Jean x Reader

I am soo sorry, I am not the one to write such fluff, but it was too good of a prompt not to. This is a Attack on Titan prompt that a tumblr fan of mine asked me to do :D "Imagine having Jean (pronounced John) going to sleep with you then waking up and seeing you were not there. What would he do?" This is just mainly fluff, ie; warm snuggles, soft kisses, and a few sweet words. I made it so that you are the one interacting with Jean and the gender of you is never revealed. <3 This is a VERY short story.


4. Remember

He led me to the bed again, softly apologizing with little sniffles. When we got under the blankets I pulled him close.


“I promise I will never leave you, I promise to not let anyone or anything take me from you.” He then kissed me and wrapped his arms around me and I put my legs in between his.


I wiped a tear that was falling from his face and kissed him again.


“Hey do you remember how we first met?”


There was a soft chuckle breathed into my neck. “Of course I do, I am pretty sure I still have a scar.”


"That was so embarrassing and I am still sorry."


“No it was cute. What did you say? ‘We are going to be date?’”


“I meant late and you know it!”


The very first day we got to use our 3D Maneuver Gear I was having some issues gripping on to the walls. I got the shooting the hooks at the right time, but the spikes but it would never connect. Or sometimes it would then right when I wanted to retract the cables I would fling face first onto the ground.  

Working the 3DMG was much like riding a bike. The first few tries would always leave you disappointed in yourself and bruised up, but once you got going that first time, you never wanted to stop, no matter how hard you fall.


I remember going by myself to a small alleyway to practice. It was far away from everyone so I didn’t bother to shout when I launched. It was during the best run for me all day when I literally ran into Jean. We both collided in mid-air and our cables got tangled up. When we hit I think one of my gas containers rammed into Jean's knee, giving him a nasty scar he has today.

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