The Chemical Context Of Life

Cosima knew she was different, she'd always been self-aware. When daddy's your first monitor the fact that you're a clone might slip out during a made up story or make believe session. And when you find out you're a clone you might wonder how that works and this might spark an interest in science, and if you find yourself interested in science you might take an AP Biology course when you're a junior in high school, and if you're in an AP Biology course you might have a very pretty, very French lab partner. And maybe the thought of listening to her accent is what will get you through that extremely boring AP Lit class. And Maybe, just maybe, she might like you back. Spoiler: She Will.


3. Merde.

   Sometimes you ponder the thought of love at first sight and destiny.  Why did your parents get you instead of all the other frozen little babies?  Why did Dr. Leekie let you meet Rachel?  And Why, Oh God why, did you run into that goddess?  

You're heading back to where you're supposed to gather your french exchange student, but you stop dead in your tracks.   Your mother is talking to that goddess of a woman.  It takes a few seconds for your senses to kick back in and by then you realize your mother has called your name multiple times.  You attempt to walk over there, numbly, but surely you do.  A dry mouth takes over as you attempt to introduce yourself.

"Wait, are you not the girl who I ran into over there?"  says the worlds most lovely, thick, wonderful, French accent.

"Um, yeah, that was me, so sorry btw."  You manage to mutter as you can barely think up your name due to the extreme beauty that has caused your mind to fill with far too many thoughts.  

  You begins to imagine those totally cliche fan fictions you've seen on the internet, then comes the understanding that you will be living with this complete goddess for the entirety of your junior year.  Probably a straight goddess, but a goddess none the less.

"Um, I'm Cosima.  My friends call me Cos, but like you can call me whatever,  but like not actually whatever but um... Well Welcome to Cali!"  you catch yourself thinking about how stupid you are.  She smiles and you melt under those perfect teeth and you quickly close your brace-faced smile into a closed version.

"Non problème, Cosima.  I am Delphine.  Enchantè."  and then again you are crumbling again.  This girl, Delphine, has carefully sounded out the syllables of your unique name and made it sound like an angel has summoned you up to Heaven.  

"Enchantè Delphine."  you answer back, casually slipping back into that open mouthed smile.  

   You eventually obtain her bags and head back out to the car.  You throw her bags into the trunk as the rain starts to fall.

"Merde!" Delphine mutters scrambling into the passenger seat as you sit in the back.  Almost immediately your mom bombards Delphine with questions about her flight, her interests, her favorite things, her life back home, etc.  You think you hear something about biology somewhere in that mixture, but its hard to tell with the excessive talking.  The poor girl seems extremely worn out, but your mom continues to chatter away.  She looks back at you and you reply with a look that is somewhat sympathetic as you don't neccessarily know what to do about it.  She gives a defeated sigh and attempts to keep up with your mother.  

When you eventually reach your house you help Delphine pull her bags up the stairs to the spare bedroom your mother made up for her.  As soon as you get in the room, you drop the bag and plop down on the oversized chair in the corner, your tiny frame was not built for heavy lifting.  Delphine drops a bag and jumps onto the bed.  

"Merde." she exhales.

"So what exactly does "Merde" mean?" you ask in a very butchered french accent.

"Um, I believe it means, um, a bit like, a how- do-you, um, Garbage!" she finally manages.

"Oh, so like shit?" You wonder.

"OUI, That is the word!" She laughs and begins putting away her clothes.  

"I'm in the next room if you need me."  you say as you exit her room and enter yours.

You sigh and sit down as you reach your bed.  Your room looks as if there was an experiment gone wrong.  The wooden canopy bed from your childhood remains and matches your dark wooden floors as well as much of the other furniture of the room.  Newer additions include mismatched Persian rugs that layer your floor, a dilapidated yet comfortable couch near the window, and your sixth grade solar system model and eighth grade DNA model dangling from your ceiling.  

It seems the original purpose of the room was another living room, but its hard to tell with the giant desk and armoir.  Theres always been perks of being an only child, and this is one.  You have clothes and books scattered across the floor and you begin to pick up, you'll need a clean room to focus on school in.  

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