Jean x Reader

I am soo sorry, I am not the one to write such fluff, but it was too good of a prompt not to. This is a Attack on Titan prompt that a tumblr fan of mine asked me to do :D "Imagine having Jean (pronounced John) going to sleep with you then waking up and seeing you were not there. What would he do?" This is just mainly fluff, ie; warm snuggles, soft kisses, and a few sweet words. I made it so that you are the one interacting with Jean and the gender of you is never revealed. <3 This is a VERY short story.


2. Soft Steps

I don’t dare flip any of the lights on the downstairs floor for fear of being temporarily blinded, so I just use my hand to feel my way down the stairs.


I tiptoe down the wooden stairs, trying not to make a sound.  My left foot reaches the hardwood floor first sending a burst of cold up my back. Even though my top is long sleeved, I guess it wasn’t a good idea for the night.


I approached the refrigerator and grabbed it’s handle. I squinted my eyes shut and counted to three. I yanked the door open, the clanking of jars echoed like a scream throughout the silent house. I opened my eyes slowly and reached for the jug of milk.


Today was tiring, so why am I not sleepy? The thoughts of today flashed in my head like a movie. I finished up the cool milk and slammed the cup on the counter. Opps. 


With everything cleaned up I made my way back upstairs. My arms were across my chest trying to keep any heat I had left. It is so cold here. Why did I choose milk? I slowly made the left turn into our bedroom just to see Jean on the edge of the bed facing the window. What was he doing? I stepped into the threshold of the doorway.  





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