Love story

The story follows to young people who fall in love while living there dreams but someone comes and try's to ruin the spark that the two love birds have


2. My past and my future

After a couple of mouths went by I decided to tell him my whole background I really think he deserve it. 

Alison says 

"Morning guys, how was your show last night." Ali said "It was really fun oh Ali my mom called me last night and she can't wait to meet you in a few weeks and hear all about you and your family." Harry said "Yeah can't wait but you should know something about me and my past." She said "Okay what is it." He said nervously "we'll I don't really have family, I'm in froster care I have been since I was 10 mouths old so I never really might them, and I got out of froster care last year cause I'm 19 now but I could make up a family if you want me too." She said "no that's okay, it doesn't matter." He said

After telling him who I really was I felt so much better and it was like a weight off my shoulders.   Now I know that when ever I need him he'll be there for me. Later on that day I felt terrible, but I had to suck it up because we where practicing our song wings. 

"Hey are you okay Ali?" Perrie said "yeah I'm fine just a little pain in my side I'm sure it's nothing." Ali said "okay, girls lets start from the chorus 1,2,3, Ali oh my gosh someone call 911 Ali please wake up." Perrie said scared "there on there way." Maya said "hey guys oh my god what happen is she okay is she sleeping ahahahahaha!!" Harry scarily said 

when the police came she was taken to hospital it turns out her ependicks exploded and they had to do emergency sugary, the doctors say she's lucky to be alive any longer and she 

wouldn't of made it.

"Hey Ali how are you feeling?" They said "fine I guess, sorry if I scared you." Ali said "no it's okay you didn't scary me." Perrie said "really because you where on the ground screaming at her to wake up if that's not you freaking out then I don't want to see what is!" Leanna said "wow so we know Leanna can't keep a secret." Perrie said 

i left the hospital 5 days after because the doctors wanted to make sure I was okay and could go home. When we got to our master hotel room we all sat and talked and watched tv until the someone knocked on the door. (Ps I like Taylor swift its just for the story)

"Hi my names taylor swift is harry here." She said "yeah let me get him, harry Taylor's here for you." Ali said " WAIT WHAT TAYLOR no Taylor I've moved on you should too and we agreed not to talk to each other." Harry said "I know but I've missed you and I thought we could get back together what do you think about that." Taylor said "um...........  To be continued!!!   

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