Demon's, Monks and Priest

It's the modern day and Inuyasha and his friends attend High School. Demons and humans co-exist in this story full of twist and turns. So let's go to high school


18. A twisted turn of fate

Inuyasha looked up from the journal. They got there answer of why the Hakushine family why it started with them. They killed each other for the Jewel.

How sad” said Miroku “There family got torn apart by the Jewel They killed each other for it. That’s why my uncle didn’t want Mila or Tierra to have. They would kill each other without the Jewel.”

What are you crying for” asked Inuyasha.

It’s sad” said Rin running in the other room.

She needs help” said Inuyasha.

He closed the journal. The pages opened again.

I thought you were done” said Miroku.

I am” said Inuyasha closing it again.

It opened again to the same page. Something shove Inuyasha’s head to the page.

Now I must take Kittarra to a human village to live out her life in peace” said Inuyasha.

You already read that” said Miroku “I wonder if she was the Saint’s. daughter.”

Inuyasha closed it again the pages opened again this time to a different page.

My heart was once cold and black but when I looked at her face when she was born I felt a change” said Inuyasha.

Now I get it” said Miroku “Kittarra was Mika’s daughter. That’s who keeps flipping the pages.”

So what” said Inuyasha.

The pages began to flip again.

Looks like she’s trying to tell you something” said Inutaisho.

It stopped at the last page.

I defeated my sister” said Miroku “But as my wounds refuse to heal I look for Kittarra but I haven’t found her I don’t think I ever will. Mika’s words are in my head her daughter will one day break the seal I put on her and she will return. But my thoughts are scattered everywhere how can a small child break a powerful seal. It’s not possible. I suppose I will find out one day for my life is short and I will see it the netherworld I pray for my sister to forgive. I don’t know if she will. I wanted to find her daughter and give her this journal but I guess it will never be so I give it my son to pass on.”

I don’t get it” said Inuyasha.

Isn’t obvious” asked Miroku.

If it was I would have figured it out by now” said Inuyasha.

Her daughter was never found” said Miroku “she obviously has a descendent around somewhere.”

And who would that be” asked Inuyasha.

daddy can we go to the museum now” asked Rin.

You went last week” said Inuyasha.

They got something new” said Rin “I want to see it.”

Yes let’s go” said Inutaisho.

They left.

Well what do we do” asked Miroku “find the descendent.”

That could take forever” said Inuyasha.

I know” said Miroku “But I doubt a spirit from the past is going to tell us who it is. She will get resurrected if we don’t try.”

Wait a minute” said Inuyasha “I just remembered something.”

What” asked Miroku.

When we were on the roof” said Inuyasha “When Naraku had Rin he through her off the roof. But at that same time a breeze hit her so she wouldn’t go over so fast.”

Are you thinking what I think you are” asked Miroku.

We have to go after my dad” said Inuyasha grabbing his keys.



Rin and Inutaisho were waiting in line to get in the new exhibit.

Dad will we get to see that mummy” asked Rin.

That doesn’t open until Saturday” said Inutaisho “but we can go then to.”

All right” said Rin.

They got in and Rin was fascinated.

It’s like the whole world id right here” she said.

This is just visiting” said Inutaisho “an American exhibit. It goes back three hundred years or so.”

What are those” asked Rin.

Looks like fans” said Inutaisho.

Wow cool” said Rin “Can I have some just like them.”

We can make some sure” said Inutaisho.

Just like them” said Rin making a picture in her head.

I’ll be right back” said Inutaisho “Wait here.”

Ok” said Rin she looked across the room The Mummy Exhibit was right across the room. She walked over to the door.

Rin” said Inuyasha “Dad where’s Rin.”

Right there” said Inutaisho “where did she go.”

Dad I figured out who Mika’s descendent is” said Inuyasha.

It’s Rin” said Miroku.

We have to find her” said Inutaisho.

Rin stepped over the red ropes and walked over to the mummy. There were seals all over it. She reached out to it.

Rin No” yelled Inuyasha.

But she touched it. A blinding white light consumed everything. People ran from the museum as the ground started to shake.

Rin” yelled Inuyasha.

The light disappeared the seals started to disappear as blue fire burned them.

Oh no” said Miroku.

Rin fainted.

Rin” said Inutaisho “Wake up. Open your eyes Rin.”

The flesh started to return to the mummy and so did its cloths. The ropes fell apart and fell to the floor. Her eyes opened and a white light went into her body. She sat up and then stood up. She looked at Rin. She held out her hand and a white light covered Rin.

What did you do to her” asked Inuyasha as his father held on to her.

Answer him” said Miroku.

She will be fine” she said “She needs rest take her home.”

Who are you” asked Miroku.

You know who I am” she said.

Which evil sister are you” asked Inuyasha.

Mother” said Rin “Where are you going.”

She walked out the door and smashed the glass of a display case and took two fans that were in it.

Take care of my daughter” she said. And she disappeared in white orbs.

You’ve got to be kidding me” said Inuyasha.

I don’t think this will end in a good way” said Miroku.

If she’s awake again dose that mean” said Inuyasha.

Yes” said Inutaisho “Her sister will wake up to. It has to be the right person to break the seal. Tierra, Mila and Hakudoshi won’t be able to break it. St. Hakushine is the only one who can or knows who can.”

This can’t be good” said Miroku.


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