Endless Demise

Leilah is different. Though she has no idea why, she always switches bodies after a horrible death. Every time, she dies within a day. How does this happen? Leilah has no idea, and she's determined to find out.

|Cover By NathanielStanley|


8. >>>8<<<

I continue to walk through the seemingly endless corridors. A left, two rights. It had been at

least twenty minutes since I started this journey back to my chambers. Who makes

architecture so difficult to navigate? I curse under my breath as I come to yet another wrong

room. From what I remember I grew up here, the amnesia must be a side affect from that

stupid orange fluid. I hate Rowan, though I barely know him, I blame him for everything. If I

could only navigate this castle maybe I could do some searching and at least have a

chance at discovering the truth. I will have to learn the twists and turns of this place if I want

to get anything accomplished. Maybe I should ask Analiese for a map when I see her



I turn yet another, corner and spot a painting of a couple and a baby. My parents. I touch

the painting and feel a slight bump beneath. Curiosity gets the best of me, and I attempt to

lift the painting, but find it is on a hinge. Pulling the painting reveals an eerie tunnel lit with

torches. I step into the tunnel, and I begin to get little whips of memories that somehow

guide me to a trap door, which I peer out of to find I am back in my chambers.


If someone else used the passageways they could easily take me out. 


I could probably use these tunnels to my advantage. . .hopefully no one else knows about

them. A knock on the large door pulls me from my thoughts.


"Come in," I say, trying to sound as queen-like as possible, though I probably sound like a

dork. Nancy enters and, once again, stoops into a low curtsy. 


"Uh, that really isn't necessary," I say as she stands from her curtsy. 


She draws herself to her full height (which is only to about my shoulder). "My Queen, it is

impolite to not curtsy to a member of the royal family."


I sigh irritably.


"It is almost time for dinner, I am here to help you prepare."


Wow. I must have been lost in the castle for a while. I really need a map. "What's wrong

with what I'm wearing now?"


"Those are not clothes for dinner," she responds with a look of pity. How rude.


I don't respond and she works at getting me into a new gown. This one far more elaborate,

with a red lacy material that flows to the floor. Underneath the red lace is a mesh just a

shade darker than my skin that covers my arms as well as the rest of my body. Then she

pulls the comb out of my hair and ties it into an elegant bun, not a strand out of place.


"Your Majesty, shall I fetch someone to escort you to dinner?" I immediately think of



"Could Lady Analiese escort me?" I say still trying to adjust to this strange tongue. Lady

this, lady that. Like I have to specify her gender. Her structure is obviously one of a



"Yes of course," she curtsies and hurries out of the room.


After she leaves, I search every inch of my chambers making sure there are no other

super-secret entrances, even though I am already sure there aren't. Once I am satisfied, I

sit on my bed and wait for Analiese. For the first time since I inhabited my real body I feel

like I finally have some control.

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