Jean x Reader

I am soo sorry, I am not the one to write such fluff, but it was too good of a prompt not to. This is a Attack on Titan prompt that a tumblr fan of mine asked me to do :D "Imagine having Jean (pronounced John) going to sleep with you then waking up and seeing you were not there. What would he do?" This is just mainly fluff, ie; warm snuggles, soft kisses, and a few sweet words. I made it so that you are the one interacting with Jean and the gender of you is never revealed. <3 This is a VERY short story.


1. Goodnight

I crawled into bed and watched as Jean did the same on the other side. He lifted up the one silk blanket letting all the cold air in. I squealed a little as he dove in next to me. We watched the blanket flutter and perfectly cascade over our tired bodies. He left the windows open so the air in the room was cool and crisp, I could almost see my breath. Warm hands gently pulled me closer, my head now rested on his chest with both of his arms around my waist.


“All better?” His sleepy voice always made me swoon.


He snuggled his head against mine making me feel safe. There was no talking, we just sat quietly enjoying each others company, something we don’t get to do very often. His soothing repetitive heartbeat drifted me to sleep.


When I awoke, the room was still dark. I was still on top of Jean, just a little lower and my arms were around him. The room was still very cold so I tried to snuggle in better. I blinked a couple times then yawned, squeezing my eyes shut. This is strange, I should be exhausted from all the hard training I had today, but I am not. In fact I am far from tired. I sat up slowly trying as hard as I could not to disturb Jean. He looked so peaceful, it would be a shame to wake him up. He deserves the rest. I looked around the room, maybe a glass of milk will bring me back to sleep. I scooted off the bed and quickly turned around. Jean’s peaceful face suddenly tightened up.  Maybe I did wake him.


“Sorry” I whisper and leave the room.




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