The Letter ( One shot)

Maybe she will get my letter, maybe she will write back...


1. ~Prologue~

When you have a crush, it is hard to hold back. Hard to not walk up to them and either kiss them or confess. So I didn't, I just didn't go as straight forward

I wrote her a letter, confessing my love for her.

Here is my letter


Dear Lilly,


I don't know if you remember me but I have grown up with you since 1st grade. I was the quiet kid, sitting in the corner reading, I was the kid, alone at recess watching everyone having fun, I was the kid that secretly stopped the boys from pestering you. I was your secret hero, yes, I could be considered a stalker, or a pervert but if I didn't you would probably be covered in boys and I don't see you as the girl who is the boy coverer girl, I see you as the pretty girl you are and even if you don't agree, ask the whole school. But I never got to tell you this, Lilly, I love you.

Love Brian


So, that was my letter and I was just about to mail it.

I licked the envelope closed and signed her name on the front


I peeled the dog stamp and nicely placed it on the right corner.

I filled the top left and filled the middle


Lilly Freeman 

Winster Drive 1576 


I slipped in into my backpack and headed out the door " MOM! I AM LEAVING!" I yelled, hoping she would answer quickly so I would have time to stop by the mailbox and make the bus.

"Bye Honey!!" she yelled back

"Bye!" I reply as I slam the door shut and down the stairs.

I jogged to the mailbox and slipped it inside. Pulling the flag up.

I heard it, the bus engine. I slammed the mailbox closed and dashed toward the mailbox. I ran and ran and ran until I was there.The 4 girls standing there gave me a glare and Jack walked over and patted my back."Woah, Brian, take a deep breath." I gasped for air as the bus pulled up. The doors flung open and the old bus driver sat there with a constipated expression.

Jack and me walked up the steps and plopped to the last seats. I saw her brown, wavy hair 2 seats up. I heard he laughing with another boy. The whole school thought they were dating but they weren't. I watched her from the back. She sometimes laughs and then sometimes she ignores him and looks out the window. I would wish I could be the boy next to her, but I never had the courage to sit there, without making it awkward. 


I watched as the corners of her mouth run up her cheeks, her smile covered her whole face and her beautiful blue eyes lit up. 

"Oh my!! That was so rude!" She giggled as she slapped the boy in the arm.

I grinned as I watched her giggle and laugh.

I liked her being happy. I watched as the school bus pulled up to the school. As the old man opened the doors, everyone ran out.

But she waited til everyone was gone to get out. 

"You coming?" She asked

"Yeah, go ahead." I quietly whispered. 

She must have hear because she nodded and walked off.


That girl, if only she knew, if only she knew the feelings I had for her.



























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