Love story

The story follows to young people who fall in love while living there dreams but someone comes and try's to ruin the spark that the two love birds have


4. Being apart for so long

It's the night before one direction go home and connected go on tour. 

"Hey I'm really going to miss and I can't wait until you come back." Ali says with a tear roll down her face "I know but let's spend the last 8 hours together, come here." Harry says as he leans in for a kiss. 

Alison and harry sit on a couch and they talk and laugh and cry and kiss a lot they don't want to say goodbye. 

"Well I guess we should go to bed now its already 1:00am and you don't want to be tried on your flight." Ali said crying even more "hey I love girl." Harry says as he kisses her on the lips for 10 seconds. 

The next morning they eat breakfast and talk, later on they get ready to live. 

"I guess it's time to go I love you harry." Ali said "I love you too." Harry said 

they started to make out. 

"Ali it's time to go, Ali lets go the tour bus is leaving." Perrie said as she leaned over to separate the two of them. "I guess this is it bye." Ali said "bye Ali." Harry said 

after two mouths of being apart it was only 2 weeks away from being together. 

Harry says 

"mom the next time where off I'm going to bring her home with me so you can meet her, god I miss her so much and can't wait to see her beautiful face, uh this is killing me." Harry said "well I understand love can hurt when apart but you guys are perfect together." Harry's mom said 

after the 2 weeks where over harry called Alison and told her that they'll all meet in the airport lobby. 

"Guys I've missed you how was your family's." harry said "they missed me and they can't wait to see our movie that where making." Niall said "boo." Ali said "ahahahahaha." The boys screamed "hey, I've missed you." Ali said as she leans in for a kiss "wow that was quick how was you tour." Liam said "it was fun and we should let them be they've missed each other a lot." Perrie said. 

After they got home they got a call they wanted one direction to leave right away to go to America for 3 shows and they can return home. 

"What but we just got back together with everyone you can't leave." Ali said "I know buts it's only 3 days this time we promise to back on hallween night see you soon." Harry said as he peck her cheek. 

Hallween night and the girls decied to watch a horror movie that scraed the crip out of them. 

"What was that." Maya said "I don't know maybe it was the people next door." Ali said "there is no one next door." Perrie said 

thats when the door started to open the girls screamed so loud, then a voice said is everything okay. 

"Yeah we just thought you where a ghost trying to kill us I'm glad you home now you can finish the with us please." Leanna said "sure I always like a good scary." Louis said 

they all sat on the long couch and Alison amd harry cuddle together and Perrie and zayn cuddle together as well. 

After 3 weeks they finally had a 1 week off at the same time and harry decied to bring Ali home with him......

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