Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


31. Deals of Death

Kagome laid in bed until her mom knocked on the door.

“Kagome do you feel like going to school today” asked her mom.

“I’m not sure yet” said Kagome.

“Ok breakfast is ready” said her mom closing the door.

‘I want to go to school but Inuyasha will be there’ thought Kagome ‘I don’t want to see him. But I can’t hide in bed forever.”

She slowly got up and went to her bathroom. After she got dressed she went downstairs and sat down.

“Are you ok sis” asked Sota.

“Just a little tired” said Kagome.

“Are you sure you’re up to going to school today” asked her mom.

“I’ll be fine” said Kagome “Can I have a ride to school.”

“Of course” said her mom.

Kagome’s mom dropped her off at school.

‘All I have to do is keep my distance from Inuyasha’ thought Kagome.

“Kagome” said Inuyasha “Hay Kagome.”

“What did you do to her Inuyasha” asked Miroku.

“How should I know” said Inuyasha “She was mad at me yesterday for some unknown reason.”

“We’ll you’ve had to have done something” said Miroku.

Kagome sat in the corner with Ayame and Sango.

“So you and Inuyasha are really over” said Ayame.

“Ah-huh” said Kagome.

“What happened” asked Sango.

“He lied to me” said Kagome “And then lied about lying.”

“I see” said Ayame “A relationship built on lies can’t survive.”

“You and Koga tell each other everything” said Sango.

“Not everything but he doesn’t lie to me about” said Ayame “He’s a really bad liar.”

“So is Miroku” said Sango “That pervert is always up to something. And then expects me to believe him when he says he’s doing nothing when it’s clear he’s lying.”

“Men can be such losers” said Ayame.

“We should have a girls night out” said Sango.

“Yeah” said Ayame “Just us girls no boy’s what so ever.”

“Sounds good to me” said Sango.

“What do you say Kagome” asked Ayame.

“Go ahead” said Kagome.

“Oh no your coming” said Sango.

“Yeah” said Ayame.

Kagome refused to talk to Inuyasha she wouldn’t even look at him.

“Man what a pain” said Inuyasha.

“Just leave her alone for now” said Miroku.

“I’m talking about all my tickets” said Inuyasha.

“I think you better get to detention” said Miroku.

“I can’t believe he did this to me” said Inuyasha.

“He’s trying to teach you a lesson” said Miroku “Go to school or else.”

“He’s torturing me” said Inuyasha.

“Or maybe you should stop cutting class everyday” said Miroku.

“I’ll see you later” said Inuyasha.

“Bye” said Miroku.

Kagome was slowly walking home when she realized she was walking the wrong way. Then a thought hit her. If she could get Naraku to leave Inuyasha and Miroku alone somehow. She would do almost anything even though she never wanted to see Inuyasha again.

She turned around and headed home.

When she got home she looked up Naraku. He owned a lot of stuff 9 clubs 4 restaurants 15 apartment buildings and 8 houses.

‘No wonder he rich’ thought Kagome ‘Here we go.  Another building called Simyosho It’s not far from school. I think I’ll call first.’

She dialed the numbers slowly, then waited for someone to answer.

“Simyosho” said a female.

“I’d like to speak to Naraku please” said Kagome.

“May I ask who’s calling” she asked.

“Kagome Higurashi” said Kagome.

“Please hold” she said “Naraku there’s a Kagome Higurashi on line 2 for you.”

“Kagome Higurashi” said Naraku “Transfer her to me.”

“Yes sir” said the women pushing three numbers.

It rang once.

“Kagome” said Naraku “What do you want.”

She said nothing.

“You have two seconds to answer before I hang up” said Naraku.

“I have a deal for you” said Kagome.

“I don’t make deals over the phone” said Naraku “Be here tomorrow.”

“I have school tomorrow” said Kagome “Hello. He hung up.”

“Kagome it’s time for dinner” said her mom knocking on her door.

