When I Became Famous


2. Chapter 2

Brooklyn's POV
" Did you just say you love me?" I asked. He looked at me wide-eyed before nodding. I couldn't help it I smiled so big. " Awww.......babe." I said as I attacking him with kisses. He laughed and pushed me off of him. You see we have kind of have a special relationship. This is the longest relationship he ever had so I feel really special. Most of his relationships only lasted up too two days at the most. He snapped me out of my thoughts when he kissed me. I kissed back you see since were so young we never take our kissing out of hand. He pulled away and smiled and I smiled back. We got up and went to my room so I could show him my Christmas present since he would die if he didn't see them. We get up there and the first thing he notices is music sheets everywhere with lyrics and such on them. Next he saw my new acoustic guitar. He smiled at me and then went and took it out of the case. He signaled me over and I sat next to him. He got out a sharpie from my marker drawer. " What are you doing?" I asked. " You'll see." I sighed but nodded he wrote something on my guitar then handed it to me. I looked at what he wrote. Brooklyn and Zach forever <3. I smiled so big at this. It was just too cute. I hugged him and he hugged me back. " I love you." he said into my hair. I smiled and said, " I love you too." Right then I got a phone call that changed my life well one of the phone calls.

My parents were in a car accident.

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