Jean x Reader

I am soo sorry, I am not the one to write such fluff, but it was too good of a prompt not to. This is a Attack on Titan prompt that a tumblr fan of mine asked me to do :D "Imagine having Jean (pronounced John) going to sleep with you then waking up and seeing you were not there. What would he do?" This is just mainly fluff, ie; warm snuggles, soft kisses, and a few sweet words. I made it so that you are the one interacting with Jean and the gender of you is never revealed. <3 This is a VERY short story.


3. I Am Here



He turned around and faced me with glassy eyes that were close to tears. I gasped a little.


“Jean what is wrong?”


His eyes got bigger and then they lit up. He did a gasp of his own as he shouted my name. He quickly got up and ran to me, picking me up and hugging me.


“Oh it was just a dream, just a dream, thank god, it was just a dream.” He pushed away as I saw a tear falling down his pink cheek.


I hugged him again tight.


“Jean what happened, I am here, I am right here.” I gripped his back and moved my hands in circles to hopefully calm the baby in front of me.


He put his head on mine and softly told me his nightmare.


“You were taken away from me, and there was nothing I could do. They took you and I couldn't fight back.” We rocked back and forth, our hug so tight not wanting to let the other go.


Jean let out a small sob as he continued. “When I awoke you were gone.” He stopped to push me away.


His honey drop eyes were rounded as he pushed my hair off my forehead and gently kissed it.


“Please don’t ever leave me, don’t let anyone, don’t let anything take you from me.” He hugged again with such passion I almost wanted to cry myself.



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