When I Became Famous


1. Chapter 1

Brooklyn's POV

It started all a month ago. A month ago when I started posting videos on YouTube. I never knew I would be here on the Ellen Show where some of the biggest acts of the world came to. But life wasn't so easy when I became famous. I am no teenager but I am a twelve year old girl who is living her dream. But there are problems that can get bigger and bigger then smaller and smaller. But if I'm going to tell this story right let me go back to 3 months ago when this all started to happen as I progressed to becoming famous.

*3 months ago*

" Merry Christmas sweetie." my mom said as her and my dad handed me my present. I opened it and I found the most beautiful instrument I have ever seen. " My own acoustic guitar!" I yelled. I have wanted one of these for so long but they were so much money. I have been taking lessons on it and I'm pretty good. Right as my parents were about to say something my mothers phone rang. " Oh honey I'm so sorry but me and your dad were just called into work. I'm sorry but we have to go." my mom said. My smile dropped they always get called into work on Christmas. My mom and dad both work for the same company so when they get called in its not just one of them its both of them. I said goodbye to both of them and they left. I went upstairs into my room and set down my guitar. I went onto my phone and I found one new message. It was boyfriend Zach. Now I know what you are thinking why do you have a boyfriend in middle school. Well it was a dare. See me and my best friend Jocelyn were playing a game of truth or dare with some of our closet friends. You see Jocelyn knew I had a crush on Zach for a while so she dared me to ask him out. We've been dating for a month now.

Hey babe.


How's your Christmas going?


What do you mean bad?

My parents got called into work.

Oh well do you want me to come and spend Christmas with you?

I don't want you to ditch your family.

Too late.


Look outside.

I went to my balcony and looked down. Right when I looked down I saw Zach shivering his butt off. I ran downstairs and let him in. " You must be freezing." I said he just nodded his head. I gave him a kiss on the lips and he smiled. I smiled back at him and got him some hot chocolate and a blanket. I sat down next to him while he warmed up. " Hey you didn't need to leave your family to come and see me." I said. " I know but I'd do anything for the girl I love." Did he just say he loved me?


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