Love story

The story follows to young people who fall in love while living there dreams but someone comes and try's to ruin the spark that the two love birds have


3. That crazy weekend

"Um NO I already have a girlfriend and she's amazing and treats right not just to get a good song out of me like really do you think after all we've been through that I would crawl back to you get over your self!" Harry said angrily "we'll I'm realize that I messed up but" "I'm going to stop you right there harry is my boyfriend and no matter what you say or do it won't change that now leave before I call security!" Ali said loudly "fine I'm gone I'm gone come down dirt bag!" Taylor said "what did you just call me." Ali said "I just realized your so not wroth it all you are is Harry's rebound chick and a dirtbag that no one wants." Taylor said as she walked away 

when Taylor left Alison got really upset with what she said she just wanted to stay strong  in front of Taylor.

The next day they where invited to the VMAS.

"I can't wait to see who wins the awards tonight eeeeee." Perrie said "yeah I hope we get nominated for the best girl group award." 

Later on that night they started the awards...

1. The best male group is.... No surprise ONE DIRECTION

2. The best female group is ... Connected "we would just like to say thanks to everyone who voted and a big thanks to our #1 fans thank you." The girls said 

The list goes on and on but we don't have time for that, later on the announcer says there will be a speaker who will tell you what inspires them to write songs so guess what he said. 

"Please give it up for Taylor swift." The announcer said "hi everyone I would just like to start off by saying thanks for my amazing fans for being here tonight and supporting me through everything I go through oh yeah and thanks to my old boyfriend for inspiring me to write I knew you where trouble and my next song will be about new girls who steal other peoples boyfriends and the one who inspired me is Alison Dilarentis the girl who is now dating mr harry styles she also has a secret that she hasn't told anyone yet she has cancer and the only reason she didn't want anyone to know is that she's going to die and she's afraid people are going to say we won't miss you who cares but the truth is no one cares about her and no one will ever care Nd that's the truth." Taylor said 

Alison runs out and runs to an alley way and crys and crys  and stays there for 3 hours until it gets really cold so she decides to take a walk around until the police car pulls up and says that her friends are really worried and would like her to come home. 

When she arrives at the hotel and walks through the door everyone is looking at her.

"hey so I guess you know everything now." Ail said while crying "yeah but why didn't you tell is I mean where here for you." Harry said in a sad voice "lets promise that for now on we are honest with each other now matter what it is." Leanna said "promise."they all said

2 weeks later finally a couple of mouths off but that means on tour for connected....

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