Love story

The story follows to young people who fall in love while living there dreams but someone comes and try's to ruin the spark that the two love birds have


6. Interviews and goissop

Today's the day harry is finally going to ask Ali to marry him he's talk it over with everyone expcet her of course. 

"Okay everyone listen up I have an important thing to say, Alison neavah Dilarentis will you marry me!" Harry nervously said "um YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES I love you!!!" Ali said 

the next day one direction and connected are ask to go to an interview with Alan chatty and they can't wait when they get there they just wait until he calls them down. 

"Welcome everyone to the Alan chatty show where today where going to talk to two special bands and put an end to some goissop and rumers so please put your hands together for one direction and connected." Alan said "hi everyone it's so good to be here today." They all said "so lets get down to some goissop is it true that you harry and Alison are engaged?" Alan said "yes it's true we've been engaged for about 3 days now." Harry said "so Ali how are you doing with the whole Taylor swift and cancer thing?" Alan said "well I'm doing fine I mean taylor has really rude but once she found out about the engagement she shut right up and the cancer I mean it's getting worse but I'm battling through it and I have doctors appointment tomorrow so will see what happens." Ali said 

After Alan talks to them and the interview is over they go home and the next day Ali goes to her appointment. 

"So Alison it looks like your cancer has been spreading a lot so where going to give you some pills to help slow it down but it looks like you only have about 1 mouths left before it spreads through your entire body." The doc said 

After her appointment she goes home and tells everyone the bad news no ones happy about but harry and Ali try to stay positive and say they should get married earlyer, the pills haven't been working and her bodies trying to fight it but its look like its going to lose, harry and Ali decied to get married in 2 weeks that's they only time they can take. 

That night Ali felt a sharp pain in her heart and liver so they took her to the hospital when they got there the doctors said that the cancer had spread everywhere she really light up and that she needs to stay here over night because they don't want to risk losing her. 

The next day Ali is put on a breathing mechine because she now has lung cancer a top of the other deadly cancer, but later on that day she stops breathing the doctors said that the cancer had spread into her heart and that they couldn't do anything to help!!! 

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