Innocent Affair

Moving to another town has been hard. Having to start over and forget about that guy you loved because he doesn't care about you anymore suck, big time.
But maybe volunteering here in the library would help me meet new people. Maybe even fall in love all over again.


1. Backstory (Fall 2013/Winter 2013)

Ever since I moved here to Albany everything changed, drastically. I met new people, ended up going to an all girls school, started doing very well in school, and I changed as a person. 

My winter months weren't so great because I was still getting to know everyone. As soon as January hit everything was getting better. It was easier for me to forget about him. I learned to treat myself better by not letting things hurt me or get to me. But I built a wall. I didn't let much people in. 

I didn't want to get hurt like he hurt me. 

Not again. 

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