Endless Demise

Leilah is different. Though she has no idea why, she always switches bodies after a horrible death. Every time, she dies within a day. How does this happen? Leilah has no idea, and she's determined to find out.

|Cover By NathanielStanley|


4. >>>4<<<

I quickly open my eyes, revealing a completely white room, not a speck of dust anywhere. Clueless to where I am, I

attempt to sit up, but find that there are restraints on my arms and legs. Apparently, they were only there to keep me

from thrashing in my sleep because they are fairly easy to unlatch.


Footsteps sound in the hallway. I fall back, and pretty much play dead. It feels really unnatural, but It's too late now.

A snap shut my eyes as the doorknob turns.


Footsteps. The person curses under their breath, probably noticing the restraints are loose. Everything is silent.

Before I know it, I feel a jab of pain in the crease of my arm. My eyes fly open, and I notice the nurse with wild eyes.

His expand also, and I twist around to look at my arm, which now has a needle sticking out of it. Obviously, the nurse

has no idea what to do, because he just injects the fluid as fast as possible. He only empties half of it before I yank it

out and throw it on the ground, which makes m lightheaded.


Next thing I know, I am grabbing the nearest weapon -- a syringe -- and I stab at the man. He responds quickly by

dodging my sudden outburst, and cries out for help with this "crazed woman". Before he can turn back to me, I have

him on the ground, and he's clutching his groin. That's always my last resort.


I leap out of my cot, loosing my balance and toppling into the nearest counter, which also happens to be spotless,

other than orange fluid spilled. I probably did that.


Still clutching the handy-dandy needle, I exit into the hall, leaning on the door frame to stabilize myself. Voices are

muffled, and everything seems to slow down. A woman is speaking to me, but I can't make out any words. She grips

my arm tightly, and yanks me towards the room I had just managed to escape.


Uh, no. I am not going back in there without answers.


The woman -- according to her name tag, Carol -- is persistent. Luckily, I've been trained for attacks like this.


Wait -- where did that come from? Trained by who? I strain to remember, but come up blank.


I jab her in the ribs with my elbow, and she doubles over, giving me the opportunity to make a blow to her jaw, which

knocks her out. She falls to the ground, limp. I reach down and grab her key card; it might come in handy later on.


I don't know how I managed to get through that without blacking out myself, because I am reminded of my state

when a wave of nausea hits me. I try to make it down the hall as fast as possible, but I can only manage a jog. Other

than those two nurses, this floor appears to be deserted. Odd.


I can't make it out of the building without drawing attention, so why not draw as much as possible? I head to the

elevator, thanking God that I had thought to grab Carol's key card so I wouldn't have to double back. I swipe it

through the scanner, causing a green light to flash, and the iron doors to open. I slip inside, lucky to be alone.


By the time I arrive at the first floor, I have regained my composure, and I make a dash for the front doors. The lady

at the front desk yells something, and the guards by entrance pursue a fighting stance.


They have no Idea.


In a flash, I'm on the floor, sliding between one guy's legs. I grin at him. "Later, losers," and there I am: free, other

than the fact that the guards are probably going to chase me. Gee, I didn't think this one through. Luckily, my grand

exit drew a small crowd, which just so happened to include a news reporter.


I stand up and brush the dirt off of my hospital gown. Yikes, I probably managed to flash a crowd. Stupid butt-flap-



The news reporter yells something in Spanish, then he translates for everyone else, saying, "It's Her Majesty!"


I stare, stunned. What?


Suddenly I am engulfed in another world.




A castle.


I'm in a room.


David reaches out and cups my face. His callused hands are warm against my cheek.


"I love you, Leilah."


In the real, I sink to my knees, only aware because I feel the hard scrape of the asphalt against my smooth skin.


Skin that is smooth because of the daily treatments that Nancy gave me.


Nancy, my maid.


I feel the strong arms of the Hispanic news reporter, catching me as I fall.


It hurts to remember.

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