Love story

The story follows to young people who fall in love while living there dreams but someone comes and try's to ruin the spark that the two love birds have


7. The funeral

It was the day of the funeral and everyone was so upset to say anything to each other harry wouldn't even eat. 

When they got there it was time for speeches and the girls where the first to say things. 

"Ali was our friend, sister, and loving band member she doesn't deserve to go this way she deserves a long life and no cancer, I mean what did she ever do to deserve this she was kind to everyone she met never lied or did drugs she took good care of her self and others I mean she was like our baby mom mostly because she was the youngest in the group." Perrie said "Ali was a beautiful 19 year old girl who was engaged to harry styles and was 2 days away from celebrating her 20th birthday 2 days." Leanna said "do you want to know what Ali always said she said "live your life to the fullest and be your self because no ones your then you" every time we where sad or fustrated she would always say it and she did live her life like tomorrow didn't exist." Maya said 

then it was harrys turn 

"Ali was my true love my dream girl I never loved someone so fast like I did with her our love story was amazing she was amazing now the girls may know her but I feel like I met aside that they didn't when we kissed it was like the whole world stopped and we where lifted from the ground she gave me a forever in the number of days that she got but I really wanted to have her forever and to grow old with her and die together from old age I want that so badly because I feel like half of me is missing like there's a big hole in my heart and I know that it will never close and ill never find a girl like Ali again because she's really special and I love and miss her, when ever I was around her it felt like we where the only two on earth and that everyone else didn't matter as long as we had each other and we both felt that way from the kiss to the hug to holding hands to even the smiles we gave each other it was like it was only us to. 

After all the speeches where done everyone headed home. 

After a couple of mouths connected split up and harry was never the same again he didn't treat his body right and was thinking about killing him self, but he didn't because he had his boys and family to lean on but he never dated anyone or found someone like Alison ever... The end thanks for reading sorry of its really sad     

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