Jean x Reader

I am soo sorry, I am not the one to write such fluff, but it was too good of a prompt not to. This is a Attack on Titan prompt that a tumblr fan of mine asked me to do :D "Imagine having Jean (pronounced John) going to sleep with you then waking up and seeing you were not there. What would he do?" This is just mainly fluff, ie; warm snuggles, soft kisses, and a few sweet words. I made it so that you are the one interacting with Jean and the gender of you is never revealed. <3 This is a VERY short story.


5. Sleep Tight

"How long were we stuck up there? It felt like days.” I say breathlessly 


“Long enough for you to fall asleep.”


Our cables were wrapped around each other and ourselves. I remember apologizing profusely and Jean just cursing under his breath. When he stopped we both wriggled to get free, but no avail. Every time I would shift my body in anyway the cables would slide and my face would be pressed closer to his chest.


"It took 3 people to get us down."


"At least they found us."


I snuggled up to him taking in is warmth. I put my hands on the back of his neck. 


"Oh my God why are you so cold." He squirmed and picked up my hands and held them between his. 

I was already drifting back asleep. I have everything I wanted right here. I kissed him on the nose and told him just to forget about it. I am always right here. 

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