Love story

The story follows to young people who fall in love while living there dreams but someone comes and try's to ruin the spark that the two love birds have


5. Meeting the family

It's only 1 more day until I meet harrys parents and sister and I'm really nervous. 

Alison says 

"hey I'm packed and ready to go for tomorrow are you." Ali says "yeah I can't wait for you to meet them and I hope they like you." Harry said "yeah I'll just be my self, so where am I sleeping at your house!" Ali said with a smerk " um I think in my room my parents are going to decied probably." Harry said 

the next day they say good bye and head for the airport to go to harrys house, when they arrive they go straight to his house and are greeted by his mom. 

"Hi I'm Anne Harry's mother." She said "hi I'm Alison Harry's girlfriend." Ali said "why don't you guys get unpacked and meet me in the lounge and we can get to know each other and fill me in on what you've been doing." She said "okay see you soon then." Ali said "your mom is amazing and sweet, oh where's your room I can't wait to see what it looks like." Ali said "just around the corner and my room looks like a room." Harry said

After they unpack they head to the lounge and chat with Harry's mom they tell her about Taylor drama and how've they've been and what they like about it and don't plus they share how they first meight and there park date. The next day they wake up early so harry could show Ali around and meet his friends and other family. 

"This is where I worked this is my bakery and these are my family and friends." Harry said "wow did you ever sit in the back and eat bread?" Ali said " sometimes when it was my break I mean who wouldn't it's a bakery filled with freash bread." Harry said "true." Ali said 

After they where done they went home had supper and talked about there day. 

Today's there last day before they have to home and there spending it by going out for dinner with Harry's family but sadly gemma couldn't make it because she was gone away at school. 

After the dinner harry and Alison took a long walk talked say and kissed everywhere they went talk about being in love. The next day they pack up and say goodbye and head for home, when they arrive at home there welcomed back with all the girls from connected and all of one direction, they share there time there and everything they did well not everything they had to leave some parts out, that's when harry pulls the guys over to talk and says that he wants to ask Ali to marry him......

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