Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


14. Blast from the past

Kagome was watching T.V. The reporter was talking about a burlier ground they found.

So far only one full skeleton was found” said the Reporter “many other bones were found but no other full skeletons yet. Archaeologists still have yet to learn how old the bone’s are. But by the look’s of the skeleton they found it appears to be female. We’ll have more information for you later tonight at six.”

Wow” said Kagome “Must be a grate. Something else we’ll have to do in History.”

They showed a picture of the site. Kagome headed to school.

I wonder who they found’ thought Kagome.

Hay Kagome” yelled Inuyasha “Did you see the news?”

Yeah why” asked Kagome.

Then why are you going to school” asked Inuyasha.

There no school” said Kagome.

No they canceled it” said Inuyasha.

Why would they do that” asked Kagome.

I don’t know” said Inuyasha “Come on let’s go see that dig site.”

Kagome tossed her bag as far as she could and fallowed Inuyasha.

Hay isn’t it cool” said Inuyasha “Hay there’s the skeleton they found.”

The skeleton looked like it was bound by the arms and hands and bound by the feet and knees.

What’s he doing here” asked Kagome looking over to the other side to the site.

Naraku” said Inuyasha.

Naraku disappeared. Miasma started to come from the ground. The worker’s had to vacte the site.

Look’s like some kind of evil is here” said someone “Get the best person to get rid of it so we can finish it. Take the skeleton to the lab.”

Got it sir” said another worker.

Who do you think they found” asked Kagome.

I don’t know” said Inuyasha “But there was something strange about it though. Let’s go find Miroku and Sango.”

Where do you think they are” asked Kagome.

There’s Tierra let’s ask her” said Inuyasha She was carrying lot’s of stuff that Kagome never seen before “What are you doing.”

Purifying that dig sit my dad’s going to meet me there” she said putting the stuff in her trunk she closed it “I could use some help Hakudoshi went to the park for the day since they canceled school today. Care to help me, of course you don’t get in.”

Yes Miss Bossy” said Inuyasha “Get in Kagome.”

What” said Kagome “I don’t know who to purify a site.”

I’ll show you” said Tierra “My dad taught me everything he knows. Well almost I’m still training though there’s a lot I haven’t mastered yet.”

She started the car and drove to the dig site.

Sorry no children allowed here” said a guard.

I an Tierra Hakushine” said Tierra opening the trunk “My father asked me to get started.”

Then go on a head” said Guard.

Thanks” said Tierra “Here put this on. It will protect you form poison if there’s any around.”

I can’t wear that” said Inuyasha.

Then you’ll die from poison” said Tierra.

Fine” said Inuyasha putting on the mask.

Just fallow my lead Kagome” said Tierra.


I always wondered what happened to her” said Bankotsu leaning over a skeleton “It took two monk’s two demon’s a demon slayer and a priestess to bind her to death They didn’t kill her they buried her alive. Your sure this is her.”

I’m sure Bankotsu” said Naraku “Bound by the hands and arm, bound by her knees and feet so she could not escape. It wont be like anything they’ve seen before.”

She isn’t always able to stop herself you know that right” said Bankotsu he tried to touch the rope’s binding her hands but a barrier stopped him “That monk was smarter then I gave him credit for.”

Be patient Bankotsu” said Naraku “Tierra is the only one who can break the seal on her.”

Convincing her to do that might take awhile” said Bankotsu “seeing how it was one of her ancestors that sealed her in this state.”

Tierra will do it if she doesn’t know who it is” said Naraku “She can’t kill the one who breaks her seal Tierra will kill her for sure if she tries. Tierra is much more power pull then those fool’s then were by a thousand times or more.”

So that’s the plan she will go after Inuyasha, Kagome who else” said Bankotsu.

Anyone who get’s in her way I guess” said Naraku.

What about the fans” said Bankotsu “She will want them back.”

They’re at the museum” said Naraku “They’ve been there for a few years. I wondered how long it would take them to find her after the fans were found.”

Well it didn’t take that long did it” asked Bankotsu “Can we take her.”

Only a human of purity can move her now” said Naraku he pushed the table “But this can be moved.”


That’s it” said Tierra “The rest is up to my dad. There he is.”

Everything ready” asked St. Hakushine.

Yes” said Tierra her phone she looked at it once and walked away.

Did we do it right” asked Kagome.

Yes” said St. Hakushine.

That’s good” said Kagome.