“Ok” said Kagome getting up and heading downstairs.


Kagome got out of the shower the next morning trying to figure out what she was going to say to Naraku. She thought of everything and it all came to a dead end.

She ate a quick breakfast her mom let her use the car today. Kagome parked the car. It was harder then the day before.

“Inuyasha leave me the hell alone” said Kagome.

She went into her class.


“Ow what was that for” asked Inuyasha.

“For hurting Kagome” said Ayame.

She slapped him again this time he hit the floor. She walked in to the classroom.

“You ok” asked Miroku.

“What is there problem” asked Inuyasha.

Sango stepped on him as she walked in the classroom.

“What the hell” said Inuyasha getting up.

“Let’s get to class” said Miroku “So you still haven’t figured out why Kagome is so mad at you.”

“No” said Inuyasha “Ayame and Sango are mad at me along with her.”

“That’s just how girls work” said Miroku “One of them is mad at you her friends fallow after.”

“How do you know that” asked Inuyasha.

“I have two sisters” said Miroku “One dose drugs all day the other has an Annoying two and a half year old on top of that she hate’s living in the same house as us.”

“Did you ever think of why she took off” asked Inuyasha.

“No not really” said Miroku.

“Well for starters your parents always treated her like crap” said Inuyasha “Next thing you know she meet’s Naraku and disappears. Then Naraku recently goes on a business trip and comes back with her and he kid.”

“You’re saying Naraku knew where she was all along” said Miroku “And if you’re thinking what I think you are.”

“Yep” said Inuyasha “If you ask me that kid is his.”

“Come to think of it she does looks a lot like him” said Miroku “Come over after school and find out.”

“I have detention” said Inuyasha.

“That’s never stopped you before” said Miroku.

“Right” said Inuyasha.

The day seemed to go by slowly but when it finally came to an end Kagome headed to Simyosho. She parked out front and headed inside.

“Can I help you” asked Bankotsu.

“Let her in” said Naraku’s voice.

Bankotsu opened the door and pushed her up against the wall.

“What are you doing” she asked.

“It’s called a search” said Bankotsu running his hands down her legs and on her sides and then her arms. “This way.”

He led her in to a back room and through another door Naraku was waiting for her. Bankotsu closed the door behind her.

“I didn’t expect you to actually show up” said Naraku “State your case.”

“I want you to let Inuyasha and Miroku go” said Kagome.

“No” said Naraku.

“I have something you want” said Kagome “You let them go and you can have me.”

“Why would I want a girl who doesn’t know how to fight or use her spiritual power’s” asked Naraku “No deal. I can get the jewel when it kills you.”

“That’s not going to happen” said Kagome.

He stood up and walked over to her.

“I can sense it’s power it’s draining you even though you can’t feel it yet” said Naraku “All it would take is me to snap your neck and a year at the most. And the jewel would be mine.”

“Your lying” said Kagome

Naraku was behind her in a blink of an eye his arms around her neck.

“I could snap your neck right now and no one would know it was me” he said “But there something you don’t know.”

He through her across the room and a barrier formed around her and stopped her for hitting the wall. She hit the floor holding her throat.

“Whenever you use its power it drains you” said Naraku “But it can only protect you so long.”

He lifted her of the ground by her throat.

“You see Kagome you’re not the first one who has bonded soul and body with the jewel” said Naraku “Maybe you should up on your family history.” He dropped her. “You work for me now you’ll do as I say or you’ll regret it. Now get out.”

“I’m not doing anything for you” said Kagome “Not until you let my friends go.”

“Never” said Naraku “I’m the one holding all of the cards your mistake was coming here. Now you can go on your own or I can have Bankotsu remove you. I’ll be in touch.”

She left. The Band of Seven were sitting in the next room. They said nothing as she walked out. Bankotsu fallowed her out and locked the door behind her.

‘That was so stupid’ thought Kagome ‘Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Now what do I do, do I let him control me like he does Inuyasha.’

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