The Chemical Context Of Life

Cosima knew she was different, she'd always been self-aware. When daddy's your first monitor the fact that you're a clone might slip out during a made up story or make believe session. And when you find out you're a clone you might wonder how that works and this might spark an interest in science, and if you find yourself interested in science you might take an AP Biology course when you're a junior in high school, and if you're in an AP Biology course you might have a very pretty, very French lab partner. And maybe the thought of listening to her accent is what will get you through that extremely boring AP Lit class. And Maybe, just maybe, she might like you back. Spoiler: She Will.


1. Juniors

      Junior year, finally theres some freedom, at lunch you don't have to stay at school, but you kinda suck at driving and its not necessarily unsafe or illegal, just extremely unpleasant.   So you decide you'll just have to becontent at school. And you can just sit in the library and read up more on studies in nature versus nurture or evolution and since it's so totally nice out you could even longboard around instead of driving.

      The high schools library is nice though, stacks and stacks of books with little couches and tables scattered in between that aren't necessarily used for studying, but for um, other things.  Theres one couch in the back corner you especially love and the window nearby it offers great lighting and warmth from the Cali sun, and even though you're not outside, it sure feels like it half the time.

      But then you realize today is Sunday not Monday and you woke up at 5 AM and got already for nothing. You could go back to bed or maybe you could FaceTime that one girl you met through your dad the one named Allison.  It's probably be around 8 AM when she is and she'd definitely be awake (side effect of relentless early morning practices)see you call her and you wait for Allison to answer because she believes it's only polite to answer after three rings.

      When she finally picks up it's like looking at a fun house mirror, the exact same with minimal changes your be speckled face and dyed black hair do not match up with the other outline on the screen, but everything else is there, the thin lips & the facial structure.  

       Your hair falls in a bushy mane around your head, while Ally's lies flat a top her head, bangs and all, and you smile because, how can two genetically identical beings be so different?

     "Cosima, isn't it like 6am?"  Ally demands of you.

     "I thought it was Monday."  You reply with a grin.

     Ally begins to ask about school, your schedule, relationships ("No Ally, Jas and I broke up towards the beginning of summer." you remind her.) She asks about the foreign exchange student thats arriving today (and that you had completely forgotten about until about five seconds ago.) and eventually you two end up laughing over your terribly limited knowledge of French and how you hope to whatever being you believe in (maybe theres Buddha, maybe theres God, but honestly you just don't have time to be pondering that much of life right now.) that they have a better knowledge of English than your pitiful grasp on French.  

     Ally starts talking about Donnie, the football player shes been dating since freshman year.  How much she seems to love him is incredibly sickening.  

     At about 8am your conversation with Allison starts to die down, and you light up a joint while Allison momentarily frowns at this practice.  She eventually moves on from her "medical knowledge" on how marijuana is bad for you, and 8:30 eventually comes.  

     Your mom calls you down to go pick up the exchange student and Ally has to go to church.  You rush down the stairs, skipping the last two, sixteen is a great age you decide to yourself having no recollection of why you are thinking this though.  Your mom hurries you out the door as you rush to lace up your trainers.

     As you sit in the car, you attempt to decide if the outfit you are wearing is actually acceptable to be picking up the student you will be living with for the next year in.  You take it all in, from the entirely black converse, to the plain white tee shirt under the maroon lettermen jacket that you adore more than life itself(and you remind yourself that even though your life itself isn't technically possible your jacket is ten times better than it) , and the tight jeans that span the entire length of your legs that seem to gone for ages, even though you are only 5'4.  You take in the fact that you reek of cannabis and hope that the exchange student either A) Doesn't notice B) Doesn't Care or C) Doesn't know what marijuana is.  

    You have the radio on, bobbing your head about to some rasta-esque music as your mom attempts to make conversation about school, work, science, or anything.  She just wants to make sure you're comfortable sharing the house with another junior for the next year.  You adore your mother, but sometimes she can be a bit overboard about the whole "Clone thing".  

    I mean sure, you're part of an illegal cloning experiment and there are multiple girls around the globe that are you, but actually aren't you, but you accepted this a long time ago and it doesn't phase you anymore and its just wizard isn't it?



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