The day i see my brother

Spencer was a regular Aussie. She went to school she has a bunch of friends but when she hears about 5 seconds of summer, it changes her life. Then it hit her Calum looks exactly like her! Is it just a coincidence or are Calum and Spencer twins.


1. January th, 2014

Today was the day...

my birthday. i was so happy then all of the sudden the bad news comes out.

"Morgan Hun."

"Yah mum?"

"well hun can you take a seat."

"yah whats happening?"

"well you know that band you like? whats their name again 5 sisters of summ-"

"5 SECONDS OF SUMMER! yah!" at that exact moment i thought i was gonna get tickets but then the words came out my mums mouth!

"Well when you were little... i mean when you were born... What I'm meaning to say is that I'm not your real mum!"

there was already one teardrop down my face i couldn't believe that my mum said that.

"What why didn't you tell me that before i turned 18 now I'm crushed!"

'Well i hope the news will get better for you because-"

then all of a sudden my iPhone went off and it was my keek. it said "Calums birthday ambush!!!!"

"oh my god! Calum Hood's my twin brother!!!!" my  mum was shocked at how i figured out so fast.

"You didn't let me finish!"

Then something else came up on my screen. This time it was a text from a blocked number.

unknown: Is this Spencer?

Me: This is she who are you and how did you get my number!

then the person didn't answer back but instead the person called me.

"Hello?" i said getting really scared.


"who is this?!"

"Spencer hun this is your real mum!"

"oh you decided you wanted to call me after 17 years!!!!"

"No hun that's not the case at all!"

"Well than why didn't you want me!"

"The doctors said you were dying and i got really scared! hun i would have kept you but the doctors lied to me!"

"so where's Calum!?"

"He is listening to the conversation." i herd a dark voice say.


"Yah sis?"

"Oh my god CALUM!!!!"

"Spencer the guys and i are going on tour with 1D and we were wondering if you wanted to come along with us!?"

"Um... sure why not!"

"great we will pick you up tomorrow!"


"Yah this will be fun how bout say 6:00 am tomorrow!"

"sure because I'm not crazy for waking up at 6:00 tomorrow to go on tour with my brother

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