Safe Doesn't Exist Anymore

I wake up to sweaty palms. I gasp for air and look around, seeing Amy looking me scared. "What?" I say.
I'm scared she will say I don't fit in a faction. I'm scared I will have to leave my siblings. My dad and mom. My family.
"You're only 14, Kiara."
"Yes, and? I want to know mu test result."
Amy bites her bottom lip. "Get up." She says looking at me and grabbing my forearm too hard. "You can't tell anyone your test result!" She whispers shouts. She opens a door and pushes me out of the room. "What? Why?" I ask.
What's going on? I don't fit in a faction?
"Just don't. I'll tell Kamila, Albert and Joseph that you got sick." She pauses and nods at me. "Remember the test result will get at your house at 12 pm. You better make sure nobody sees it. If they ask tell them you got Candor. "
"Faction before blood...." I whisper.
"Yeah. But you better pick Candor tomorrow or..." She stops. "Leave!" She shouts at me. She closes the door and I walk back home.

-Next day at The Choosing Faction Ceremony-

I don't know what to pick. Which faction?

-After The Choosing Faction Ceremony-

"Hi. My name is Joseph and I'm your instuctor." A red haired guy says. He looks about 19 or so. He has some tattoos and piercings. One on his eyebrow. He seems attractive.

This book has 3 more books for now. It's a series!

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HeartBreak Boy - Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Safe Doesn't Exist Anymore (series)
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Tomorrow Never Dies


6. || What if...? || (2/2)

"Why didn't you showed them to me? Why didn't you showed me anything about what they did to you?" He looks up at me. He raises his eyebrows.

He didn't looked like if he wanted to see. He looked like he didn't caref. I got scared he didn't cared about me anymore.

"So? You gonna tell me, Ki?"

I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. He bites his bottom lip and still nothing comes out of me. I keep pushing myself to speak but not what I wanted to say comes out. But the feelings I had last night did.

"I didn't told you because I thoufht you didn't cared about me anymore. You didn't looked like uf you wanted me to show them. And Luke....."

"Don't call me that...."

".... I thought you were cheating!"


Luke and I had a long fight. But we dealed it.

I'm feeding Kamila. I frown at her and she giggles.

The nana is on her way to pick up Kamila.

Kamila is eating pudding. She giggles when I frown at her.

"Kiiii!" She says. She claps her hands. My name was ger first word. It happened the day before today.

The doorbell rings and Albert goes to open it.

"Helloooo!" The nana says.

"Hi, Liz. How you doing?" I kiss her on the cheek.

She looks like Luke. But such a nice lady wouldn't give away her child.

Luke and I know that he has two older brothers, too. We know everything. The only thing we don't know is who his parents are. I find it strage though. Some people giving Luke away. He is kind, so why would they give him away?

Liz takes Kamila. We say our goodbyes and she leaves.

"Remember, every 14 year old girl does the test today. Every 17 and 20 year old guy does the test." Luke reminds us. Albert is my twin brother, so he won't take the test today.

-After Lunch-

They are calling people name by name.

The Dauntless wear black (as always), the Amity wear yellow or red. The Candor wear black and white, the Abnegation wear grey. The Erudite, the nerds, wear blue.

"Calum Hood!" A green haired guy says. He looks like 19 or so. He has tattoos and one piercing on the eyebrow. I try to look at Luke, but he is standing like 15 feet away from me.

"Ashton Irwin!" He calls.

A guy that sits next to me stands up. He breathes fast. I can hear it. His body shakes.

"Good luck." I say to him. He looks down at me and nods and smiles.

"Ash, c'mon! Stop flirting with her." The green haired guy says. He stares at me. Our eyes are locked.

"Oi, Joseph, checking a 14 year old out. You'll be nineteen soon and you'll never change." A guy with blonde highlights in his quiff says.

Joseph blushes. "I'm not!" He rolls his eyes.

"Yes you are." Ashton says.

"You already finished your test, Ash?"


"Okay. Uhhhh......" Joseph looks at the list of names he has. "Kiara Edwards."

My eyes widen. I can't move nor speak.

"Ki, he is calling you." Luke says.

"I think I know who Kiara is." Ashton informs Joseph. He walks towards me and picks me up bridal style. I don't move and I don't say anything. "Here you go, Joseph." He puts me down on the floor.

I still can't move nor speak. I'm scared.

What if...?

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