The Chemical Context Of Life

Cosima knew she was different, she'd always been self-aware. When daddy's your first monitor the fact that you're a clone might slip out during a made up story or make believe session. And when you find out you're a clone you might wonder how that works and this might spark an interest in science, and if you find yourself interested in science you might take an AP Biology course when you're a junior in high school, and if you're in an AP Biology course you might have a very pretty, very French lab partner. And maybe the thought of listening to her accent is what will get you through that extremely boring AP Lit class. And Maybe, just maybe, she might like you back. Spoiler: She Will.


2. Beautiful Tall Blondes Are My Type

You reach the airport about half an hour later. You fell asleep and your mom is now shaking you awake. Your glasses have slid down your nose and your breath has fogged the glass of the window that you fell asleep against. You take a look in the car mirror. You've always prided yourself in your perfect eyeliner because it something else that distinguishes you from the others.

You open the door and the air hits you like a truck, it's a cool morning with a forecast predicting rain for the rest of the day. You quickly realize your feet have fallen asleep and you hop from foot to foot slamming the soles on the pavement in an attempt to bring back proper circulation. Your mom quickly ushers you through the parking lot and into the airport.

You've only ever been in an airport one other time. You had just recently turned nine. You flew with your parents to an institute called the 'DYAD' in New York. Your dad had told you that you had to go to some special appointment (you later would find out that there had been some developmental problems discovered in other clones.). They tried to make this all normal,scared you'd find out, but you let it slip,

"When do I get to meet my sisters?"

Dr leekie looks very pissed, very surprised, and you start talking to him about your interest in science. He's amazed at how intriguing you find it. Eventually dr leekie decides you should meet a genetic identical and you smile the biggest you ever have. He brings you to a very pink room. Your large glasses slide down your nose as you are visibly shaking with excitement. Your Cali accent and ponytail hair are met with an English accent and braided pigtails. You two slowly start to examine one another, you take into account all differences. "Wow" is uttered multiple times throughout this exchange.

"Rachel Duncan " she introduces herself with a firm grip and glassy eyes.

"Cosima". You say, and from there you begin to realize just how different you two truly are.


"Mr niehaus you are aware that your daughter is genetically predisposed to some unknown disease." Leekie utters to your father.


"I understand this and I expect that she'll have a perfectly normal development based on the fact that others were already displaying the symptoms". Your father replies.


"Then I expect we will not be telling little cosima about this." Leslie says walking away.


By the time you're done reminiscing your mother has out a sign that says "welcome to America!" With all the other cliches you can imagine. You head out to find a bathroom because quite frankly you need to piss. As you search for a bathroom you again space out. This time you're actually thinking about Charles Darwin and evolution. And then you smack into something and papers go flying and a jacket falls down and you hear someone shout


You immediately drop to help retrieve the dropped items and whisper a quick "sorry" to whoever you ran into. As you slowly stand up you realize that you ran into the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. You hand her her things and quickly run off to the bathroom blushing. The thought of blonde curls and endless legs relentlessly on your mind. You've discovered you have a type.

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