Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


19. Assassins

I know your only here for a short time” said a man “But I have a job for you. Can you kill this man? He is a demon named Naraku. Can you get rid for him? I’ll pay you when its done.”

My serves require that you pay me half up front” said a female voice.

You get paid when the job is done” said the man.

It's too bad” said the female voice.

What’s too bad” asked the man.

A man paid me half up front” said the female voice “and twice as much you were going to pay me.”

So” said The man.

It’s the man your trying to get me to kill” she said there was a gunshot and he hit the floor “too bad you didn’t listen to me.”

She left the apartment.



Kagome woke up not wanting to get up.

Kagome time for school” said Her mom.

Kagome slowly got up and got dressed.

The news was on. There was a report of a man being found dead in his apartment.

I’m off” said Kagome.

As Kagome walked to school she felt like someone was watching her. She tried to ignore it, it didn’t go away. She hurried to school.

When she got to homeroom her seat was taken by Mila who was sitting in front of Tierra who looked like she could kill. Her eyes stopped on Kagome’s neck for a second then to Mila who was glaring at her as she was halfway turned in her chair.

Kagome sat next to Ayame.

Hay Kagome” said Ayame.

Hay” said Kagome.

Have you met Mila yet” asked Ayame.

Yeah” said Kagome “I thought she was Tierra.”

Just to warn you the first impression of her is always nice” said Ayame “She can be really mean and rude she and Tierra fight a lot.”

Why” asked Kagome.

Don’t know” said Ayame “There twins and they don’t like each other. Tierra’s more powerful then Mila is. Well you’ll find out soon.”

When I first met her she seen the Shikon Jewel’ thought Kagome “I’m sure Tierra’s seen it before and just now.’

Kagome watched Tierra and Mila glare at each other. Kikyo and Tsubaki were ignoring them. Sango looked like she wanted help. As she looked back at Kagome.

When homeroom was over Kagome met Sango at The door.

Hay sorry about your seat” said Sango “She only sat there to annoy Tierra.”

So I’ve heard” said Kagome.

Sorry” said Sango.

Its’ ok” said Kagome.

As the day went on Kagome felt like there was some bit secret everyone was keeping from her. She wanted to ask what it was but didn’t.

I’ve already gave you your answer Mila” said Inuyasha.

Kagome hid on the other side of the wall.

Come on Inuyasha” said Mila “You know you want to.”

I really don’t” said Inuyasha.

I know you” said Mila “Kagome’s not good enough for you. Seeing how she’s a thief.”

What did she take from you Mila” asked Inuyasha “Germs.”

Vary funny” said Mila “Did you tell her about us.”

What us” asked Inuyasha.

I take that as a no” said Mila “I remember it like it was yesterday. I know you remember it or you wouldn’t have told me to keep my mouth shut about it. You know I told my sister about it on one of her good day’s.”

I should have known you would end up telling her” said Inuyasha.

Did you tell your girlfriend about you and Kikyo” asked Mila.

That was in the past” said Inuyasha.

Oh is it” said Mila “I’ve seen the way you look at Kikyo you’re not over her anymore then she’s over you. No matter how much time she spends with Suikotsu. You miss her don’t you.”

Yes I miss her” said Inuyasha.

I guess you shouldn’t have left Kikyo for Kagome” said Mila “Yes I know all about that Tierra told me. You know we don’t hate each other as much as everyone seems to think we do.”

You and Tierra seem to be getting along” said Inuyasha “How long will that last. Or did you find some else life to mess with because Tierra can wipe the floor with you now and she always could.”

I know” said Mila wrapping her arms around Inuyasha “I’m here because she asked me to come back. She was mad that I actually showed up but I think she’s getting over it.”

Mila we can’t do this” said Inuyasha.

I know you have a girlfriend” said Mila.

She’s not my girlfriend” said Inuyasha “Kagome’s just a friend.”

Then your free” said Mila “Your doing nothing wrong then so way feel guilty.”

Sorry Mila I have eyes for Kikyo still” said Inuyasha Kagome walked away tears in her eyes “But I’m not going to do anything to hurt Kagome. It wouldn’t be fair.”

I understand” said Mila “Too bad it’s your loss. I’ll just ask Tierra if she’s made up her mind yet on who she wants. Probably not but I think she’s waiting on Sesshomaru. I don’t think he likes her any more he did say they needed to see other people. So now he’s with a full demon while she watch’s from the side lines trying to make up her mind. I think she’ll choose Bankotsu. Don’t you.”

Mila walked away.

Hay Kagome” said Tierra as they got ready for gym.

