2. friends

Today is the second day of school and I'm destined too at least be friends so I saw him walking in the hallway then I literally run through the crowd just to go next to him and say "hi" and after I did I realized how desperate I must look then he chuckled it was so cute then all of a sudden the announcement says for all junior high students to go to the gym so me and Luke walk together and sit next to each other and for the whole assembly we just talk and when it was Ms.Waehill's turn too talk too us and she was all happy and smiling and I turned too like and whispered "she's so fake" then he whispered back "what do you mean" so I told him how I got in trouble and I had to go to her office (cause she's the vice principle and she is not nice at all so ya then when we went our separate ways Sunshine and Kim out of no we're pretty much tackled me and said "OMG OMG...You guys would be such a cute couple then I roles my eyes and walked away smiling

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