Cover Store

Hello! I made another cover store and deleted the other since it's not really getting anything. So I made another one! More information is in the first chapter.


1. *Information and Form*

Hello and welcome to my new cover store! Since I deleted the other cover store that I made. I thought that I can just make covers on my free time during the school days and try writing during the weekends, but I'm still not sure on how much school work I have to do. Okay the information would be down below this!

Here are some notes that you would have to know.


<1> I do NOT make fan fiction covers! (Sorry I'm just bad at making them.)

<2> I can't make cover that I have to insert people in them. (Again bad at those also.)

<3> PLEASE tell me if you don't like the cover so I can delete it or make you a new one.

<4> Favorite this movella so I don't have to tell you when your cover is done.

<5> Also fill out the form CORRECTLY.

<6>*RECENTLY ADDED* If you want your cover drawn just say put an "N" for NO and a "Y" for YES.(There will be an example in the example chapter) >>>I'll try my best to draw what you want on your cover and it might take a couple of days<<<












Extra things- 


Drawn- "N" or "Y"



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