Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


15. Another one

Kagome woke up in a room that was poorly lit. She looked around the room, across the room there was a figure laying on the floor. Kagome couldn’t make out who it was. Voices could be heard not far away.

Kagome sat up and was hit in the head and she was knocked back to the floor.

She’s awake” said a voice someone was leaning over her.

Bring her to me Bankotsu” said a cold voice “Let’s attempt this again.”

Kagome was pulled from the floor and shoved in to something cold and metal. For some reason it was hard for her to see. Kagome moved her hand forward and felt cloth she didn’t want to know what was underneath it. Then she felt something that was rope one second she was standing up and the next she flew across the room and hit the wall.

Damn it” said The cold voice.

I guess it’s going to take more then one” said Bankotsu.

Take the Jewel” said The cold voice.

Bankotsu went to take the Jewel and the barrier stopped him again. He kicked her in the ribs.

Kagome give me the Jewel or lose a friend” said Naraku.

He came into focus and so did everything else. It was Kikyo laying on the floor next to her, her head was bleeding a little.

Kikyo” said Kagome.

Give me the Jewel” said Naraku.

What did you do to Kikyo” asked Kagome.

Same thing that happened to you” said Naraku.

Kagome looked around the room again Tsubaki was laying next to Kikyo Tierra was laying across the room close to Naraku.

What did you do to them” asked Kagome.

Naraku grabbed her and slammed her against the wall. Kikyo started to move. She looked at Tierra who still wasn’t moving.

What do you want with us” asked Kagome.

It’s nothing big” said Naraku kicking Tsubaki. Tsubaki didn’t move for a second. Bankotsu was leaning over Tierra.

Her pulse is low” said Bankotsu “She hasn’t completely recovered yet. If she tries again now it will kill her.”

Not what I wanted to here” said Naraku “Tierra is the most Important part.”

Kikyo sat up looking at Tierra like she knew what happened to her. Tsubaki couldn’t stay up she had to lean against the wall she looked like she was out of it.

Tie them up I don’t want them leaving” said Naraku “Take Tierra to my place.”

Renkotsu pulled Kagome’s ropes tight as he tied her up. Kikyo and Tsubaki were tied up as well Bankotsu fallowed after Naraku with Tierra in his arm’s. The rest of the Band of Seven fallowed after them once the three of them were tied up.

What’s going on” asked Kagome.

He wants something unbound” said Kikyo.

The spell that was binding whatever nearly killed us all when we touched the rope’s” said Tsubaki “Tierra got the worst of it.”

It felt like it was trying to destroy me” said Kikyo “It almost did.”

Can you get your hands free” asked Kagome.

No” they said together.

Try to turn your back to mine” said Kikyo.

Kagome turned her back to Kikyo’s. Kikyo pulled on the knot for a minute and got it lose. Kagome freed her hands the rest of the way. She Untied them, and then her feet.

Do you know the way out of here” asked Kagome as she helped Kikyo get Tsubaki on her feet.

That way” said Kikyo leading the way. Kagome fallowed her. When they got to a door it was locked “Oh no.”

It’s ok let me try” said Kagome pulling a hair pin out of her hair.

It took awhile but the door finally opened there were stairs leading up.

We have to be really quite” said Kikyo “The Band of Seven might be nearby.”

They slowly climbed the steps trying not to make noise. Tsubaki almost fell a few times the door at the top was open Kagome looked around for the exit and the Band of Seven.

No one was around.

Who’s place is this” asked Kagome.

How should I know” asked Kikyo.

We came in through the back” said Tsubaki “That way I think.”

Come on” said Kikyo leading the way they did there best to keep quite “Careful if we get caught we’ll be in deep trouble. Tsubaki can you run.”

I don’t know” said Tsubaki “Is Tierra’s car still here she left her key’s in it earlier.”

I see it come on” Kikyo pushing the door opened an alarm went off “Uh-oh.”

Go” said Kagome pushing them forward. Kikyo opened the door to Tierra’s car and opened the glove box and grabbed the key’s and started the car and took off when The Band of Seven see them.

