New Demon

*some sequences of violence, all odd numbers are kasey's POV, even numbers are either Dean, Sam or Cas*


2. Two (Dean's POV)

"I want to know what the hell is going on with me, when I was fighting Georgina she said I was like her. I want to know what the hell she meant, now someone's going to talk or I'm walking out that fucking door,"  Kasey growls, looking from me to Sam and then back to me. Kasey looks at us one more time and then pulls her headphones from her right front jeans pocket. She grabs her iPhone from the night stand, then places the headphones in her ears, tuning Sammy and I out. 

"Kasey," both Sam and I shout at her.

"What," she responds, taking the right headphone out.

I sit beside her on the bed, gently wrapping my right arm around her shoulders. Kasey lays her head on my shoulder, whimpering to herself. Soon she's passed out, softly snoring which gives me time to get up and walk over to the little table Sam's sitting at.

"I'm worried about her," I tell Sam, leaning back in my chair.

"She's proven herself, Dean. She can take care of herself too," He said, glancing over at Kasey.

"What if she is?".

"What if she is what," Sam asks, confused.

"What if she's like you, Sam?".

Sam shakes his head, telling me not to worry and that it was probably something the demon Kasey was hunting said to psych her out. I barely nod, agreeing that it's possible. Once Sam and I are done talking, I lay back down next to Kasey. 

Kasey scoots away from me, but I don't blame her. After a few moments she's curled up against me, her face stained with tears.

"I'm stupid," she mutters in her sleep, pulling the hood of her jacket up.

I just shake my head, thinking of something, anything that'd sound comforting to her. I can hear her soft crying, which makes me feel bad.

"Yes I am," she mumbles.

"No you're not, Sweetheart.".

Kasey weakly smiles, then she giggles as I kiss her forehead. Once she's settled herself back down, she re-curls up against me. This girl has been through hell and back, not once but twice, literally, I think as I remember the two times she's saved mine and Sam's asses. I finally doze off after hearing Sammy go to bed himself.

~Next Day~

I end up getting up before Kasey or Sammy, which gives me some time to do some things. I hear Kasey stir, but she doesn't get up. Sammy's up a few moments later, already on his laptop researching whatever he was researching last night. Within thirty minutes Kasey is up and Cas has finally decided to pop in.

"Good morning," Cas says to us, plopping down on the foot of Sammy's bed. 

"Morning," Kasey mutters, curling back up on our bed.

"Is something wrong with Kassandra," Cas asks, purely concerned.

Kasey hisses, then dozes back off. I smirk, stifling a laugh because once again Cas has a look of pure confusion on his face. Sammy then explains to Cas that Kasey doesn't like her real name, also explaining that Kasey thinks it's too girly.

"And yet Kasey isn't too girly," Cas asks.

Sam and I both nod, knowing though she was asleep, Kasey was listening to every single word. Kasey gets back up after hearing her phone go off. 

"Son of a b-," Kasey breathes, after looking at her phone.

"What," Cas, Sammy and I ask in unison.

"Just my luck. Who'd of known my past would come calling," she sighs. 

I nod as she shows me her phone. I shake my head, reading the status her ex-best friend just posted. Kasey let out an animalistic growl as she read the status again.

"Kassandra Wolfe, brave person? Ha! She couldn't beat my sister Raven in a fist fight!".

Kasey growled again, but I understood why. 

~Flash Back: High School~

I sat beside Sammy in the very back of the bus today because the Impala was in the shop after the last hunt we'd went on. A few rows ahead of were two of the prettiest girls I have ever seen, other than my best friend Joanna Beth Harvelle, but she doesn't like her real name so she just goes by Jo. One of the girls had long medium blonde hair with a few blue and pink hilights, while the other one had a short brown bob. 

The blonde girl quietly shouted at the brown haired girl, berating her for something she'd jut found out.

"You're the one who Ryan's been cheating on me with," Blonde begins saying, "That's pretty damn low, Sierra.".

Blonde girl gets out of her seat as we stop at another kid's bus stop, making her way to the back. Sammy immediately tries hiding and I act nonchalantly, then I try to strike up a conversation with Blondie.

"So, you okay," I ask her.

"Who the hell wants to know," she growls, turning around to face me.

