Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


3. Child Care

As they walked to Science Hiten walked by and shoved Inuyasha into the wall.

"Dont " said Kagome grabbing Inuyasha.

"Danm him" said Inuyasha.

"Let him go" said Kagome "He's just trying to get you in trouble."

They were about to walked into Science when Renkotsu and Suikotsu walked in front of them.

"I hate them to" said Inuyasha. They gave him a dirty look "What the."

Inuyasha stopped in the middle of the door way looking at Kannade's desk.

"Take a set and find a partner" said Kannade "Of the opposite sex please."

"No way I’m not doing it" said Inuyasha.

"What" asked Kagome walking into the room. Babies, dipper bags, and giant bellies covered her desk and the floor around it.

"I ante doing it" said Inuyasha.

"Then you fail" said Kannade.

"This isn't fair" said Inuyasha sitting down next to Kagome.

He wasn't the only one complaining either. all of the boy's were. Tierra, Kikyo and Tsubaki walked in.

"Is this some kind of joke" asked Tsubaki.

"Not a joke" said Kannade "Pick a partner."

Kikyo walked over to Suikotsu. and Tsubaki walked over to Renkotsu. Hiten grabbed Tierra and pulled her into the chair next to him. She didn't complain. Sango and Miroku were partnered together. Miroku looked like he seen a ghost.

"Well your always asking someone to bare your child" said Sango "Now you have one."

The entire class laughed, they laughed even harder when they seen the look Miroku gave Sango.

"Not funny" said Miroku.

"Settle down" said Kannade "Now this is a three month assignment."

"What" said all of the boys.

"Quite" said Kannade "Some of you will have babies and some will have the bellies. Now When I call your name come and get your babies. Kagome, Sango, Tierra, Kikyo, Tsubaki. come and get your babies."

They walked up to her desk and got a baby a dipper bag and a folder. Then they went back to their seats.

"Now" said Kannade "In the folder you have a list of things to do. fallow the instructions in order go ahead and get started. Now Yura, Abi, Sarra, Sazuna, Kanna, come up and get your bellies."

"Ok" said Kagome opening her folder "Check the sex of your baby. A boy, name your baby."

"Well i was hoping for a boy" said Miroku.

"Shut up" said Sango "Her name is Jade."

"Ok" said Miroku.

"Take it back and trade" said Hiten.

"What's wrong with a girl" asked Tierra.

"Everything" said Hiten.

"What should I name him" asked Kikyo "I know Koji."

"I cant think of a name" said Tsubaki "Oh I know Lance."

"That's an American name” said Renkotsu.

"So" said Tsubaki "That's his name get over it."

Tierra and Hiten were still arguing what they’re baby’s name was going to be. In the end Tierra won the argument Hiten was in a bad mood for the rest of the class period. Tierra decided her baby's name was going to be Ariel. Hiten couldn't argue with that, the argument almost came to violence. They were both going to have to explain that to Kagura.

"Inuyasha" said Kagome "What do you want to name our baby."

"It's a robot" said Inuyasha.

"Name it any way or you keep it over night first" said Kagome.

"Fine" said Inuyasha "Jin."

"I' like it" said Kagome.

"Girls" said Inuyasha.

"Anyone notice all the Pretests got a baby" said Yura.

"I did" said Abi "That's not right."

"we have more important thing to do then you Demons" said Tsubaki.

Yura and Abi stood up

Tierra stood when Tsubaki did. Yura and Abi sat back down glaring at them.

"You two should get a life" said Kikyo.

"I’m sure you go somewhere alone" said Abi.

"In your dreams" said Tsubaki.

"Make it stop" said Hiten shoving the baby into Tierra's arms. Tierra sat back down and tried everything the paper said to do ant then she just rocked her, and then the baby hiccupped and stopped crying. Inuyasha was watching them with interest along with the rest of the class. Kannade was putting the last belly on Sarra.

"The only way the belly can be removed is by using a special jel I have" said Kannade "You are to care for the babies like they are your own not just one person either each of you have to write down things about the child. You are to bring them to every class and everywhere you go."

"What" said all the boys.

"Even work" said Kannade.

"No way in hell" said Inuyasha.

"I can't take this thing to work" said Hiten "I'd get fired."

"It's a school project" said Kannade.

"What about a babysitter" asked Miroku.

"A baby sitter will do but you cant have a babysitter all the time" said Kannade "It's your baby there for you take care of it."

"What if we don’t" asked Inuyasha.

"Then you fail the project" said Kannade "And if your partner dose all of the work they get the grade wile you fail."

"That's not fair" said Miroku

"You don't do the work you don't get the grade" said Kannade The bell rang "Remember it takes two for a good grade.

"She's doing this on purpose" said Inuyasha "She wants to see us suffer."

"Yeah" said Miroku.

"Your just mad you have to do it to in order to get a good grade" said Kagome.

"Better get used to it cause it's for three month's" said Sango.

"How much you want to bet Tierra Kikyo and Tsubaki are going to be doing it themselves" said Inuyasha.

In gym any one who had a belly on had to sit out. and those that had babies had to have someone watch them. Kagome's feeling that someone was watching her came back while she was running laps. After gym Inuyasha walked Kagome home.






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