Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


23. After Shock High

Kagome turned off her alarm clock at five a.m. She got up took a long shower and sat and watched T.V.

“Police are still investigating the murders that have recently happened” said A reporter “There are five people dead. Two were found in their homes. One was found in an office building. Two others were shot in the middle of the day.”

Kagome turned off the T.V. and started making breakfast.

Miroku quietly took a bottle of pills form a bedside table. He crawled out of the room.

“Ok here’s the last one” said Miroku.

“Tylenol 4” said Inuyasha “You can only get that with a prescription. Or- never mind.”

“Or Naraku’s upgraded version of it” said Miroku “There’s at least four other people in the school that have these. Plus the Band of Seven.”

“I don’t think Kagome would take anything from them” said Inuyasha.

“Sango said it started in home room” said Miroku “But she didn’t take one of these until computers.”

“So someone slipped her something” said Inuyasha.

“It had to be something Kagome wouldn’t notice” said Miroku.

“Like candy or something” said Inuyasha.

“Yeah” said Miroku “Naraku’s got all kinds of stuff out. He can get very stingy with it to he don’t sell it to just anyone. Arianna’s a long time customer he will sell her almost anything. But I never see her with anything like that.”

“She prefers the stronger stuff” said Inuyasha.

“Yeah” said Miroku “Kagome wouldn’t take anything from anyone she doesn’t know. But by the time she met whoever it was her head must have felt like it was going to bust and took something to make it go away.”

“So our suspects are” said Inuyasha “Tierra, Kikyo, Tsubaki and Mila right. That’s just who got it started.”

“Yeah” said Miroku “Why would they want to drug Kagome. Naraku knows she doesn’t have the jewel anymore.”

“Tierra has it” said Inuyasha “She lied when she said she broke it. She had the whole thing. Mila really believed they sent it off.”

“Well I’m sure we’ll find out soon” said Miroku “Now help me get this stuff back before she wakes up.”

“I thought you wanted to get her off of it” said Inuyasha.

“And have my room destroyed again” said Miroku “Do you know how long it took to clean up yesterday.”

“Fine” said Inuyasha.

Someone knocked on the door. Kagome went to answer it. When she opened the door no one was there she looked down and seen a small box.

“What’s this” she closed the door.

‘Kagome I took this from Tierra and Mila the jewel was given to you so you’re the one who should protect it. Sorry about it St. Hakushine.’

“Wow” said Kagome.

She pulled out the jewel out of the box she could since it’s power so she put it on.

Tierra was watching Kagome from the outside.

‘There’s no way in hell Naraku’s going to keep coming after me for that dam thing’ thought Tierra ‘Now he can go back to want her dead for all I care.’

She left.

Kagome didn’t know what was wrong with her all she wanted to was move she couldn’t sit still at all.

“You ask her” said Miroku.

“You do it she’s your sister” said Inuyasha.

“It’s your girlfriend” said Miroku.

“Fine you scaredy-cat” said Inuyasha “Hay Arianna.”

“What” she asked giving him a death glare.

“Miroku has something to ask you” said Inuyasha.

“What” she asked.

“Don’t get mad or anything” said Miroku “But if someone were to take a Tylenol 4 of Naraku’s how long would the high last.”

“What did you do” asked Arianna.

“Nothing” said Miroku “But I think one of my friends might have taken one.”

“Two days maybe more” said Arianna putting on her coat.

“And” said Miroku.

“It depends” she said swallowing two pills.

“On” said Miroku.

“How many or how much they took” said Arianna walking out the door.

“That’s grate” said Inuyasha.

“Chicken” said Miroku.

“Whatever” said Inuyasha “Where is she going this early in the morning.”

“She just swallowed two or more pills she’s probably going for a refill” said Miroku.

“Oh” said Inuyasha.

“You might want to check your wallet” said Miroku.

“Glad I didn’t bring it” said Inuyasha.

“So we stopping at your house” said Miroku.

“Yeah” said Inuyasha “I’ll get yelled at for leaving this early in the morning but I don’t care.”

Kagome was ready to go her head was starting to pound but she left for school anyway.

She walked fast. She met Sango at the gates.

“Hi Kagome” said Sango “Are ok.”

“Yeah fine, why” said Kagome.

“No reason” said Sango.

“I have to go to the restroom” said Kagome “I’ll be right back.”

Kagome went to the restroom and splashed water on her face to see if it would stop her head from pounding. It helped until she stopped. Sango walked in.

“Are you ok” asked Sango.

“I’m fine my head just hurt’s is all” said Kagome splashing more water on her face she turned off the hot water so it was cold so it would help it go away.

The bell rang.

“Are you coming” asked Sango.

“In a minute” said Kagome putting more water on her face.

Sango left.

“Well is she ok” asked Inuyasha.

 “I think she has a big after headache” said Sango.

“Let’s hope she doesn’t take anything else” said Miroku.

Arianna stepped out of a stall and almost fell.

“You ok” asked Kagome.

“Fine” said Arianna “Do I know you.”

“I don’t know” said Kagome “You happen to have an aspirin would you.”

“I do” said Arianna taking out a bottle “Here you go.”

“Thanks” said Kagome taking it and leaving.

She walked to class. She sat down next to Sango.

“Hay you ok” asked Sango.

“I’m so glad I thought to bring my aspirin” said Kagome.

“You brought your own” said Sango.

“Yeah it took forever to find it” said Kagome she put it in her bag.

The bell rang Kagome headed to her first class Sango was trying to keep up with her. Kagome sat down in the back. Inuyasha ran in as the bell rang He pulled some kid out of his seat.

“Are you feeling more like yourself today Kagome” asked Inuyasha.

“I felt fine yesterday” said Kagome just a headache I couldn’t shake.”

She put her head on the desk and closed her eyes.

“Kagome” said Inuyasha ‘What on earth is wrong with her. She’s never went to sleep in class before.’

Kagome ignored the teacher and tried to go to sleep. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t. When the bell rang she went into the bathroom to call her mom.

“Mom can you come and get I’m not feeling well” said Kagome.

“Ok” said her mom “I’ll be there in ten minutes ok.”

“Ok thanks mom” said Kagome.

Kagome left and headed to the front doors to meet her mom.

“Kagome where are you going” asked Inuyasha.

“My mom’s coming to get me for an appointment” Kagome lied.

“Are you coming back” asked Inuyasha.

“I don’t know” said Kagome.

“Takahashi get to class” said Kagura coming out of her office “Higurashi your mothers outside waiting for you.”

“Thank you Miss Kagura” said Kagome going outside.

“Get to class” said Kagura “Or go to detention.”

“I’m going” said Inuyasha walking away.

As Kagome walked to the gates she felt someone watching her. She kept walking to her mom’s car.

“Are you ok” asked her mom.

“I’m fine just not feeling well” said Kagome.

“Did you eat something funny” asked Her mom.

“Not sure” said Kagome.

He mom drove her home.

“Get’ some rest” said her mom “I’ll check on you later.”

“Thanks mom” said Kagome getting out and heading up the steps.

“Target is in my sites” said someone.

Kagome opened her window and laid down.

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