Wow, this girl was prettier up close. She growls again then turns back around. Even though I prefer Classic Rock music over any other music, I can hear the faint chords of Fall Out Boy's 'My Songs know What You did in the Dark (Light 'em up),  coming from Blondie's iPod. And then something strange happens, Blondie begins singing that song.

"B-B-B-Be careful making wishes in the dark, dark. Can't be sure when they've hit their mark and besides in the mean, mean time I'm just dreaming of tearing you apart. I'm in the de-details with the devil, so now the world can never get me on my level. I just gotta get you off the cage, I'm a young lover's rage. Gonna need a spark to iginte.".

Sam then sings with out meaning to,"My songs know what you did in the dark. So light 'em up, up, up. Light 'em up, up, up. Light 'em up, up, up. I'm on fire! So light 'em up, up, up. Light 'em up, up, up. Light 'em up, up, up. I'm on fire!".

I suddenly follow suit with,"Oh whoa, oh oh, whoa, oh oh, whoa, oh oh, whoa, in the dark, dark. Oh whoa, oh oh, whoa, oh oh, whoa, oh oh, whoa, in the dark, dark.".

Blondie suddenly turns around again, a smile on her small ovalish face. Her eyes beamed with excitement as she moved to the seat beside Sam and I.

"Let's start over shall we," she asks, putting her right hand out to shake. Sam and I take turns shaking her hand, agreeing that we could start over.

"So, you okay," I ask her again.

"Not really, just found out that my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me with my ex-bestfriend, but other than that I'm good," she responds sarcastically.

"May I ask who you're ex-bestfriend is," Sam asks as politely as he can.

"Don't see why not. Her name is Sierra.".

Did this chick just say the name, Sierra? That's my girlfriend!

"I know that look, Winchester," Blondie says looking at me.

"How," Sam asks, surprised.

"You two are just like me in a way," Blondie says nonchalantly.

I curse under my breath, hoping that no one else knew about our life style. Blondie smirks again, showing off perfect white teeth. 

"So, you must be Sam and Dean," she says in a whispered tone.

"Who's asking," I respond, defensively.

"You seriously don't know my name do you, Dean," Blondie says.

"Kasey," Sam says all of a sudden.

'Kasey' smiles at Sammy, both of the grinning ear to ear.

"Hold up, how do you two know each other," I ask.

"She's the one that beat the hell out of Daren for beating the hell out of me," Sammy replies.

From that point on that morning, Sammy and I hung out with Kasey.

~Late Afternoon, after Lunch~

Sam and I were walking out on the quad after having our lunch together, but things got cut short when we both heard the chorus of 'Fight! Fight! Fight!'. Sam and I picked up our paces following the chanting. Once we rounded the corner of a computer lab we saw Kasey and my ex's sister Raven having brawl.

"You upset Sierra, Wolfe," Raven screamed.

"Well I'm sorry if your older sister hit on other girls boyfriends," Kasey screams, riling up the gathering crowd. 

They went on like that for five minutes, then the real fight began with Raven landing the first punch on Kasey's left shoulder. Kasey got off a few good punches, but things started getting ugly. Two of Raven's friends I've never met walk into the circle, closing off any chance for Kasey to advance on Raven. 

Kasey growls and begins pounding the hell out of one of the two newcomers, then suddenly she's held back. Another friend of Raven has Kasey's arms behind her. Kasey's growl is more animalistic now, almost wolf like. Everything happens too fast and the fight is over. Everyone else disperses, leaving Kasey, Sammy and myself. 

Kasey carefully gets up, then she leans against the wall behind her. 

"B-itch needs to be taught a lesson," she mutters, some how ripping off her shirt sleeves to use as bandages.

"Karma will get her," Sam reassures her.

Kasey grins, an evil grin, but a grin none the less.

~Flash Back End~

I remember after that fight, Kasey and I both finally called it quits with our exes, then began dating each other, but that was five years ago. Kasey grins as if she read my mind about us, about the flash back too. Sam grins as well, because all of us feel the tense atmosphere lifting for the first time.

Kasey also knew about Sam's crush on Cas and vice versa. She also hated it when Raven or Sierra, hell even he-shall-not-be-named post ridiculous FaceBook statuses about her and old shit that's happened in the past.  Kasey hands her phone to Sam and then says,"Do what you want with it, I'm going to go off the grid.".

"Want me to delete your FaceBook, Kasey," Sammy asks.

All Kasey says is go for it. Sammy grins, a big coyote grin while Cas stares at him in confusion. 


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