The battle

Luke founds out he has cancer at the same time his band career is getting started will he be able to fight it?


1. chapter 1


At times we never know when or how we will die of we think because we are young death won't come after us. Now I understand that darkness is covering up my light of my savior

I'm sitting in my room playing my guitar when Michael walks in bursting my bedroom door open. "What's wrong?" I said while placing my guitar in it's stand "Don't you see?" Michael said taking off his beanie pointing to his hair which was pink "No what's wrong with it?" I said starcasmly. He just rolled his eyes at me and smacked the back of my head "haha very funny Luke" he said putting his beanie back on and taking a seat next to me while I rubbed the back of my head.

"you know it's not that bad Micky" I padded his back "sure whatever it was suppose to be purple " I was gonna say something when my mom walked in. "lunch is ready Luke! Michael your welcome too stay if you like?" "Thanks Liz but I'll have to skip I have to go anyways see you guys later" he stood up and left

After dinner I got a called from Calum that we needed to practice for our band which is called 5 seconds of summer I had agree I got in my nirvana t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with my favorite pair of black vans. I only had to walk six blocks to get to Calum house I went toward his garage where. I saw Ashton wearing his red bandana and a green day shirt with a pair of shorts.Meanwhile Calum was on his laptop doing who knows what probably getting ready to upload a video of us singing on YouTube "hey guys!" I said walking toward them "hey Luke ready? To rehearsal?" Said Ashton

"Yeah...wait what about Michael?" I said "apparently he's to busy something about his hair?" Said Calum rolling his eyes apparently Michael was the type of guy that was constantly always dying his hair in different colors, although I didn't tell Calum about Michael coming over to my house earlier. Calum handed me his extra guitar since I had left mine at home meanwhile, Ashton was ready he had his drumsticks in position, Calum started us off with try hard although it felt weird playing without Michael.

After rehearing for two hours and posting a video in YouTube our fans were anxious to see our videos and kept liking or subscribing. We have been going viveral online for the past 4 months.

I started walking home on the way I started to feel a little sick some weird feeling like my stomach was tighten in knots. I started feeling kinda light headed my version was going blurry I couldn't understand what was going on with me, I had been feeling this way for the past week. Except I didn't want to tell anyone because I hated going to doctors all they do is give you bad news or they think they know what their doing when really they don't.

I noticed I was only three houses away from mine I felt like my strength were leaving my legs I couldn't even take another step good thing there was a sign stop that I was holding onto like my life depended on it. All of a sudden I collapsed to the ground and everything went pitch black.


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