Hero At Heart


1. Mike-ro-wave

It was a rainy day. I had to run out to get groceries. In the middle of driving a 5 Seconds Of Summer song came on. I started crying cause I knew a 5SOS Concert was coming in town and I didn't have tickets. When I got to the store I saw a weird bus that I thought was awfully familiar. When I got in the store I hear some familiar laughs, then a man grabbed my purse and started pulling on it. I started screaming for help, then heard a voice say "Have no fear, Mike-ro-wave is here!" It was Michael Clifford from 5sos. Then he jumped out of an isle wearing a superhero outfit. He ran towards an tackled the man, as he did that the man let go of my purse. "Call 911" muttered Michael. As I called them Luke Hemmings (Dr. Fluke), Calum Hood(Cal-Pal), and Ashton Irwin (Smash) came running to help Michael. The police arrived and put the man in hand cuffs


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