fine I got to get to class” said Kagome.

“She’s been like that for the past two hours” said Sango “She can’t sit still or anything.”

“Sounds like one of Naraku’s drugs” said Miroku.

“How are you so familiar with Naraku’s drugs” asked Sango.

“I’ve heard what they do” said Miroku ‘and seen what they do.’

“We better get to class” said Sango she walked away.

“Kagome hasn’t been doing well in school lately” said Miroku “Do you think she would take a drug to help.”

“Not knowingly” said Inuyasha “Someone had to have given it to her without her knowing.”

Kagome finished her test and started drawing again. She wanted to hurry and get to lunch. She couldn’t sit still. Inuyasha watched as Kagome got up and took her test up to the teacher.

“Can I go to the restroom” she asked.

“Yes” he said “Take your stuff the bell will ring in five minutes.”

Kagome grabbed her stuff and went to the restroom.

“Man I have a headache” she said.

Arianna walked out of a stall and started washing her hands.

“Hi said Kagome.

“Hi” said Arianna “Do you want an aspirin.”

“Yeah” said Kagome “Midterms are really getting to me.”

“Here” said Arianna “You should only take one of these Tylenols 4’s.”

“You can only get those with a prescription” said Kagome taking it.

“I get really bad headaches” said Arianna.

“Thanks” said Kagome.

“You’re welcome” said Arianna leaving “You shouldn’t take another for six hours.”

The bell rang Kagome went to lunch without waiting for Inuyasha. Kagome jumped ahead of the line.

“Hey” said someone.

But Kagome already grabbed a tray and was piling it with food. She paid for it and sat down at an empty table.

“Kagome are you ok” asked Inuyasha.

“Why dose everyone keep asking me that” asked Kagome.

“Do you have enough food” asked Miroku.

“I’m hungry I didn’t have much of a breakfast” said Kagome.

“Hungry would have left some food for everyone else” said Inuyasha.

“It’s not that much” said Kagome mix fish and chicken ketchup together.

“I just lost my apatite” said Ayame.

“Is she even tasting what she’s eating” asked Koga.

“I don’t think so” said Ginta.

“Kagome you wouldn’t have taken anything you didn’t know what it was” asked Miroku.

“No” said Kagome taking a bite of really greasy pizza.

“Kagome you’re going to make yourself sick” said Sango.

“She’s going to make me sick too” said Ayame.

“Did you take anything” asked Miroku.

“Aspirin” said Kagome “All of these midterms gave me a headache.”

“I’ll be right back” said Miroku.

“No Miroku” said Inuyasha seeing where Miroku was about to go “Just let it go.”

“But” said Miroku.

“Let it go” said Inuyasha and Miroku sat back down.

Ayame pushed her tray away from her. Lot’s of people were starring at them.

“Kagome people are staring” said Sango.

“Kagome don’t eat the meatloaf” said Inuyasha but it was too late.

“That’s going to make her sick” said Hakaku.

“Not to mention everyone else” said Ginta.

“Inuyasha did you get Kagome pregnant or something” asked Koga.

“What are you talking about” said Inuyasha.

“Just asking you never know” said Koga.

“What’s that supposed to mean” yelled Inuyasha standing up.

“Shut up dog breath” said Koga standing up to “It was just a question.”

“Take it in my office” said Kagura “Now.”

They fallowed Kagura to her office.

“She’s like a hawk” said Sango.

“I know” said Ayame.

The bell rang.

“Aw I’m not finished” said Kagome.

“You are now” said Sango.

“I have to go to the bathroom said Kagome running to the bathroom.

“Five say’s she’s about to throw up everything she just ate” said Ayame.

“You’re on” said Sango. They fallowed Kagome.

Sango won the bet.

“Maybe it hasn’t hit her yet” said Ayame.

“Probably not” said Sango.

Kagome went to class. Her test was over fast so she spent the rest of the time drawing in a piece of paper.

“One more week of the babies” said Kannade as everyone started to leave.

“Where is Kagome” asked Inuyasha.

“I think she’s already in the gym” said Sango.

“Why is she in such a hurry” asked Inuyasha they walked in the gym and Kagome was already dressed and ready to go.

“Should I be worried” asked Inuyasha.

“I think we all should be” said Sango.

Sango went into the girls locker room.

“Ok” said The sub “I’ve been given instructions to have all do as many push-up’s, sit-up’s, pull-us, and laps you can do. Now you have an hour if we don’t get finished today it will go over into tomorrow. We’ll start with push-up’s.”

Everyone groaned as they got down. He turned on some music. And every started after ten minutes most of the human’s gave up. Kagome was still going though. Miroku stopped and hit the floor Sango stopped after he did.

“ Ok” said the sub “That’s it. Come tell me how me how many you did.”
As the class went on Kagome was the last human to stop doing everyone was starring at her like she was some kind of freak.

Kagome got dressed Inuyasha Miroku was waiting for her.

“Kagome who gave it to you” asked Inuyasha.

“Gave me what” asked Kagome.

“The aspirin you took” said Miroku “It might not have been an aspirin Kagome.”

“I don’t know” said Kagome “I didn’t catch the name or remember what he or she looked like. All I remember is my head pounding before I took it.”

Kagome walked away.

“You go ahead Inuyasha” said Miroku.

“Miroku you don’t know it was her” said Inuyasha.

“Kagome wait” yelled Sango running after her.

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