Safe Doesn't Exist Anymore

I wake up to sweaty palms. I gasp for air and look around, seeing Amy looking me scared. "What?" I say.
I'm scared she will say I don't fit in a faction. I'm scared I will have to leave my siblings. My dad and mom. My family.
"You're only 14, Kiara."
"Yes, and? I want to know mu test result."
Amy bites her bottom lip. "Get up." She says looking at me and grabbing my forearm too hard. "You can't tell anyone your test result!" She whispers shouts. She opens a door and pushes me out of the room. "What? Why?" I ask.
What's going on? I don't fit in a faction?
"Just don't. I'll tell Kamila, Albert and Joseph that you got sick." She pauses and nods at me. "Remember the test result will get at your house at 12 pm. You better make sure nobody sees it. If they ask tell them you got Candor. "
"Faction before blood...." I whisper.
"Yeah. But you better pick Candor tomorrow or..." She stops. "Leave!" She shouts at me. She closes the door and I walk back home.

-Next day at The Choosing Faction Ceremony-

I don't know what to pick. Which faction?

-After The Choosing Faction Ceremony-

"Hi. My name is Joseph and I'm your instuctor." A red haired guy says. He looks about 19 or so. He has some tattoos and piercings. One on his eyebrow. He seems attractive.

This book has 3 more books for now. It's a series!

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HeartBreak Boy - Luke Hemmings Fanfic

Safe Doesn't Exist Anymore (series)
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Tomorrow Never Dies


2. || Press ||

I wake up and sit up in my queen bed. I look around my room to find some people picking up my stuff.

"What's going on?" I ask a tall blonde girl. She takes some bed sheets of mine and turns around to look at me. Her green eyes shine with the sun.

"Kiara, good morning." She smiles at me and I smile back. "We are picking up dome if your stuff for the factionless. Your Mother left a note saying that we could take your stuff."

"All of my stuff?" I frown. She chuckles and shakes her head. "Oh, okay. Good."

I stand up from my bed. The white title floor is cold against my feet. The girl leaves and the other maids do to. I sigh and walk to my closet.

I put my aching hand on the closet's knob to open it. I scream to myself.


"How was your day?" My father asks me.

I nod and sheug. "Good, I guess."

"'Good, I guess.'" He mocks me. "Tell me." He raises his voice.

"It was okay, Father." My brother Joseph says for me. He saw what I was doing with my boyfriend, Adam.

I'm a Candor. But I don't belong here. In this faction.

Candor people are truthful, and they know when you lie. My brother Joseph and I are twins. We know how to lie to everyome.

"Hey." I hear my Mother say behind me. She's my fear. So is my Father.

"Welcome home, Mother." Albert and Joseph say, smiling at her. I can't say to her "Mother". She's not my Mother. My Mother shouldn't be my fear.

Say "Welcome home, Mother." Is all I can think of. I can't.

I open my mouth to say it but nothing comes out.

"Kiara?" She puts a straight face. She raises her eyebrows.

"Come here bitch." My Father pulls my straight ponytail and drags me down the basement. I try hitting his hand but I can't.

I can't hold it anymore. The pain.

My Father pushes me to the floor when we get to it. He takes off his belt and wraps it around his wrist. My mother comes down with a box in her hand. She closes the door behind her.

"What is wrong with you, Julianne?" My Father asks. I watch him fear.

"Now." My mother says.

He swings his arm back and the belt goes with him. He swings his arm back and the belt is coming right to my face.

The tears fill my eyes and slip out.

I look at my mother for me not to see the belt coming to my face. I sob and gasp for air and my mother smirks.

"Rip my heart out!" I shout at her and my Father. My Father's belt doesn't get to my face nor my body. My Father and mother nod. She walks next to my Father and puts the box on the floor.

My Father opens the box and my mother takes out a stick. By the light of the room I can see the silver. It's a knife.

"Well, I won't kill you, Kiara. But..." She starts.

"But we will harm you." My Father finishes for her and she nods.

-Flashback stops-

I can't think of it nor the pain.

I open the closet and get out some black leggings and a white shirt. I put them on and close the closet door.

I can't walk like a normal person because of what my parents did.

I walk to a door and open it. I can see all my shoes.

I enter the room and walk to where my black, bad-girl type of boots are. I spot them and grab the fast. I slip them on , and turn around to exit the roon.

I close the door behind me and walk to another door. All these doors are in my room so I can do whatever I want on them.

I step in the room seeing my white sink. I walk to it grabbing my toothpaste and my toothbrush. I put toothpast on my toothbrush and brush my teeth. I open the sink and wash my mouth with water and my toothbrush.

I look at myself in my mirror. I take a brush and pass it on my curly, brown hair.

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