New Demon

*some sequences of violence, all odd numbers are kasey's POV, even numbers are either Dean, Sam or Cas*


1. One

I took another punch to my abdomen, doubling over and spitting out some blood. I snarled at Georgina,who's beating the living crap out of me, laughing as she does.

I told my boyfriend, Dean and his little brother, Sam that I could handle this one demon by myself and they both agreed to it. Georgina punched me again, sending me into a wall.

"Nice punch, Georgina," I hissed as Georgina punched me in the nose, breaking it.

I grunt, staggering back again, sweat pouring off of my forehead, the blood drying, my adrenaline staying the same. Georgina readies herself to punch me, but something stops her.

"You can't be more powerful that me," she hisses as I try to figure out what she's talking about.

"I am not a demon, the only power I have is will power, B---h.".

"Y-yo-you-you're eyes are black like mine," she stutters as I plunge a demon blade into her side.

"Non Timebo Mala, Georgina," I say, watching an orange light emit from her body.

"Kasey! Kasey! Where are you?!?". The Calvary has arrived, thank God for Sammy and Dean.

"Over hear," I weakly shout as I slide down the wall.

"Are you okay, Sweetheart," Dean asks, kneeling next to me, carefully pulling me into a hug.

"I'm peachy," I say as Sam touches my nose and I yelp.

"Shh, everything will be okay, Baby," Dean says soothingly as he picks me up bridal style after wrapping me up in his denim jacket.

Sam sits in the backseat, allowing Dean to place me in the passenger seat. Dean hops in the driver's seat a few seconds later. Dean begins driving down the road at eighty miles an hour, trying get back to the motel.  Once we reach the motel Dean begins tending to my wounds, worrying more about me than if the hunt went right.

"Dean," I snapped after he reset my broken nose.

He looks at me, sadness etched into his green eyes. Sam walks back into the room, then turns around to leave. I think of the door shutting in his face, and it does. Sam turns and face Dean and myself. Both he and Dean stare at me, confused looks on their faces.

"I want to know what the hell is going on with me, when I was fighting Georgina she said I was like her. I want to know what the hell she meant, now someone's going to talk or I'm walking out that fucking door," I growled, my eyes darting in between the two of them.

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