Hay” said Kagome.

Your not allowed to have Jewelry in the pool” said Tierra.

I can’t it off” said Kagome.

Your detention” said Tierra grabbing a towel and leaving.

When Kagome walked out of the locker room Girls were surrounding Inuyasha. They gasped when he took off his shirt.

Higurashi no Jewelry in the pool” said Moryomaru.

I cant take this off” said Kagome.

Take it off or go to detention” said Moryomaru.

I can’t take it off” said Kagome.

Then go change and I’ll write you a detention slip” said Moryomaru.

Kagome went back into the locker room and changed back in to her cloths.

Moryomaru handed her a pass to Kagura’s office and she left the gym.

Refusing to take off jewelry” said Kagura “Wow. That’s not the first time I’ve got one of these. You’ll be in detention the rest of the day.”

Is that it” said Kagome.

Someone knocked on her door.

Come in” said Kagura as she wrote up a detention slip. Naraku walked in “hold on.”

To what” asked Naraku.

Detention the rest of the day” said Kagura “Be in my office in the morning to see if you get a full day. Goodbye.”

Kagome took the slip and walked out the door. Naraku closed it behind her.

Can this day get any worse” asked Kagome as she walked to the detention room.

Have a set.”

Kagome took her set and pulled out her homework.

When the ball rang Kagome got up and headed home. As she walked through the parking lot she seen Naraku talking with Kagura at her car. Kagome ignored them and went home.

Mom I’m home” said Kagome.

hi Kagome” said Izayoi.

Hi” said Kagome “What are you doing here.”

To talk to your mother” said Izayoi “Did you know I’m a Social Worker.”

No” said Kagome “I didn’t know that.”

Well” said Izayoi “I am I’m looking for someone who can speak English and you mom volunteered. I brought over the paper work she just getting some papers.”

Hello Kagome” said her mom “I think I grabbed the right papers.”

I’m going to take a nap” said Kagome walking up the stairs to her room.

Kagome turned off her phone as Inuyasha was calling. She laid down and closed her eyes.

There was a gunshot and people started screaming as a man hit the ground with a built in his head.

Nice shot Yoko” said Renkotsu.

I never miss” said Yoko “I always hit where I mean to. Tell Naraku it’s done. One more to go.”

Here” said Renkotsu handing her a picture ok Kagome.

A kid” said Yoko.

All you have to is get her down long enough” said Renkotsu “for Naraku to take what he wants.”

Well” said Yoko “Kill a kid. No problem as long as no one gets in the way.”

There’s your Next target” said Renkotsu pointing out a police officer.

Yoko aimed her rifle and pulled the trigger once and the police officer was dead.

Is that it” asked Yoko.

For now” said Renkotsu.



In Kagome’s dream.

Kagome was kissing someone she didn’t know or maybe because her eyes were closed. The guy kissed her with passion she never felt before she felt her body go back into a pillow. His hand went under her shirt and up her side as he pulled her to him. He kissed her neck she opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around him. Kagome seen her reflection in a mirror on the wall. It wasn’t her at all It was either Tierra or Mila, There was no color in her hair so it had to be Tierra.

The man pulled away and it was Naraku.

Kagome woke up screaming.

Oh my god” she said “There’s no way. That can’t be right.”

Kagome turned on her phone she had ten missed calls from Inuyasha two from Sango One from and unknown caller. She called the unknown number.

Hello Kagome” said Mila “How my sisters Scared Jewel. You and your family are nothing but thieves. Give back the Jewel you took and I won’t hurt you.”

I’m not giving it to you” said Kagome.

Maybe you didn’t hear me right” said Mila “That Jewel belongs to my sister. Give it back or else.”

Or else what” asked Kagome “you’ll tell your dad. Your dad said I could keep it.”

It wasn’t my dad’s to give” said Mila “Your family stole it from mine give it back. I don’t want to hurt you Kagome. Give me the Jewel and I’ll leave you alone.”

You can’t hurt me” said Kagome.

Inuyasha is a nice looking guy” said Mila “I know things about him that you don’t. Things you didn’t hear when you were eavesdropping in the hallway. I can break you Kagome without touching you. Don’t tempt me. Give back the Jewel and you can go on with your life.”

I’m not doing it” said Kagome “I will never give you the Jewel.”

Too bad it’s broken” said Mila “You will regret that decision.”

Mila hung up.

I wonder what she’s going to do” said Kagome ‘How did see know I was listening in the hallway.’

She called Sango and got her voice mail. She left her a message. Then decided to go for a walk.

She walked to the park. And sat down for awhile on a bench.


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