My Little Marce.

This is dedicated to my what I can remember first friend. I love you gurl.


1. Marce

My little Demon,

That's what you are.

I miss that we aren't the same height anymore.

I still remember all those dance classes.

Fighting over who had done it longer.

I still remember the day that you left dance.

I'm lucky that Namoi and Frankie have left.

Cause they still confuse me for you.

I feel your more at home with Karate.


Don't get ahead of me.

Even though I stopped.

You'll protect me when I'm hurt or bullied.



Give up on me...

Twin's when we were younger.

We still might be.

I love you.

You've left a hand print on my heart.

I'll be Glinda,

And you can be Elphaba.

Cause I know I'm who I am today,

Because I knew you.

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