Wow” said Kagome “That was too easy.”

I was just thinking the same thing” said Kikyo.

Who cares” said Tsubaki “Take me home my parents are there they won’t bother to go in there we have a security system.”

Ok” said Kikyo.

Kagome searched her pockets for her phone to call Inuyasha.

Kagome are you alright” asked Inuyasha.

Yeah I’m fine” said Kagome.

What happened” asked Inuyasha “Why did they leave Rin.”

They didn’t want her” said Kagome “It was Naraku. I don’t know what happened I touched something and it felt like it burned my hand. Kikyo’s taking me home. Will you meet me there?”

Of course I will” said Inuyasha he hung up the phone.

Kagome put her head on the window as Tsubaki walked into her house.

Oh no” said Kikyo. *

What?” asked Kagome.

How much do you want to bet they called her car in stolen” said Kikyo as a police officer pulled up behind them.

Pretend you didn’t see him” said Kagome as he started getting out.

Kikyo pulled away from the curve. The cop got back in his car and tried to fallow them but Kikyo weaved in and out of the cars to lose him.

When Kagome was finally home Kikyo said she was going to park the car in front of Tierra’s house.

Inuyasha” said Kagome hugging him. His eyes locked with Kikyo’s as she pulled away.

Are you ok” asked Inuyasha.

I’m fine just tired” said Kagome.

Everything started to spin Kagome passed out. Inuyasha caught her.



You should have seen them” said Kikyo “Inuyasha is such an idiot.”

Is it just me or are you jealous Kikyo” said Tsubaki.

I am not jealous” said Kikyo “What would I have to be jealous about.”

Inuyasha dumped you for her didn’t he” said Tierra holding her head.

That bitch” said Kikyo.

Kikyo” said Tsubaki “My sister repeats everything she hears. How am I going to explain where she learned that word.”

She’s two she could have heard it anywhere” said Kikyo.

Not the point Kikyo” said Tsubaki.

Do you want Inuyasha back” asked Tierra.

No” said Kikyo “Why would I want him back?”

He dumped you” said Tierra.

He said they should see other people” said Tsubaki.

I broke up with him” said Kikyo.

So you broke up with him” said Tsubaki “Then why were you so pissed off that day.”

I was having a bad day” said Kikyo.

Oh whatever” said Tierra “I think you trying to convince yourself more than us.”

I hope she hit her head when she fell” said Kikyo.

If Inuyasha didn’t catch her” said Tierra.

Oh Inuyasha take me back can’t you see she’s not good enough for you” said Tsubaki imitating Kikyo’s voice Tierra laughed. Kikyo trough a pillow at her.

Someone knocked on the door. Tsubaki picked up her sister and rocked her.

That alright I’ll get don’t bother to get up” said St. Hakushine walking over to the door.

We weren’t planning on it” said Kikyo.

I didn’t think you would” said St. Hakushine he opened the door “Mila.”

What” said Tierra sitting up and then falling back down when her head started to spin “What is she doing here.”

Oh come sis aren’t you going to welcome me home” asked Mila.

No” said Tierra “Go get lost somewhere.”

Tierra get over it” said Mila “I’m here for the same reason you are.”

Who let you out of the mental ward” said Tierra.

Who let you out of prison” said Mila.

The two need to get along” said St. Hakushine “Understand.”

Yeah” said Tierra.

Of course” said Mila.

Whatever I’m leavening” said Tierra.

She got up and left Kikyo and Tsubaki fallowed her.



Kagome can you hear me” asked Inuyasha.

Don’t worry Inuyasha” said Miroku “She will wake up soon.”

I couldn’t get a hold of Tierra” said Sango.

I got a feeling we’re not going to get a hold of her for awhile” said Miroku “I think she’s working for Naraku again.”

I guess what happened last time wasn’t enough” said Inuyasha.

She’s sixteen now” said Miroku “Uncle Makoto can’t make her do anything.”

Yeah your right” said Inuyasha “Well we can’t think about that right now.”

Her evil twin is coming back soon” said Miroku.



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