I have to go” said Tierra “Can I drop you two off somewhere.”

No we’ll do just fine walking” said Inuyasha.

See you later then” said Tierra she left.

What’s wrong with her” asked Kagome.

One phone call and she takes off” said St. Hakushine “She don’t have anything else to do.”

Oh” said Kagome.

We need to get going” said Inuyasha “it was nice to see you again.”

Bye” said St. Hakushine.

Is going to do that alone” asked Kagome.

Yeah” said Inuyasha “Tierra only dose the first part cause that’s all she bothered to learn. She thinks there’s better thing’s then purifying things it’s simple if know what your doing.”

Oh” said Kagome.

They found Miroku at the park.

Hay” said Miroku “Inuyasha Kagome over here.”

Come on” said Inuyasha.

I can’t leave” said Miroku “Unless it’s somewhere Hakudoshi can go too.”

Tierra dumped him on you didn’t she” said Inuyasha.

What was your first guess” asked Miroku.

Were going to my house” said Inuyasha “Let’s see if my mom will watch him.”

He wants to stay at the park I tried to leave ten minutes ago” said Miroku.

Hay Hakudoshi let’s go” yelled Inuyasha.

No” said Hakudoshi “My dad said I could stay all day.”

Well your coming to my house” said Inuyasha picking him up and putting him over his shoulder.

Hay put me down” said Hakudoshi.

Too bad” said Inuyasha “Get over it.”

Kagome called Sango she was at home and didn’t want to be around Miroku. Izayoi was in the kitchen.

Mom will watch this brat” asked Inuyasha putting Hakudoshi.

Who’s supposed to really be watching him” asked Izayoi.

Tierra” said Miroku.

She went to go do what she wanted to do” said Kagome “No idea what that was.”

Then call her and have her to come and get him” said Izayoi “I have a lot to do today, And Rin won’t leave her room.”

Mom please” said Inuyasha.

No Inuyasha” said Izayoi “I have to wait for your dad to come home to do anything. Take him with you.”

We can’t” said Inuyasha “Have Sesshomaru watch her.”

Sesshomaru’s at work to” said Izayoi “You can watch Rin for me while I go to the store.”

I’m trying to get rid of a kid not take another one” said Inuyasha.

If you want dinner tonight you will watch her” said Izayoi “I have an Idea you watch Rin while I go to the store and I’ll watch Hakudoshi until it’s time for him to go home. How about that. Rin won’t be that much trouble since she won’t come out of her room.”

Fine” said Inuyasha.

Good it’s settled then” said Izayoi taking off an apron “I’ll be back soon.”

Ok” said Inuyasha “I’m going to check on Rin I’ll be right back.”

Ok” said Kagome. Inuyasha went up stairs and knocked on Rin’s door.

Rin it’s me can I come in” said Inuyasha he opened the door Rin was laying on her bed looking at the wall “Rin are you ok.”

Where’s mom” she asked.

She went to the store she’ll back soon” said Inuyasha.

Rin didn’t move “you can go now” she said covering her head.

Inuyasha closed the door and went back down stairs.

Is she ok” asked Kagome.

She’s fine” said Inuyasha sitting on the couch.

They heard something break. Inuyasha jumped up and ran up the stairs to Rin’s room. She wasn’t there and the window was broken.

Call my dad” said Inuyasha going down stairs and out the door. He tried to fallow her scent but it wasn’t to be found. “Damn it” said Inuyasha he took out his phone and called Tierra.

Hello” she said.

Tierra I need your help” said Inuyasha.

I’m a little busy at the moment” she said.

I need you to help me find Rin” said Inuyasha.

What” said Tierra.

She was taken right from her room” said Inuyasha “Will you please help me find her.”

I’m on my way” she said and hung up.

Inuyasha” yelled Miroku “Kagome’s gone.”

What” said Inuyasha.

They didn’t want Rin they wanted Kagome” said Miroku “Rin’s in the back yard hiding in her play house thing.”

They waited for me to leave” said Inuyasha “Naraku.”

They ran back to the house Inuyasha pulled Rin out of the house and brought her back inside. Five minutes later Inutaisho and Sesshomaru showed up.

Is she ok” asked Inutaisho pulling Rin out of his arms.

She’s fine they didn’t want her” said Inuyasha “They took Kagome.”

Rin” said Izayoi “Are you ok.”

Rin nodded. Hakudoshi was sitting in the corner his head in his arms.


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